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    Liana - Goddess of the Multiverse[WIP]



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    Character sheet
    Character Name: Liana Daemon
    Species: Demon/Angel Hybrid
    Alignment : Lawful Evil

    Liana - Goddess of the Multiverse[WIP]

    Post by Bermuda on Wed Jul 27, 2016 5:30 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Liana Daemon
    Nickname: Liana, Li Li, Lilly, Bae ;3
    Age: Roughly 600 years, looks 18
    Gender: Female, though she's technically genderless
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Species: Goddess of Creation <3
    Alignment: True neutral, though she leans more towards neutral evil
    Height: 5'4"
    Eyes: Normal: Blue
    Demon: Red
    Angelic: Gold
    Berserk: Reddish Hazel
    Hair: Normal: Dirty blonde to light brownish
    Demon: Dark brown to black with blonde highlights
    Angelic: Light blonde with white highlights
    Berserk: Black with white tips and highlights
    Looks: Normal: Dirty blonde to light brownish
    Demon: Dark brown to black with blonde highlights
    Angelic: Light blonde with white highlights
    Berserk: Black with white tips and highlights
    Strengths/skills: Liana is omnipotent and omniscient, and she possesses physics defying power and the ability to travel through time and space, as well as aging immortality
    Weaknesses/Flaws: While Liana is a fast learner, she isn't very smart, and can be easily tricked into doing things due to her naive tendencies, and foolhardy personality. Her bipolar disorder is also a pain in the arse, since she can be all nice and friendly one second, then a lustful bitch the next. Another weakness of Liana's is her magic. It can go a little haywire sometimes, which is why she doesn't like to rely on it too heavily. But when she does use it, and it does go haywire, it can cause a lot of harm to those around her, even friends.

    Another major weakness Liana has is that she is not allowed to directly interfere with mortals. She can talk to them and tease them, but she cannot harm them in any way, or reveal information to them, unless they allow her to, as in giving her their soul.
    Special Abilities: All of them
    Personality: Liana has bipolar disorder that can make her personality varied. This is due to her being half demon and half angel. Her demon side makes her very lustful, cruel, and evil, giving her a very torturous attitude, yet oddly compelling, and manipulative. Meanwhile, her angelic side is very sweet and caring, while also very wise and smart. Her base form is sort of a mixture of the two, while being slightly more carefree and fun, with a slice of ignorance and absent-mindedness. She can also be rather much of a daredevil, diving into things without a plan. Her crazy antics often both draw people to her, and away from her. Yet oddly enough, none of her friends have left her yet, despite almost being killed.
    Likes/Hobbies: Liana can be a little strange when it comes to her likes. She enjoys nature, and flying around, as well as helping people, but she also enjoys violence, torture, stealing, sexual activities, and a variety of other things. Her regular form mostly likes practicing magic and doing jobs, as that is where she finds herself the most useful.
    Dislikes: She absolutely hates people telling her what to do, and subconsciously hates her father. She also hates when people argue with her, as she is always under the mentality that she is right, not matter the situation, and that whenever their plan fails, it's because of something one of her companions did. She also dislikes her personality disorder, though she mostly ignores it, and dislikes churches and holy people, despite being half angel, since her demonic side is mostly superior.
    Fears: Is deathly afraid of being alone, as well as being afraid of drowning, despite being able to swim. This is because, before her memories were erased, a few of her close friends were killed when they were drowned, and one of the times it was by her.
    Parents: Dragel- Father(Deceased)
    Iaza- Mother(Deceased)
    Arabia- Adopted Mother(Deceased)
    "Sythe"- Adopted Father(Alive: Whereabouts Unknown)
    Mate: Ben-Husband(Alive)
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: Zinathor- Adopted Uncle(Deceased)
    Brothers/sisters: Pit- Adopted Brother(Deceased)
    History: Nah


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