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    Lily's Secret Power


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    Character Name: Musei
    Species: There are a few guesses, but is unknown.
    Alignment : True Neutral

    Lily's Secret Power

    Post by Musei on Fri Jun 10, 2016 4:25 pm


    Name of ability: Mermaid
    Tier: 5
    Type of ability: Supplementary
    Type of ability 2: Ranged
    Type of ability 3: Toggle
    Description: Lily has the ability to turn into a mermaid when she is fully submerged in water and when it's deep enough for swimming. By 'deep enough' I mean the water has to be at least 6 feet deep. She can breathe in water in this form. Light-up stripes on her tail allows her to communicate.
    Limitation/Weaknesses: If Lily is underwater for more than two hours, she will be forced to change back into a human. That could be bad. If she wasn't close to the surface of water or has her tail stuck, she could drown.
    Energy Cost: 40,000?

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