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    Lexia's void stone abilities [Update from old abilities]


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    Lexia's void stone abilities [Update from old abilities]

    Post by Lexia on Sat Oct 29, 2016 4:53 am

    When reading through all of these abilities, please keep in mind that Lexia cannot use the void to injure something which is organic or sentient. Sentient beings also include AI systems, aka robots. This applies to all her abilities. To further clarify, she can use this to destroy objects like walls, rocks, buildings, but couldn't hurt creatures, humans, robots, etc. Anything attached to a character that comes into contact with this void also will not be destroyed. However, as soon as it's not touching a character, it will be.

    Every use of her ability without a blood stone mentioned here will drive her insanity up by 15%. Her strongest (her dome ability) will actually drive the insanity up by 30% and needs two blood stones to use.

    Blood stones release the energy she needs to manipulate the void. Only she can use this energy.


    Name of ability: Void shifting.
    Type of ability: Defensive.
    Type of ability 2: Ranged, Area of Effect. (Max range of displacement from its original position is 300 feet, or just over a hundred meters.)
    Type of ability 3: Active.
    Lexia is able to bend the void around an object of approximately 4x4 feet, and then displace it to another target location within 300 feet of its original position. However, this cannot be further than 500 feet from Lexia. So if she used the ability on something 400 feet away from her, she can only force it out another 100 feet. This can only be used on objects, not on organic things. There is no minimum size for this ability.
    She can only use this ability on objects, nothing living or sentient can be influenced by this.
    It has a maximum range of 500 feet away from her, anything beyond that range and she can't move the object to it.
    The portal or teleportation she makes is one way. Once an object passes through, it cannot go back through unless Lexia creates a second portal to allow it to return. However, that would require a second blood stone.
    This ability isn't restricted by cooldowns, but by the blood stones she has access to. However, she can only move one object at a time. So she could only shift one object per post.

    Name of ability: Walls of the Void.
    Type of ability: Defensive.
    Type of ability 2: A hybrid of ranged, melee and AOE. (It is able to form a 180 curve around a target location and is approximately 15 feet high and 10 feet wide.)
    Type of ability 3: Active
    Description: Lexia forms a half sphere around a target location within approximately 90 feet from herself. It forms within 3 feet of a target. Any projectiles which come into contact with this shield are completely destroyed and vaporised, casting their power into the void.
    The shield forms IN FRONT of the target and towards danger. It CANNOT form a semi-sphere over them and block any ranged attack above ground. People wishing to attack can simply walk around the barrier of the wall to the other side which is exposed and shoot at them.
    The shield lasts for 2 posts.
    People from the outer curve cannot see through it, but people that Lexia can form it near are able to see through.
    This is her primary defence against ranged attacks.
    Lexia must use a blood stone for this ability or her insanity. This ability requires a little more insanity to use than her other abilities, and costs 20%.
    Anyone can walk up to it and go through it and be safe on the other side. It's purely for defence against other ranged attacks.
    It cannot form something like a bubble on the surface and protect from all sides. It only protects above ground attacks in a 180 degree semi-sphere around them.
    Cooldown: This ability actually has a Cooldown. She can only make these shields once every 2 posts. So she can make the shield instantly in one post, it lasts for the second, then she can't do anything for the third post (shield wise), then on the fourth post she can remake the shield.

    Name of ability: Lance and daggers of destruction. (Unique to Lexia)
    Type of ability: Primarily offensive, but can be used as defence.
    Type of ability 2: Ranged and melee, depending on how it's used.
    Type of ability 3: Active.
    Remember how I said that all her abilities can't hurt sentient beings or organic things? Yea, this one can hurt or kill due to it being her only offensive move.
    Similar to her old fire lances and daggers, Lexia can either choose to use the energy to create a volley of 5 daggers, or one major damaging lance.
    Her daggers are small, around 1 foot long in size. She 'throws' them by basically commanding them to dash forward. These travel at 12 feet per second and can sheer through any object, EXCEPT organics. The daggers can only impale to about 10cm before they can't go any further into a human or robot or creature. After they strike, they dissipate. These reach up to 60 feet away from her before naturally dissipating.
    The lance is thrown at a regular speed (about 6 feet per second) and is the most dangerous tool that she can use. This sheers through anything it comes into contact with, before dissipating after 30 feet of travelling. However, if she chooses not to throw the lance and use it as an actual lance for a change, it lasts for two posts. While its active, she can somewhat solidify it and use it as a regular weapon to do combat with swords and such if she has been disarmed from her halberd.
    Shields designed to deflect ranged attacks also work with her spears and daggers.
    Her lance, the most damaging thing she can use, is incredibly long, difficult to wield, slow when thrown, and has a pitiful range.
    When her lance is solidified, it acts like a regular lance and loses its ability to pierce practically anything.
    One important thing to note is that carbon fibre also resists the void abilities to an extend. Instead of breaking from one hit, they require two impacts before they break.
    Cooldown: For the daggers, she can use it every post at the cost of 1 blood stone.
    Her lance, if she uses it to be thrown, needs a Cooldown of 1 post. If she keeps it as a weapon, it needs the same cooldown.


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    Re: Lexia's void stone abilities [Update from old abilities]

    Post by sLy on Tue Nov 01, 2016 2:18 pm



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