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    The Creature in the Dark (OPEN TO ALL)

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    The Creature in the Dark (OPEN TO ALL)

    Post by Irkosu on Sun Sep 18, 2016 9:09 am

    Crickets chirped, the trees creaked, and leaves rustled in the wind. Nights in the woods were always like this, a hundred background noises, but still quiet. Irkosu liked that about them, they reminded her of home. It was one of the reasons she liked this place so much. The cold night air blew gently through the forest/ Smiling slightly, she floated closer to the distant lights. It was a small town on a seaside cliff, quaint, normally uneventful, relied mainly on getting food from the sea. It had, however, attracted a few tourists, trying to find the ghost who lived there. The "ghost" was her, of course, being her. Although she may not have been a real ghost, it wasn't such a crazy thing to think. She certainly LOOKED dead. Pale, covered in scars, fragile and thin, with eyes that stared at nothing, glazed over and dead. To most, she would look like a floating corpse. The former goddess of the dead continued floated over a small stream, about a foot above the ground, head tilted as if her neck was broken.

    The mist had gotten thicker as she continued. She was now almost at the entrance. With a large smile to show off her fangs, she came to a halt just outside of the trees. She drifted slowly around the outside of the village. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw a few faces in windows, staring and pointing. As she completed her rounds, she slowly turned and drifted away.

    She had been floating down the dirt road for a while now. Her cave wasn't much further away, only about a mile left. She really needed to find a better lair, somewhere closer to the beach and the cliff side town. So far, she had only seen a small car drive past. Why was there nothing interesting here? Floating through the light of one of the streetlamps, she started to move faster. She didn't like lights. The brightness tended to make things hard to see. Slowing down again, she continued lazily along.

    ((I know this was really bad, but still...))


    Fuck it, this thing is glorious:

    "Mr. Rogers in a blood-stained sweater"
    [13:43:59] Irkosu : I shall go prepare a lovely glass of bleach.
    [13:44:37] * Irkosu wanders over to the cupboards where the bleach is located and fills up two glasses
    [13:44:53] Irkosu : Would you like some ice in your bleach?
    [15:35:26] Irkosu : Who the hell is Randy Cunningham?
    [15:35:48] Irkosu : And why does his name make me think of diabolical pigs?

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