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    Post by Hisashi on Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:59 pm

    Hisashi Hisash10

    Personal Info:
    Name: Hisashi
    Nickname: N/A
    Age: 1,742 (Human years.)
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Human
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Height: 5ft 9in
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Ex.: Skin
    Eyes: Sliver
    Hair: His brown hair is a little long for a guy, going about to the edge of his face near his ears and to the back of his neck on back of his head.
    Looks: He wears a labcoat with a black button-down shirt and black pants. Most of the time he wears brown, slip on shoes, but occasionally he wears white and pink bunny slippers if he’s having a lazy day. He keeps brown, leather gloves in his pockets that he wears when fighting or fixing/working on stuff.

    Strengths/skills: Patience, intelligence, learning quickly, solving problems, leading
    Weakness/Flaws: Without the use of his buttons he’s rather weak, he tends to overwork himself, his curiosity can get the better of him, it’s been awhile since he’s been in any real combat so he’s rusty, since he doesn't fight that often and hasn't fought in a while he doesn't wear his battle clothing which greatly reduces what he can do in battle and how well he can do it
    Special abilities: He has a non-ageing type of immortality. (This means that he can still die like every other person could, he just won’t age and live until somebody or something kills him.) He also has buttons (the type you wear not press) which he uses to fight, which I will go into detail about when I make his weapons.
    Personality: Hisashi is a kind soul and a geek who is very dedicated to his work, whatever it may be. He’s very curious and loves to mess around with things, pulling things apart and putting them back together, or altering things nd making new things. He truly has the heart of an inventor and a scientist. As a leader he will do what’s necessary to reach his goal and will try to avoid unpleasant things if possible, but will not hesitate to do them if need be. (Although he will feel some guilt for doing that thing.) He cares very much for Kurisu and believes that deep down the Miyuki he knew and loved is still there. He will do his best to save everyone, but his main objective is to save Kurisu. He feels he must make up for his past mistakes for his sake, Kurisu’s sake, Minea’s sake, the sake of his deceased friends, and the sake of mankind in general.
    Likes/hobbies: technology, learning new things, making pancakes, helping people, taking things apart and putting them back together, tweaking the way things work, solving puzzles
    Dislikes: Unnecessary harm, unreasonable ill will, selfishness, waffles, what his job entails, betrayal
    Fears: Failing, making a mistake he can’t come back from or fix
    Parents: Dead
    Mate: He’s not married, but does have a love interest(Miyuki/Kurisu)
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: N/A
    Brothers/sisters: Dead little brother
    History: Hiashi lived with his family until he was put in the lab that would eventually make Kurisu and  was experimented on to find immortality. Once Kurisu was made he made quick friends with her and named her Miyuki. They lived happily together until she was forced to leave. When Kurisu tried to come back the government freaked out, thinking that she went rogue, and killed everyone who was in the lab except him. When he woke up he remembered the promise he had made to Kurisu’s “father” and immediately tried to locate her. He became a detective and worked his way through the ranks to gain access to classified information. While doing this he visited a boy who hoped to one day lead a small group that would bring Kurisu to justice. When he came back to headquarters he was told that his job had been changed, causing him to eventually leave since it was no longer helping him. He went back to the boy and joined his group. He made his special buttons to gain the trust of the group, who he had planned to betray, but in the end he fought with them against Kurisu. They failed and this time instead of trying to case after Kurisu he lived a normal life. However, he was forced back into the story when a young girl, who was an oracle, and told him that he would become the leader of a great organization that would eventually pull Kurisu’s soul out of Minea, give it it’s own body, and then flee to a lonely world. That was when he began to recruit people from many different worlds to assist him in his job. Eventually he had made a giant organization with millions of members (name sortis) and ever since they’ve constantly been casing Minea around and trying to capture her.
    RP paragraph: You guys know how I RP.
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    Hisashi Empty Re: Hisashi

    Post by Yuuki on Fri Oct 28, 2016 7:52 am



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