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Keskorie's Weapons (WIP) OoC81

    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP)


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    Character Name: Keskorie
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    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP) Empty Keskorie's Weapons (WIP)

    Post by Keskorie on Sat Nov 05, 2016 10:45 pm

    Character name: Keskorie

    Name: Amoris et Pacis
    Type: Sword
    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP) 8042p
    Materials: Steel, with silver mixed in.
    Thickness: 8mm
    Purpose: It is used to defend herself, and to do sword fights. Is slung over her back when she has it.
    Abilities: N/A
    Energy Cost: N/A
    Limitations/Weaknesses: N/A
    Cost: Given to her by her father.

    Name: Lumière, Foncé
    Type: Daggers (x2)
    Appearance: Steel blade, slightly carved. Red and black handle.
    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP) DSC05710_1
    Materials: Steel with leather for the handle.
    Thickness: 1" width, 7 1/2" long
    Purpose: To protect her. Can also be used to threaten or to hold someone in place. She has them both hidden in her boots when she has them on her.
    Abilities: N/A
    Energy Cost: N/A
    Limitations/Weaknesses: They only reach 7 1/2" in front of her unless she throws them.
    Cost: $300 ($150 each)

    Name: Honneur, Gloire
    Type: Pistol (x2)
    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP) 800px-RagingJudgeMagnum
    Materials: Stainless steal
    Thickness: N/A
    Purpose: To protect and threaten. Has them on a holster on her hips, most of the time covered by clothing but can be felt.
    Abilities: Can hold 6 rounds before needing to reload.
    Able to fire up to 5 feet.
    Energy Cost: N/A
    Limitations/Weaknesses: Is only able to fire off 6 rounds before needing a reload.
    Can only fire up to 30 feet and have the possibility to kill, anything further than that would damage. Full range is 150 feet.
    Cost: $500 (Both costed $250)

    Name: Oiseau
    Type: Ring
    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP) 70439-Vintage-Blue-Ring
    Materials: Stainless steel, sapphires.
    Thickness: N/A
    Purpose: Covers her left pointer finger and is used to summon elemental birds and a related weapon.
    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP) Tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640
    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP) Afccbc5a48064a444c5974f6067ab28d
    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP) Thunder_bird_by_michelle4645-d4xrnfw
    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP) 15dba0a4980c2072710de9f4380d452e--peacock-print-peacock-feathers
    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP) Tumblr_inline_oa6fl3Xuak1u53363_540

    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP) 26e2d9db96e68758f56580afaa0c3756
    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP) Kg_by_kfalash-dbn2ej8

    Energy Cost:
    Limitations/Weaknesses: She has to have it on to use it, and if it falls off then she gets changed back to her normal form. If any of the stones are lost or broken, then that stone won't work.
    Cost: N/A

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    Character Name: Insanity
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    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP) Empty Re: Keskorie's Weapons (WIP)

    Post by Lexia on Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:20 pm



    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP) DsVEdim
    Aero Dynamic
    Aero Dynamic

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    Character Name: Aero Dynamic
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    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP) Empty Re: Keskorie's Weapons (WIP)

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Sun Sep 10, 2017 8:16 pm

    Out for edits~


    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP) 6473750
    'There are two paths, either go down looking like a fool or defend the thing that you love. It all depends in actions'
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    Keskorie's Weapons (WIP) Empty Re: Keskorie's Weapons (WIP)

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