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Welcome to the Beyond. Something's out there, just waiting for you to find it. It's either hunt or be hunted out in this dangerous territory, so watch your backs. Join us now, and explore our mysterious depths...

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    Post by Aero Dynamic on Sat Aug 20, 2016 3:40 pm

    Hello there! Have you ever wanted to fancy yourself up and have some extra money laying around? Well, this is the perfect spot for you! Here, you can buy things like Chatbox icons, glows, and more! Buy it for yourself or a friend, just make sure they will actually use it! Any custom words or images must follow our rules. Prices and requirements are subject to change.

    Group glow - $300,000
    *Must have a guide group

    White glow - $500,000
    *Must be an approved character

    Colored Glow - $1,000,000
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    Name color - $150,000
    *Must be an approved character
    *Cannot be the same or visually same as a group
    *Cannot blend into the background, unless a glow counters it

    Partial name color - $100,000
    *Must be an approved character
    *Cannot be the same or visually same as a group
    *Cannot blend into the background

    Two color name change - $200,000
    *Must be an approved character
    *Cannot be the same or visually same as a group
    *Cannot blend into the background, unless a glow counters it

    Custom Rank - $100,000
    *Rank under name
    *CAN be given to others for free, if they want it. (Ex. DS Member)

    Custom Rank Image - $50,000
    *Must have a custom rank
    *Must provide image (Max. 200x-)

    Chatbox Icon - $100,000
    *Appears in chatbox only
    *Must provide image (Max 15x15)

    Smiley For Leif - $500,000
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    *May provide a code name for it (Default is username)
    *Anyone can use it

    News Advertisement - $50,000 per week
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