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Welcome to the Beyond. Something's out there, just waiting for you to find it. It's either hunt or be hunted out in this dangerous territory, so watch your backs. Join us now, and explore our mysterious depths...

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    There are a few different moderators; some moderate missions, while other moderate roleplays, and some others moderate characters. For example, mission moderators are the ones who create missions, and are in charge of distributing money to ones who complete them. Character moderators look after the characters to see if they fit in with the guidelines. Roleplay moderators are there to ensure that none of the RP topics are breaking any rules, and making sure that everything is also within guidelines. They are also able to move RP topics around as well as lock, edit, or delete them. Combat moderators are specifically for RP combat. They ensure that none of the rules, such as cheating, godmodding, or power playing, is performed while the RP continues, and also determines if blows and attacks hit or miss each other of the combatants themselves can't decide.   

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