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    Lore of The Beyond

    Post by Lexia on Sun Aug 21, 2016 7:47 pm

    The Beyond

    Once a planet of streaming waters, rivers clear as crystal, the trees soaring gracefully into the sky to shelter the life below them... was now a place of utter disaster. Humans, creatures, wars and internal struggles ripped apart the world which they once all strived to care about. Trees were torn down to give way to factories, mass producing nuclear weaponry in order to win their own internal scuffles, not caring for the world which they so readily destroyed. Waters used to sustain the life on the planet were corrupt, their crystal clear streams polluted from humanity just dumping their nuclear wastes straight into the oceans or drained through the streams without a care in the world.  

    The main thing the humans had cared about was winning the war. A war which would consume the planet through their own hatred, souls of the people left for these dangerous and hate filled end times were torn. Instead of compassion, a care for others, it was replaced with utter hate. A desire to not only end their enemies lives, but it was becoming such a part of their core that they slowly began to not care if they killed their own family. Pets would turn savage, normal dogs reverting to deadly wolves, household cats became stronger, the wastes of the nuclear weaponry changing their core to revert almost to the build of lions. Everything turned against each other, the ecosystem, habitations, everything was caught up in the humans desire to kill and seek revenge, driving everything to ruins.  Humanity would eventually collapse, from the billions, down to just a few million, and from a few million to a few thousand.  

    Before they knew just exactly what their actions would cause, the damage was already done. The planet couldn't be saved. Neither could the humans. The damage couldn't be reversed.

    Damaged. Tainted. Corrupt. Souls which could never be restored to their previous states. They were reduced to nothing. Only a few dozen people were able to feel things aside from the murderous desire to kill, their hearts searching for something more. They knew that their planet was doomed, and these brilliant minds turned their eyes to the stars.  

    Smuggling materials from nuclear weapons, tasking robots to help them, gathering the most purebred creatures which they could, these brilliant people would become earths new hope. Under the radar, they would build themselves a station, building robots to be their guards as they worked tirelessly for years to build humanities last hope. A ship which would be launched to reach into the stars, aimed to a planet in a neighboring solar system. They knew that radiation would pose a rather large problem, and they coated their ship in a thin layer of an anti-radiation material, one which no one can replicate to this day.  

    When humanity eventually discovered the wasteland which they had created their rocket underneath, every single nation launched their final nuclear warheads to the yard, each fearing that the ship was built by another nation in order to kill the rest. Time was running short, but their ship couldn't survive the blasts. People were rushed into the ship, the engines fired, the ground opened up... To reveal the warheads were already there.  

    But it wasn't the end.  

    A being, slender and long, covered in a brilliant coat of white fur seemed to appear out of thin air. Its sudden appearance caused a panic as it almost crashed into the ship as if it had been thrown down, through time and space, to be there. Just for a few moments. The ship, if it had been hit, would have been no more. With reflexes similar to an enhanced cat, it managed to dodge the ship. Using its hind legs, it sprang forward, a manic grin on its face at the sight of the warheads. With a sadistic like nature, it dug its long claws through the steel hull of the warheads, not caring that the sharp metal would gash at its hide. With its power, it created a series of portals in front of each warhead which would lead almost straight through the planet. Its target, the major cities which remained. The beast would laugh in glee, tearing the warheads further apart to ensure they would detonate on impact to destroy the last of the corrupt humanity. However, its agility, strength, and powers didn't save it from the sheer amount of explosions from the numerous warheads which would destroy the ship. Temperatures rose too rapidly, the engines faltered.

    That's when it came. The second savior.  

    In a twist of glory, brilliant light shone across the ship. Its form couldn't be described, being that of a type of solid mist, which took the form of a powerful creature. One known through history for being incredibly powerful. The being would use its paw, calling upon its incredible powers as it manipulated even creations around the ship. It drew the surrounding life away to create a golden liquid. With this, it coated the ship in the mystical aura to protect it from the intense heat. A shield. Small creatures would appear around it, slashing the restraining cables on the ship to further free it. The being stood, holding the ship with its claws as it raised itself above ground. With a snarl, it sacrificed the creatures it made, creating a secondary barrier around itself and the ship.  It would use its power to create something similar to that of a  jump to apply to itself in order to throw the ship further into space, as its power built, the flames rapidly approached, the inhabitants of the ship crying out in pure fear and shouting orders at one another to try and regain some control of the ship. However, the being didn't want them to die just yet. Turning its back to the worse of the fire, it used itself as a shield to protect from the earths incinerating fire. But not all warheads were stopped.  

    Coupled with sensing that it's other half was in pain, it couldn't block the pain out as it detonated against its leg. In a slight howl of agony, the creature protecting the ship would falter, letting it go. The ship, the engines not being able to activate from the extreme heat around it, threatened to drop it back down to the earth. In a last ditched effort, the humans tried to activate a lightspeed drive to get out of the situation. However, the engines weren't warm enough just yet, a failsafe which the designers put into the ship. Without the warmth of the firing engines, the lightspeed drive was to be kept cooled to prevent it from accidentally being used, to save energy.So it had basically been put on ice, and the humans felt the true fear bite into them. It couldn't operate.  

    The badly burnt manic creature from earlier would leap, placing a clawed hand against the other being. Using its powers, the wounds would knit for a few moments, allowing the creature to re-establish its footing, grabbed the ship once more and propelled it skywards. The two creatures who saved humanity would be clouded in a fire. No one would know if the beings had survived. As it approached the outer atmosphere, the explosions heat faded, allowing the ships engines to finally flick across and activate. Without a second thought, they plugged in the coordinates of the new home planet. The trip would take around five years, and so, they would all put themselves into a stasis, a deep and dreamless sleep. To them, it would be a few moments until they woke once again. The pilot was kept awake to ensure that they arrived safely.  

    However, the ship never was completed. People had skipped a few things. The navigation systems and the outer hull surrounding the cockpit being the ships weakest points. In a little over four years, the captain was killed as the hull became slightly breached and, to save the others, he sealed himself into the weakest area to allow them to have enough oxygen to survive their reawakening. The navigation systems shorted. The ship turned a new world. A world filled with uncertainties, a world which was never seen before. Its inhabitants, they knew not if they were friendly or not.  

    The survivors would have a rude awakening as their ship crash landed into the new planet, the early warning systems awakening them from their slumber. The few robots on board were able to force the landing to be a little more stable, but not by much. Further loss of life occurred, with a grand total of a mere 400 people of the original 1000 people to survive. After scanning the atmosphere, they were able to determine that it had similar properties to earth. Land. Water. Oxygen. Night. Day. A stable solar system. Everything seemed to be fine with this planet as well, aside from the natural creatures which had lived there for many years earlier. A few giant creatures, which resembled their histories concept of dragons, came to the humans, quite curious about them. However, it wasn't too  long before a small group of humans were to die from a dragon accidentally falling onto them.

    Humans started a rebellion, an attack against the dragons which had ruled their world. They dug deep into the theory of dragons, attempting to find their weaknesses. When they did... The thousands of dragons which once roamed the world were driven to the point of endangerment. A few of them were captured by the humans, pinned and unable to resist against their experiments against them and their kind. Eventually, they would find a plague which only dragons were susceptible to. They infected the world with it. Dragons died. Too many for the eye to ever see and count. Hatchlings, adults, elders, they would perish to this disease. It had gotten so bad that they were driven to the point of what the humans thought was extinction. The majority of the humans didn't care about them, only a few had regrets about killing such magnificent beasts. To try and persuade the crowds which resisted against the death of all dragons, giant bounties were placed on any dragons who had survived the plague. This quickly silenced the masses, the majority of them becoming dragon hunters themselves.

    The only thing which they had even seemed to care about was the fact that they had finally established that they could, once more, act and work as a unity. Through their new common enemy, they would rebuilt cities. Created civilizations once more. They flourished, lived in harmony with most of the creatures of the world, ensured the streams of water would remain pure, untainted by human chemicals. They would harvest what they needed, only to survive. Soon, they would establish an empire, each city with its equal parts, an equal share of splendor.  

    But nothing matched the magnificence of the capital.  

    From here, the world which they would name after the stars was their new home, a secret hiding among the stars. The only thing which had given them hope in the seemingly eternal darkness and despair.

    The Beyond.


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