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    I'm Awful At Coming Up With Topic Names ((Open to all))


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    I'm Awful At Coming Up With Topic Names ((Open to all))

    Post by Shenzi on Mon Oct 31, 2016 7:20 am

    Dusk had just fallen, and the vampire was eager to set out. Meirie was a beautiful region, with epic buildings designed by a talented architect of sorts. The nights were glorious, the type of twilight hours that Shenzi loved and wanted to spend his whole life in. The moon was full and just rising above the horizon, bathing the land in silver light.

    Shenzi walked along a travelling trail, the moon turning his golden coat mystic blue. He took his time strolling along. The night was a rare one. There were barely any twilights like this one... But, it wasn't for everyone. Shenzi held up his face to the moon, letting the sparkling light illuminate his face. But a perfect night was ruined by a loud crackle in the sky.

    Shenzi flinched, his eye snapping open to look at what the sudden commotion was about. It wasn't anything bad... It was fireworks. A red bolt sped into the sky, exploding into a shower of sparks. It was soon followed by a yellow one, and the process repeated itself. Blue, purple, green, orange, pink... All adorn with a loud SNAP and a high-pitched whistle as it flew. It was pretty, Shenzi could give you that. But it was... Loud. And why would anyone want to ruin this with smoke and fire?! And what was with the excessive light?! It was an awesome night, and the moon was enough to illuminate the way for people who travel at this time. Who would be able to travel with smoke in the sky and the stench of burning flame?

    Instead of moving away from the festival of fireworks, the annoyed Shenzi moved towards it. He wasn't planning to stop it. He just wanted to see what was oh-so-special enough to ruin a perfect night with these... Demons. As the vampire drew nearer to the light, he realized it was just a fair. Cotton candy and caramel apples were being passed out. There was a mass of people on blankets on the grass, looking up at the fireworks and making "oo's" and "aa's". There were no buildings... It was just people with tents, passing out sweets. They smiled as soon as they saw Shenzi. "Hey! Want a caramel apple?"

    Shenzi shook his head, his face grim. Luckily he had eaten human blood the previous night so he wasn't starving. The candy looked tempting, but the vampire was still pissed off. He looked out at the crowd of people, examining them. He showed no interest in the fireworks. He glanced back occasionally to check if anyone new had arrived.

    ((Sorry for crappy post, I'm at school and I wanna rp on here lol)

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