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    Areo Dynamic

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Mon Aug 31, 2015 11:01 am

    Personal Info:
    Name: Aero Dynamic
    Nickname: Aero, Dynamic
    Age: 48 Years
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Dragon
    Alignment: Neutral
    Height: 54 feet
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Black scales with very dark gold mixed in.
    Eyes: Skyblue
    Looks: She has scales all over her body and the color is black except for the Dark gold on her undersides. She has medium sized horns and spines along her body.
    Extra: Hmprh
    Hobbies/skills: Flying, messing with people, hunting, destroying stuff
    Strengths: Flying fast, especially for her size
    she's very agile
    Her scales are very strong, able to reflect bullets and missals just annoy her
    Weaknesses: Small spaces; Being so big small spaces are bad for her.
    Unable to move; if her limbs are tied down she can't do anything to protect herself or escape
    Her maw tied; If her mouth is tied shut she can't snap at anyone or use her breath. Is most ideal when her limbs are tied up.
    She has a pressure point at the base of her skull which if pushed hard enough can put her to sleep or just make her purr (Think of Toothless)
    Accessories: Dragon Swagger
    Special abilities: She can breath fire
    She can fly really fast
    She can also breath a gust of wind
    She can pick up things up with her tail and strange them like a snake
    Attacks: Bite
    Grab and take up high to drop them to their death.
    Combat style: She likes to be in a large open area, especially with an area for her to fly out if case it get to uncertain. She likes to bite, claw, and drop them from heights.
    Personality: Her mood can change very rapidly, so one second she can be happy and the other mad. She is also unpredictable, going along with the same lines as her mood. Humans amuse her, especially when they try to hurt or tame her. When she's bored she tends to do things a bit unsensible, like destroying a nearby village or accepting fights from people. She likes to push peoples buttons, make them angry as each attack fails, only for them to become more of an amusement to her use of entertainment.
    Likes: To play with people, when people try and tame her, the nighttime, learning new things, flying
    Dislikes: Rotten food, annoying people, mud, heat, someone smarter than her, when someone tries to steal from her, losing, being bored, being annoyed
    Fears: Being trapped forever without being able to move or fly.
    Being forever alone
    Not being smart anymore
    Losing her eyes
    Dying from a lesser being (Or dying at all)
    Parents: Unknown
    Mate: N/A
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: Unknown
    Brothers/sisters: Unknown
    History: She was born, brief enough?
    RP paragraph: I could feel the warm sum rays beating down on my face and paws, feeling my brain buzzing and ready to activate for the day. My eyes fluttering open, still wanting to drop back to sleep. I looked up, seeing as the weather was clear and ready for a day of adventure. Getting up with a grunt I stepped out of my cave, stretching my wings and taking off into the sky. I looked around at the landscape, feeling boredom coursing through my bones. Seeing smoke rising in the distance ment one of two things, a forest fire, or humans. Flying fast I came across something even better, a village. Looking back I could see this wasn't far from my cave, almost wondering why I haven't seen this before. Either way, I smiled, diving down and ripping a roof off the top of a hut, letting out a fierce roar. Already the screams began to collect, and I began to destroy more houses. Anyone who lived could go tell other about me, I wouldn't care, I'd like to see something try and take me down.

    Finally destroying the village I few back to my den, satisfied with the beginning of my day. Taking a deer from the back I ate it before taking a nap, not even wondering how fast the pleads for help to get rid of me came, all it would mean is more entertainment, especially if they tried to tame me, what a laugh that would be! Settling into a light sleep, I though about the village and people trying to take me down, just in succeeding to get themselves killed.

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    Re: Areo Dynamic

    Post by Griffin on Sun Sep 06, 2015 11:35 am


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