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    Post by Kurisu on Sat Sep 12, 2015 7:58 am

    Normal looks:
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    Abbowin looks:
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    Name: Korosu

    Nickname: Technically her name is her nickname. She never really had an actual name.

    Age: 17,000-ish

    Species: Abbowin mostly.




    Clan: None

    Rank: None




    Height: 5ft 8in

    Skin/Fur/Scales, Ex.: Skin, white

    Eye color: Neon Violet

    look: Just like Minea, except with neon violet eyes that can become silted if she pleases. This is due to her being mostly Abbowin.





    Hobbies/skills: Scheming, acting, daydreaming, talking to herself, eating tons of pancakes superfast,

    Strengths: Patience, thinking ahead, torture, agility, speed, physical pain endurance, willpower.

    Weakness: empathy, dealing with other people, understanding other people, gauging other people, admitting that she’s wrong

    Accessories: Same as Minea’s

    Special abilities: She can control plasma(which includes lightning.) and she can give it any form she wants. However she can’t turn it into something like a functional cannon. With her preferred form of the plasma being the floating swords, she can have a few be for offense and a few for defense. (In theory she would be able to fight multiple people at one time with this. So one or two swords could be fighting against one person over here then another set over there. That way Korosu can fight with whoever she wished or nobody, either hand to hand or close range. However, this requires a lot of concentration. So, she can only fight against as many as people she can concentrate on.) When she does fight close combat she can do things like make plasma spikes around her body and stuff so she's not fighting with her bare hands. (The plasma can't touch her skin, however, or it'll hurt her.) She can create as much plasma as she needs for whatever task. As far as the lightning aspect goes she can use it on herself and greatly increase her speed and reaction time by sending a bolt of electricity wherever she needs it on her body to force it to move. She can effectively spite people by sending bolts of electricity at them, but she can't force their bodies into moving like she can herself. Since lightning is plasma, she can also give this whatever form she pleases. Also, she has the same kind of immortality as Minea’s and can travel to different universes. As she is mostly an Abbowin she has enhanced strength, senses and regenerative abilities (Not like SUPER enhanced more like moderately enhanced. So wilding cloud swords=easy but lifting up cars and all of that=not easy), nightvision, and a "super" immune system [which means that she's immune to poison (Unless that poison was made specifically for her race or is a poison made by the abiteths.) and that it's really hard for her to get sick.]  

    Combat style: She is speed based and can be a decent long range or melee fighter. However, when she fights melee she normally doesn’t use her swords. She likes to keep her opponent at a distance while bombarding them with most of her swords. (She keeps a few of the swords at her side for defense.) Then, while her opponent is preoccupied with all of her attacks she will quickly rush in for an attack and quickly rush out. (She only does this if she sees a good opening, if she feels that the attacker is worth her time, or if she thinks they’re strong.)




    Personality: She is a very hateful person and will harm anyone she feels caused her misery. (Humans mostly, but sometimes she’ll go for humanoid things.) She’s eerily cheerful and enjoys exacting her revenge a lot. Sometimes she’ll pretend as if she's a normal person or Minea herself for her own entertainment. She really loves to see people react to things whether it be physical pain, mental pain, normal everyday activities, or Minea.

    Likes: Hurting others, reactions, pancakes, learning new things, being right, animals, burning things, winning

    Dislikes: People, being wrong, losing, being tricked, being betrayed, families

    Fear: Getting close to someone, Losing everything she loves, dying,




    Parents: She was artificially made, (kind of) so she doesn’t really have any biological parents, but her father figure is dead.

    mate: Hisashi, but she thinks he’s dead.

    Offspring: None

    Relative: None

    Brothers/sisters: None


    History: Korosu was made and raised in a laboratory. There she was very close to her “Father” (The scientist that led the project to make Korosu.) and Hisashi. (A boy who was experimented on to find immortality.) One day she was forced to leave her home and go into the military. There she was tasked with killing criminals that were considered too dangerous for the normal police. She absolutely hated this, so she ran away and back home. Little did she know that while she was running away the government had assumed that she went rogue, and had announced her and everyone that was connected to her guilty of treason. When she arrived home instead of finding the cheerful, lively place that she was used to, she found everybody dead. She desperately ran to her Father’s office, hoping that he was still alive. Inside instead of a dead body there was a paper on the desk stating when and where her Father’s public execution would take place. She rushed to her Father’s execution, but arrived only a few minutes late. When she saw her Father’s limp body she lost it and ended up killing everybody in attendance. She immediately regretted her decision and turned herself in.

    She was then placed in a maximum security prison where she was abused by both the security guards and inmates. After awhile she decided she had enough and broke out of the prison. She ended up wandering into the village where Hisashi’s parents lived. They nursed her back to health and allowed her to live with them, despite the danger they were putting themselves in. Eventually, the government found out that they were housing Korosu and killed them both as well. She managed to escape the attack and flee to a cave. There she hoped that she wouldn’t be able to hurt anyone and she wouldn’t be found. That was exactly what happened until one day when a small group of people stumbled upon her cave. They gained her trust, but ultimately betrayed her when they tried to turn her in for a large sum of money. She killed them and decided to become the monster seemingly everyone wanted her to be.

    RP paragraph: Korosu plunges Minea’s throwing knife deeper into the young adult’s right arm. “It’s your fault, you know. It didn’t have to be this way. In fact I didn’t want to do this, but you forced my hand.” She begins to move the knife closer to his elbow, causing him to scream and try to struggle out of her grasp. His worthless efforts only manages to amuse Korosu. She smiles and giggles a little bit. “Oh so you want me to stop, huh?” The man winces while he quickly nods his head. Korosu takes the knife out of his arm. “Ok, I’ll stop, but only if you can apologise 100 times before I can kill you.” The man begins apologising as quickly as possible as Korosu begins to repeatedly stab his left arm. Soon his words begin to become somewhat incomprehensible as they mix with his blood curdling screams. Once Korosu feels that he may be reaching close to one hundred she looks at his face, which is now a mess of tears and blood, and stabs him directly in the heart. It doesn’t take long for the light to fade from his eyes and his body to go limp. She stands up and puts the throwing knife back into the pouch on her belt without cleaning it. “Well, that’s one more of those vermin down. Only who knows how much left to go.” She sighs. “Oh, well. It can’t be all that bad can it? It just means that I’ll be able to play with a whole bunch of other people!” She walks out of the man’s home and into the bright world outside, completely  ignoring that her clothes are now soaked in blood.

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    Post by Aero Dynamic on Sat Sep 12, 2015 8:04 am



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