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    Banned abilities & Event ability rewards


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    Banned abilities & Event ability rewards

    Post by Lexia on Fri Aug 12, 2016 4:53 pm

    Banned Abilities

    Ever sat there, tapping your chin while you wondered just what was or was not allowed as an ability? Something that was considered too overpowered or too strong for the site? Well, here is a list of every single ability which includes small descriptions of what they are, which is considered too overpowered and broken for this site. However, even though these are overpowered abilities which we prefer people not to have, they can still be won or obtained through events. These powers, if won through events, will be heavily monitored by the staff team.

    Time - Time abilities warp around manipulating time itself. This includes jumping forward in time, freezing time, slowing time, reversing time and jumping back in time. Abilities like this are too overpowered to be let run wild as they can be manipulated too easily to kill other characters.

    Void - Void is the space in between dimensions, realities, the place where both everything and nothing exists at once. Abilities based around this can make simple trees to entire cities cease to exist. This is also too easy to manipulate into instantly killing characters, and thus, it's banned.

    Instant freeze - This ability means being able to cool someone down in an instant so that they are literally frozen solid, or are severely crippled. Although it would be considered to be a part of the 'overpowered abilities' section of this list, it also is considered to be too strong as it doesn't allow the person to be able to react to it. It can also be considered power playing due to the 100% freezing and/or chilling nature of it.

    Mind control – This is the ability to be able to take control of someones mind and control them with your own powers. While you are mind controlling them, you also have the ability to completely abuse their own powers and force the character to do things which they never normally would do. Due to this whole power playing aspect of this ability, it is BANNED.

    Mind reading – The ability to read whatever the other person is saying or thinking, especially against their will. This ability can be used to meta play, which gives your characters an unfair advantage towards others. Being able to read what a person is thinking, feeling or anything against their will is banned. However, this does not include telepathy, the ability to communicate across entities through thought, if the two have that sort of bond.

    Possession - The ability to be able to enter another characters body and actually take over it, thus, stealing their character. This is a big no no as its power playing without permission and it's also rather ridiculous as you could try and possess other event style characters. Thus, it's banned, no questions asked.

    Over the top abilities – Being able to punch a hole through a person is rather over the top. So is being able to destroy a mountain with a single fireball, or blow up a dozen planets here without even a blink of an eye. We want absolutely no over the top abilities and as such, this is completely banned and you will not be able to have this as an award. Another example is the use of plasma to level a city, this will not be allowed, however weaker variants will be allowed, such as being able to use plasma in a beam to cut an inch of steel away from something, and it cannot be 'spammed'.

    Invisibility – This is where you are able to blend into everything around you and also aren't able to be sensed by anything or anyone around them. While they are invisible, they are able to do regular actions and, therefore, can kill people without being seen. Invisibility is also where nothing can ever see you, and as such, is banned.

    Invulnerability - The ability to never be able to take damage from any hit whatsoever. Sure, have a bit more mass to be able to tank a few hits, but being completely immune to any hit at all, magic, bullets, swords, etc, is completely over the top and too strong. Thus, it is banned.

    Incredible speeds - Incredible speeds mean that your character has the ability to dodge everything, including bullets and almost instantaneous abilities. This is banned, and abilities up to around 600MPH, dragon or not, will have to be earned from events.

    Teleportation - The ability to be able to travel from place x to place y with no travel time. This is incredibly over powered, and no teleportation abilities will be allowed unless others can somewhat go with them. Abilities related to this will be heavily looked at by the staff team.

    Necromancy - Raising the dead and making them fight for you. This can mean that your character can literally revive anything they wanted to without a second of hesitation. However, that being said, you can have this as an ability. However, overpowered summoning and such will not be readily accessible, and, if chosen as an event reward, will have to be reasonable for it to pass inspections of the staff.

    Plasma - The ability to control a super heated and super powerful energy-like substance. Do not even try to make this, this is unfair for everyone as it can just sheer through any metal (or higher) defences. You would need something like diamond to be able to block this ability. This is also somewhat under the "Over-Powered" ability section mentioned earlier, but it needed to be made crystal clear that this is not acceptable in TB. It will not be accepted as an ability. This. Is. BANNED.

    Creation - The ability to literally create beings, over powered items, etc, from nothing and have them take blows for you or attack with you. Look, I know that being able to create other things is like, an awesome idea, however - no matter what, this ability will be banned. You cannot create other creatures and over powered things by the wave of your hand. Abilities such as fire, ice, water, etc, are completely fine, but no creating other living, breathing beings. This ability is banned, and even if you choose this, there will be incredible limits as to what you can and cannot create. No going around bringing dragons and planets into existence. That's just silly.

    God characters - These are 100% banned. They are only to be used as plot devices by the staff, any attempt on making one will be declined instantly. What classifies as a 'god' character? Firstly, anything which has abilities which basically take complete control of a character, element or something similar.
    Secondly, having multiple abilities from the 'banned' section (which are listed above).
    Thirdly, they are incredibly hard to take down and can survive incredible hits - almost to the point of being a Mary Sue.
    These characters will not be approved, only staff members will have access to these powerful creations to ensure that they are not abused in any way.


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