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    Troy's Ability.


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    Male Posts : 286
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    Age : 18

    Character sheet
    Character Name: Troy Neumann.
    Species: Shapeshifter.
    Alignment : True Neutral

    Troy's Ability.

    Post by Troy on Sun Jun 19, 2016 10:29 am

    Name of character: Troy.


    Name of ability: Shapeshifting.
    Tier: 5
    Type of ability: Supplementary.
    Type of ability 2: Melee.
    Type of ability 3: Active.
    Description: Like his ancestors before him, Troy can become beasts of ancient past. As of now, he can only become ten.

    Dodo form:

    The dodo form is the smallest and weakest of his forms, and is primarily used for blending into his environment. Although it has a sharp beak, it is basically useless in combat. It is however quite adorable, and can put people into a false sense of security.

    Dilo Form:

    The Dilophosaurus form, while on the smallish side, could actually be quite deadly. Having venomous spit and a venomous bite, it is primarily used for support. However, it is quite fragile, and shouldn't be used for extensive combat.

    Carno form:

    One of the larger forms he possess, this form is primarily used for brute force combat. With jaws made for gripping, as well as a ram/headbutt ability, it could be quite devastating for lesser opponents. All said and done however, it is quite cumbersome when it comes to agility.

    Compy form:

    Unlike the Dodo form, the Compy form is primarily used for scouting missions, being so small that it is almost invisible once it goes into hiding. While it has more combat capabilities than the Dodo, it isn't exactly the strongest thing going against anything larger than yourself.

    Lystro form:

    Looking almost like a combination of a reptile, pig, and a pug, the Lystro form is primarily used for simple agriculture. Using it's tusks and claws for ripping dirt and pulling stones. While it could fight to an extent, it isn't really that good at it. It is however quite durable for what it is.

    Pachyrhinosaur form.:

    Like the Carno form, this is also used for brute strength combat. While not as strong as the Carno form, it makes up for it with it's special ability. This ability being able to produce chemicals that can calm angry opponents, making them less likely to put 100% of fighting power into their attacks. It varies depending on how angry the person is. Like the Carno, it too isn't really agile. It also specializes for transporting cargo.

    Parasaur form:

    Unlike other large forms, the Parasaur form isn't used for combat. It is used for quick getaways, being one of the more faster forms. It is also amphibious, being able to swim just as fast as it can run on land.

    Sabertooth form:

    This form is used combat like other of his forms, but can also be used for stealth/assassination missions. While not as strong as his larger forms, it is still good for combat, especially using it's claws and long saber teeth. Dosen't hurt having night vision either.

    Pteranodon form:

    One of the few forms that can fly, this form is used for flying/light transport missions. It can easily carry a full grown human using it's feet, although it is a bit slow in the air while doing so. While very agile in the air, it isn't so much gifted with being agile on land.


    Dodo Weaknesses:
    - Very small.
    - Completely useless in combat.
    - Very fragile.
    -Kind of derpy looking.

    Dilo weaknesses:
    - One of the smaller forms.
    - Attacks aren't that damaging.
    - Kind of fragile.

    Carno weaknesses:
    - Not very agile.
    - Can't turn even if it's life depended on it.
    - Jaws aren't that damaging.

    Compy weaknesses:
    - Utterly useless in combat.
    - Small like the Dodo.
    - Very fragile.

    Lystro weaknesses:
    - Not exactly useful for combat.
    - Pretty slow.
    - Awkwardly waddles to get to places. (No, not like Crossfire.)

    Pachyrhinosaur weaknesses:
    - Like the Carno, it isn't very agile.
    - Produces chemicals slowly.
    - Charging/goring is it's only means of attacking.

    Parasaur weaknesses:
    - Terrible in combat.
    - While it can go underwater, it can't be under it forever.
    - Weakest of the larger forms.

    Sabertooth weaknesses:
    - Not as strong as the larger forms.
    - Teeth can't penetrate tough armor.
    - Can only really be used effectively at night.

    Pteranodon weaknesses:
    - Fragile.
    - Wing membranes can easily be torn.
    - Kind of derpy when it is on the ground.

    Energy Cost:
    Small sized creatures - 2.
    Mid sized creatures - 7.
    Large Sized creatures - 10.

    Last edited by Troy on Wed Jun 29, 2016 8:55 pm; edited 1 time in total


    Status :

    Female Posts : 321
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    Age : 518

    Character sheet
    Character Name: Liana Daemon
    Species: Demon/Angel Hybrid
    Alignment : Lawful Evil

    Re: Troy's Ability.

    Post by Bermuda on Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:43 am

    Seems pretty noice. I feel like you should have less forms, though >.>


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