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    Totally NOT slimy. (Open to all.)


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    Totally NOT slimy. (Open to all.)

    Post by Slithus on Mon Oct 17, 2016 6:31 pm

    It was a sunny day in the grasslands of Eiria. Insects buzzed through the grass, the leaves of a nearby tree rustled in the breeze. A small stream burbled nearby, pooling into a quiet pond. The grass grew to several feet tall, waving gently. A car roared along the nearby road, before the sound faded away as it continued. The smell of earth was present here, along with the smell of grass. It was the ideal place for an afternoon hike, if you were into that sort of thing. Unfortunately, Slithus wasn't into that sort of thing, and for several reasons.
    • It was too sunny.
    • It was too warm.
    • The pond he was in was too small for him.
    • The pond water was filthy.

    He had decided that he would leave the pond and find somewhere better at nightfall. Which meant he had to wait a few more hours. A few more hours spent curled up at the bottom of a muddy pond. A few more hours of disgusting, FILTHY water. A few more hours in an uncomfortably warm pond, in which the only inhabitant was a dead fish. A few more hours curled up awkwardly in an uncomfortable position. No. There was no way he would survive a few more hours. With a great sigh he lifted himself from the pond, rising out of the water like a majestic, mud covered fish lizard. Slithering out of the water, he tried his best to wash himself off in the stream, which wasn't much better. Giving up, he looked himself over, hissing when he saw what had become of his beautiful, shiny scales. It appeared that the coat of slime he totally didn't have had done absolutely nothing to protect him. Annoyed, Slithus looked around to see if anyone else was passing through.


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    [22:39:30] Aloria : Let me recap:I turned out to be a lizard person, Kesk shot me, I exploded, survived, and shot her with a bubblegun
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    Re: Totally NOT slimy. (Open to all.)

    Post by Keskorie on Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:36 pm

    Kes was currently wandering in Erira, looking for some dangerous rare animal that she'd be able to make a profit off of. It might not be the best idea to hunt with two pistols and a sword, but she liked the danger. Most likely from her dad, she'd be surprised in she gained that from her mother. He was the pirate after all, always on the blue seas while she just sat on her throne waving her hand at the people she ruled over. It made Korie shiver. The thought of having to do that for her whole life irked her, but at the same time she liked the thought of ruling over everyone. Stumbling a bit she focused back on the road she was walking besides. If she was going to stick to the path that would get her nowhere. She needed to start going wild. Turning she began to walk into the overgrowth, hearing splashing and a stream nearby.

    Approaching the stream she noticed it wasn't what she was looking for, but a bipedal lizard thing. While it was only slightly disappointing, she was interested to know what it was doing out here without any equipment. Maybe a local or someone that actually lived in these lands? Not many was able to with all of the dangerous animals out here. "Hey, you, what are you doing out here?" she asked, making sure that he'd be able to hear her. Maybe he had a bounty on him that she could use.


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