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    Noble Phantasm - Order within Ire


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    Noble Phantasm - Order within Ire

    Post by Dristan on Tue Oct 25, 2016 7:25 pm

    "Order in Ire, child"

    The young lady frowned dutifully, scrunching her cherub-like demeanor with a scowl. "You always say that like it means something, Gran". The expression made her look just like her mother.

    The ancient crow smiled, contrast to the concave pit that she felt forming in her stomach. As the skies split, unbeknownst to the inhabitants or host, it was almost like the heavens were smiling back. Smiling a poisonous grin of malice and despair. Heralding the outcast chasers of another world. As those creatures fell to the earth below, the old woman could feel it radiate through her bones.

    Order in Ire.

    Controlled and harnessed wrath.

    "Gran m'ma?" The child prodded again.

    Blinking once--then a second time, the elder felt her eyes grow weary. "Yes, child, I.. Am just feeling a little worried about the coming days". She uncrossed her arms and pushed against the armrests of her crooked wooden chair, straightening her body upward to face her granddaughter with her full attention.

    The gesture worried the young woman. Gran never moved with such conviction for her age unless beyond necessary. "Would you like to lay down?".

    She hesitated as her grandmother did not answer. She only stared with those ageless eyes. "Why are you worried..?"

    "Acquaintances of mine will be visiting us shortly". Only now did her gaze begin to fall to the floor. "It matters not if I rest now. They will be here to greet the city of Xastristan and do.. What they have to do.."

    The way Gran's voice slowly quieted to a whisper, and as her body began to lose its will, it was if the air had just dropped several degrees.

    The young woman felt a whispering breeze kiss the back of her neck as she inquired: "What are your friends going to do, Gran m'ma?".

    "They are going to save this world, dear child".

    "They are going to destroy it".

    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

    Noble Phantasm has arrived in the world of The Beyond with the conceptually vague ideal of saving it through its own destruction. As these select individuals reveal themselves, they shall be added to the list of known information.



    The lead figure of Noble Phantasm with the hinted appearance of a young man in his early twenties. His abilities and weapons are unknown as of this point.



    A figure currently wrapped in mystery. The only hint of their identity comes from a single black feather.



    A figure currently wrapped in mystery. The only hint of their identity comes from a bizarre chill in the air.



    A figure currently wrapped in mystery. The only hint of their identity comes from a dropped
    anomalously coloured head fan.



    A figure currently wrapped in mystery. The only hint of their identity comes from a shadow that lingers just a bit too long.



    A figure currently wrapped in mystery. The only hint of their identity comes from the soft clatter of pixie chains.


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