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Nebula - Now With Swords! OoC81

    Nebula - Now With Swords!


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    Nebula - Now With Swords! Empty Nebula - Now With Swords!

    Post by Miri on Fri Aug 19, 2016 4:01 am

    Personal Info:
    Name: Dawn Asteria
    Nickname: Nebula
    Age: 32
    Gender: Demigirl
    Sexuality: Homoromantic Gray-ace
    Species: Human
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Height: 5’11
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Fair skin
    Eyes: Ultramarine
    Hair: She has long, deep black hair the fades into red at the tips. It’s shaven on the left side, and falls down to her thighs. She normally wears this in a simple high ponytail.
    Looks: Nebula wears a customized dark leather jacket, with a low neckline and shorter sleeves. The sides are a dark crimson, and the jacket has a deep magenta trim. On the left side of her chest is an Omega symbol. She also has a dark brown leather ammunition belt, similar in colour to her hair, slung around her waist.

    Underneath her jacket, she wears a crimson chest plate, and a dark grey bodysuit. The bodysuit has a similar coloured trim as the jacket.

    Nebula wears a single gauntlet and pauldron, both the same red as the chest plate. The gauntlet curves around her right arm, ending half way past her top arm on the front, and slightly below her elbow at the back of her arm. The pauldron is situated at her left shoulder.

    Atop her head is her headgear, which also doubles as a mask and helmet. Covering her eyes are two, blood red lenses, fitted with infrared tracking and night vision technology. Above that are two, symmetrically placed strips of dark magenta metal, making the mask similar to a great horned owl. Between and a little underneath the eyes is a hawk-shaped beak, the same magenta as the horns.
    Strengths/skills: Nebula is far better at close ranged combat, wielding a sword and shield as opposed to a gun or a bow. Although she knows how to wield a gun, she doesn’t actually own one herself, always favouring blades above any weapon.

    Nebula is stealthy, and considering her ‘pastimes’, she has to be. Her suit helps her blend into darkness, and the soft red glow her headgear gives off is almost indistinguishable from the shadows.

    She is also a seamless liar and extremely good at deceit. She knows how to get information of out people just by talking, knows how to sell fake information to others, and is also a great con-artist.
    Weaknesses/Flaws: Because of her weapon preference, she can be very vulnerable to long-ranged opponents, such a snipers, even a simple gun wielder. Her shield may make up for some of these attacks, although it is quite small compared to her, and can only protect so much of her.

    She has an extremely unstable mind, due to invasive thoughts from past lives. She could be ‘enjoying’ a peaceful day, when her mind goes blank and starts repeating, “I need to kill.” These thoughts start to worsen, until someone tries to help (and usually ends up failing) or when she completes ‘her objective’. It’s something she can’t control and something that can only be alleviated over time.

    Nebula cannot feel any emotions. This is normally a good thing, especially for a murderer. But when she says ’I cannot feel emotions’, it isn’t that she doesn’t understand them. It literally means that she has been numbed to feelings. She doesn’t recognize when she feels an emotion; she doesn’t understand why people feel emotions and she can’t recognize when other people feel negative. She doesn't know when she goes too far, she doesn't know when she upsets the people she'd learnt to care about.
    One of the only emotions she can in fact feel is fear. They were careful to keep that emotion intact. It’s how they control her.

    She’s emotionally broken. Dead.
    Special Abilities: She can activate a cloaking mechanism that lasts up to two minutes at maximum. Although it doesn't make her physically disappear, it can hide the electromagnetic waves that her tools and equipment give off, making herself impossible to find, by computers and technology anyway. It has an hour cooldown, meaning she only uses it in dire situations.

    Her goggles have infrared tracking technology, which allows her to see targets and life forms, even through walls. This, however, only shows vague outlines and cannot be filtered to track only one person at a time. They are also fitted with night vision, making it easier for her to see in darkness.
    Personality: Nebula is quite distant and aloof, and usually won’t socialise unless she has to. She’s usually very prideful of herself and acts confident in her abilities. She can be quite intimidating at times, especially with her untrusting glare, and tall, towering stance.

    The assassin is a natural leader, and is extremely commanding, even in casual situations. She is spontaneous and adapts quickly to new situations, formulating every single scenario where things go wrong, so she can avoid them at every cost. This pessimistic outlook on life, though depressing, keeps her alive, helps her survive.

    Nebula has a sadistic nature, finding joy in seeing others suffer, being tortured, and dying. She laughs in the face of Death, giggles at the sight of someone suffering in her name. She draws this bloodlust out, taking as much amusement and entertainment out of it as she can, as killing is one of the few things that makes her emotions go wild.

    Dawn was different. Dawn was kind, caring and compassionate. She could see the good in anything and everything. An optimist. Dawn was the kind of person who would do anything in her power to help somebody in need. She stood for equality and for justice.

    But Dawn is gone now. Replaced by the emotionless void of Nebula.
    Likes/Hobbies: Nebula likes very few things, including killing. It makes her feel alive. She likes being left alone, preferring the empty silence to bustling crowds. She likes to tease and torment people, as well as make them suffer. She also likes feeling control.
    Dislikes: Nebula also dislikes a lot of things. She dislikes distractions, especially on a mission. She dislikes annoyance, who distracts her from her objectives. She dislikes being ordered around by inferiors, she dislikes excessive talking and she especially dislikes failing a mission or objective.
    Fears: Nebula is scared of learning about what she really was. Who she really is. She knows that she wasn’t always a murderer, but she knows that if she learns of her past life, she’ll do anything to achieve that again. Which leads to another fear.

    She is terrified of being reconditioned again. It's inevitable that she would if she learnt who Dawn was. She doesn’t remember much of her time being brainwashed, but she knows that the nightmares were horrible. That they treated her horrifically. That it ended with the death of the person she loved the most. She doesn’t want that to happen again. Anything but that.
    Parents: Unknown
    Mate: Widowed
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: N/A
    Brothers/sisters: N/A
    Death T/W~:
    Complete your objective.

    That was the only thing I’d been told. The only thing I was allowed to know.

    The room – the apartment – was dark. The sun had quickly descended down beneath the horizon, setting the mood as dark and gloomy. Rain had soon started to lash against the windows, violently attacking the thin panes of glass.

    A clap of thunder echoed across empty silence, making her jump out of her skin. I slap a hand across my mouth; I feel my legs fold beneath me. Fallen on my knees – a trembling mess. Eyes watering, pupils wide and dilating.

    I feel my shoulders shake with every broken, silent sob, rolling onto my side.

    The door slams open. Her voice rings in my ears. I could never imagine being scared of the person who I cared about most.

    “Yo! Dawwn!!!~ woah...” I heard her voice taper off in pure worry, I felt her gaze burning on her back.

    I start to get up. My eyes are visibly hollow and I look like I haven’t slept in days. I see the despair in her eyes, frozen in place, not knowing what was wrong.

    Finally, she moves, kneeling on the carpet, wrapped her arms cautiously around me. I sink into her embrace, shaking, never stopping the small and choked sobs. My arms move to hold her hands, hands clutching, knuckles white.

    I find my voice again; whimper her name, “Ryu…”

    She knows, knows what happened to me weeks ago. Hadn’t slept in days, restless, trying to find me. Putting herself in danger just to save me.

    When she found me, she sent me straight to Solace. Had me checked out.

    She said I went mostly unscathed, save for a minor depression. To be expected, especially in cases such as these.

    Was I just a case?

    Ryu still stayed with me. She had to engage in missions, though. They told her that I was fine and that I would be fine for a couple days.

    So she left. Nobody had even bothered to check up on me.

    They came again – just a briefing. It was just yesterday, but I feel like it’s been a week. I can’t stop thinking about what they expect from me.

    I feel her carry me to bed, placing me down softly, before jumping into the other side. I could hear the springs groan in complaint as she flung her body weight onto the mattress. I can’t help but blow out a small breath of laughter, lips curling slightly.

    I open my eyes, I see her looking at me. Her dark brown fringe splayed haphazardly across her forehead and across her eyes. Brown eyes stared into my own, her mouth shaped in a tiny little ‘o’. Pale skin tinged pink at her cheek, I can tell she’s making her signature ‘long pouty face’.

    I can’t help but laugh silently, and she smiles back, drawing me in.

    “Goodnight, Daw,” she murmurs, eyes finally shutting.

    One problem with my lover wasn’t the fact that she stole the sheets. Quite the opposite, in fact.

    I pry the spread-eagled Ryu off of me, trying to ignore her half opened mouth, and the cute snores that…

    A harsh whisper rasped in her mind. A growl. The objective.

    I trail down the stairs; the storm had worsened. Lightning crackled whilst thunder boomed. In the kitchen, my eyes strayed to the chopping block in the corner. I pull something out, the tool suddenly foreign and heavy in my hands.

    Trying, trying desperately to stay silent, I crawled back up the stairs. My back hunched, feet dragging as I walked across the landing.

    The bed was opposite a window. I could imagine it as a cheesy horror movie, my insanity-driven face grinning wildly over her soon-to-be late-lover, lightning flashing as rain attacked the roofs and walls.

    Six inches of kitchen knife sunk into neck; Ryu died with a smile on her face.

    RP paragraph: yo im tired do I have to


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    Nebula - Now With Swords! Empty Re: Nebula - Now With Swords!

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Fri Aug 19, 2016 8:45 am



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