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Nightingale (Done!) OoC81

    Nightingale (Done!)


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    Character sheet
    Character Name: Nightingale
    Species: Human
    Alignment : True Neutral

    Nightingale (Done!) Empty Nightingale (Done!)

    Post by Nightingale on Thu Sep 10, 2015 4:22 pm

    Default Human Form:
    Nightingale (Done!) Moonlight
    Ice Element Human Form:

    Nightingale (Done!) Anime_Girl_Sorry12

    Personal Info:
    Name: Vixen (Better known as Nightingale)
    Nickname: Nightingale; Night; Vix; Ghost-lady
    Age: 18 years old
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Goddess of Magic. Human is her default form. (This has been approved.)
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Clan: Team Dragonstorm
    Rank: Member
    Height: 4'11
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Skin; Pale white
    Eyes: Depends on the Element she is in, but in her default form her eyes are dark blue. When angered or in the heat of intense battle, her eyes burn crimson.
    Looks: Nightingale, despite being a goddess, is short. She is thin though, described to be as 'thin as a whip'. Figurative language, of course. Her usual attire(s) are above. She has an amethyst imbedded in both of her palms that glow when in the center of combat.
    Extra: Nightingale, being a controller of Magic and the Arcane, is capable of wielding many weapons. She can generate an aura to surround her, and based on the thickness or color of the aura, a certain weapon appears floating before her, open for her to grab. Thus, she owns all weapons, and are always available.
    Hobbies/skills: Nightingale is good at 'smart' activities, like riddles and puzzles. She can be very persuasive, using her looks and magical skills to aid her. Being intelligent, she is good at battle strategy and setting up traps. When wings are summoned, she is an excellent airborne.
    Strengths: Riddles/puzzles; Setting up traps; Persuading others; She is intelligent; Talented airborne; Swift; Good dancer
    Weaknesses: When people are being 'dumb' when explaining a situation... for example:
    Guy: Oh, yeah, and there was this thing attacking by granny...
    Nightingale: How did the thing look like?
    Guy: Idk, it was just a thing...
    Other weaknesses are Parkouring(though she is fast and a good airborne, she can't parkour); She can be enticed by shiny trinkets and gemstones; When people threaten her family or friends; Being in places like Space... She can be in outerspace, but the environment of it weakens her aura, thus causing her to summon less effective weapons; When people are bad dancers in fusion; She doesn't handle her bow and arrow well...
    Her sword would usually look like this, but bigger. It is 2 ft. long:
    Nightingale (Done!) Iron_aqua_ruby_crystal_sword
    Her spear looks like these (in any of the following forms)
    Nightingale (Done!) Dissidia-KainHolySpears
    Bow and Arrows:
    Nightingale (Done!) Daedric-bow-and-arrow-large-picture
    Dangit.. Lost the picture xD
    Special abilities: Yes.
    Telekinesis: Moving objects(or elements) with the power of her mind
    Fusion: By dancing with a partner of any race, gender, age, etc., Nightingale can 'fuse'. When in the middle of a dance, the two partners fuse, forming one being who is a merge of both people. The fusion is usually agender. They have a mix of both weapons (for instance, a rifle and a sword can be merged, or a whip with a bow and arrow), along a blend with their appearance. The two people fused will get stronger everytime they fuse, or pick up different powers from the other being. For instance, a normal human fused with Nightingale could gain Telekinesis, Flight, etc.. If fused enough times, the person Nightingale fused with can fuse on their own, without her. A fusion can last a long time, and is usually called something like a 'ship name'. Like, if Nightingale fuses with a person named Lijaro, their fusion would be named Lijagale or whatever.
    Arcane Control: Nightingale can control magic and any of the Elements. Her appearance changes with each Element. Like, for a certain period of time she can represent a source, like Fire, Ice, Storm, etc.. She can also summon extra body parts like limbs, heads, eyes, or wings.
    Mind Reading: Nightingale can mind-read, but only when the 'victim' is very calm, like zoned out and staring into space or sleeping. She can't read minds of those who are always excited, scared, or feeling very strong emotions.
    Teleportation: Nightingale can teleport and float. When floating, her feet seem to fade into a tiny mist. Her feet reappear upon landing or touching a surface.
    Attacks: Attacks vary.
    Combat style: Attacks vary.
    Personality: Being a goddess, Nightingale mostly keeps to herself to people outside of Team Dragonstorm. She is sort of shy, and not outgoing. She is bubbly and happy-go-lucky once you get to know her. She is helpful and kind. If you need help on math... She'll help. She likes to read, and kinda mellow. She's quiet, and brave in battle or serious situations. She craves excitement and fun, and will usually participate in activities with her 'family'...
    Likes: Books; Drama(as long as she's not involved in it); Dancing; Her 'family'; Poems; Shakespeare's arts; History/studying history; Math; Science
    Dislikes: Cheaters; Lying/Liars; When people shun her; Being short  Embarassed ; Getting answers wrong; Swimming; Spiders(She calls them spooders); Rain(in some cases)
    Fears: Arachnidphobia; Dying somewhere without any knowing what happened to her
    Parents: None.
    Mate: PM if interested
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: N/A
    Brothers/sisters: She sees Team Dragonstorm as family...
    History: Can I do this in free-time?
    RP paragraph: It was raining. Again. Nightingale was okay with rain, but never liked it storming in consecutive days. She was lying on the ceiling; that was where she usually slept. The goddess floated down to the floor, and stretched her limbs. Her palms ached... Maybe it was because she hadn't fused in about two weeks, and her joints get sore when she doesn't fuse for a period of time. Oh well. Maybe she can ask a member of Team Dragonstorm to fuse with her, if they have the time...

    I'm all done, but I'll add more pictures soon. All in all, ready for approval.

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    Character sheet
    Character Name: Ariko Uszuniragi
    Species: Saiyan
    Alignment : Chaotic Good

    Nightingale (Done!) Empty Re: Nightingale (Done!)

    Post by Akreious on Thu Sep 10, 2015 9:18 pm

    Hmm okay. I'll approve but I'll add the funny gif later
    Edit: Here's the gif!

    I am very very happy, Thank you for making your character!
    Nightingale (Done!) NekoMikuReimu

    Oh and uh Also
    Nightingale (Done!) SuperKamiGuru


    Nightingale (Done!) 20140111183354

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