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    Baby Wants Ur Food and Affection ((Team Dragonstorm))


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    Baby Wants Ur Food and Affection ((Team Dragonstorm))

    Post by Aiko on Tue Nov 01, 2016 6:25 am

    ((I really want to rp on here again, so ye... Anyone can come pick up Aiko, she doesn't care <3 or more than one person)


    It was 1 A.M. in the morning, but Aiko didn't know that. She was hungry. She had her sippy cup full of milk (and possibly benadryl from Yuuki XD jk, but I can totally see her doing that to get Aiko to be quiet), but the baby wasn't interested in that. She wanted something. Apple slices, leftover pizza, a Little Debbie, anything. She was just that hungry. That wasn't the only reason why she was up screaming either. She wanted snuggles and attention. One by one, she started to cry out the names of everyone she knew in Team Dragonstorm:

    "Deeda? Rik Rik! Lo! SSSS... Kee kee!" She paused. Uh... Who was she missing? She forgot for a moment, and there was silence for about ten seconds before she squealed, "Hee! E-O?!" She was pretty sure she was missing someone, but didn't pause any longer. Aiko stood up in her crib, holding onto the bars that kept her from falling on the floor. She kept screeching.

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