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    60,000 character story. (1446/60,000) [REMAKE|GORE]

    Post by Irkosu on Sun Jun 05, 2016 11:45 am

    Fires raged, destroying the town behind him as the flames licked at homes and civilians. Civilians running, screaming, dying. Two armies clashed nearby, swirling around Alshone as he stared around in utter terror. His front left leg felt weak, as intense pain reached from his toes to his chest and shoulders, where his veins were visible, black and clearly filled with venom. He limped hurriedly, feet sore, toward the towering monster at the center of the battle. His friends were being beaten away by smaller creatures, dog-like, demonic creatures with red eyes, raven wings, and slobbering jaws. He broke into a run towards the monster, leaping towards it. Suddenly everything faded out, and then back in. He was lying on the ground, chocking up blood as more of the red liquid flowed from his spines, drenching his wings and scales. He had been brought down, once a powerful dragon, now, bleeding his life out, just as the venom finally seemed to have reached his heart. Another hack, and clotted blood spurted from between his jaws. His friends darted around him, trying to help, to stop the blood, but he knew, he was too far gone now, he was bleeding to death and nothing on this world or on the next would ever be able to save him from that. He couldn't see, now. It was all too blurry. Pain swamped any other thought or feeling. He had read books in which death was peaceful. This wasn't peaceful, it was painful, and then...
    He awoke.


    Fuck it, this thing is glorious:

    "Mr. Rogers in a blood-stained sweater"
    [13:43:59] Irkosu : I shall go prepare a lovely glass of bleach.
    [13:44:37] * Irkosu wanders over to the cupboards where the bleach is located and fills up two glasses
    [13:44:53] Irkosu : Would you like some ice in your bleach?
    [15:35:26] Irkosu : Who the hell is Randy Cunningham?
    [15:35:48] Irkosu : And why does his name make me think of diabolical pigs?

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