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    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP)


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    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP)

    Post by Keskorie on Sat Nov 05, 2016 10:45 pm

    Character name: Keskorie

    Name: Amoris et Pacis
    Type: Sword
    Materials: Steel, with silver mixed in.
    Thickness: 8mm
    Purpose: It is used to defend herself, and to do sword fights. Is slung over her back when she has it.
    Abilities: N/A
    Energy Cost: N/A
    Limitations/Weaknesses: N/A
    Cost: Given to her by her father.

    Name: Lumière, Foncé
    Type: Daggers (x2)
    Appearance: Steel blade, slightly carved. Red and black handle.
    Materials: Steel with leather for the handle.
    Thickness: 1" width, 7 1/2" long
    Purpose: To protect her. Can also be used to threaten or to hold someone in place. She has them both hidden in her boots when she has them on her.
    Abilities: N/A
    Energy Cost: N/A
    Limitations/Weaknesses: They only reach 7 1/2" in front of her unless she throws them.
    Cost: $300 ($150 each)

    Name: Honneur, Gloire
    Type: Pistol (x2)
    Materials: Stainless steal
    Thickness: N/A
    Purpose: To protect and threaten. Has them on a holster on her hips, most of the time covered by clothing but can be felt.
    Abilities: Can hold 6 rounds before needing to reload.
    Able to fire up to 5 feet.
    Energy Cost: N/A
    Limitations/Weaknesses: Is only able to fire off 6 rounds before needing a reload.
    Can only fire up to 30 feet and have the possibility to kill, anything further than that would damage. Full range is 150 feet.
    Cost: $500 (Both costed $250)

    Name: Oiseau
    Type: Ring
    Materials: Stainless steel, jems.
    Thickness: N/A
    Purpose: Covers her left pointer finger, is used to shift into two birds.
    Abilities: Using the twelve smaller stones she can change into a Steller Jay.

    With the two bigger stones she can change into a male peacock.

    Energy Cost: When in action, her stones only can last 5 posts per stone. This means that she could only use the peacock in a fight for 10 posts before she would change back. When not fighting, she can use each stone for one day in a rp. The stones turn grey once used. To recharge, she can't be using any of the forms, and it takes 12 hours for one of the big stones and 6 hours for one of the small stones.
    Limitations/Weaknesses: She has to have it on to use it, and if it falls off then she gets changed back to her normal form. If any of the stones are lost or broken, then that stone won't work.
    Cost: N/A

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    Re: Keskorie's Weapons (WIP)

    Post by Lexia on Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:20 pm


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