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    Post by Crossfire on Sun May 29, 2016 12:46 am

    Personal Info:
    Name: Crossfire.
    Nickname: Cross, Lake draco monster.
    Age: Being a Wyvern, he'd be pretty old by human standards, but is actually a young adult, being about 500 years old. It is transferred to his human form as well, looking around 24 years old.
    Gender: Male.
    Sexuality: Straight.
    Species: Triphibian Wyvern.
    Alignment: True neutral.
    Height: He stands roughly 80 feet tall in wyvern form, but about 5'11 in human form.
    Eyes: Royal green.
    Hair: Naturally, he does not possess hair in Wyvern form, but in human form, he has orange and black hair, styled in to look like his fin in his true form, similar to a mohawk almost.
    Human form.
    Starting with his human form, he has a fairly straight forward normal build for his body, not too muscular, but pretty fit. He has a Hawaiian, or Pacific islander skin color to him, with a couple of scars here and there, but small ones, barely noticeable unless you are looking for them.He doesn't usually wear too much clothing, rather sticking to at least having shorts, or swimming trunks, but has other options in the form of having sandals, a button down shirt with palm trees on it, and a plain white shirt underneath it.

    Wyvern form.
    Firstly, lets start with his head. He has three horns, slightly curved, one on the tip of his nose, and two more at the back of the head. Within the mouth is curved conical teeth, similar to that of a Crocodiles, or Varanid lizards. In the throat however, there seems to be a second pair of jaws, which his species used to pull giant squid or other small prey items down their throat more easily. At the base of the neck to the tip of his tail, he has a sail, similar to that of either a Sail fish, or Dimetrodon, but shorter, and has a use. You see, like a stone fish, the points of the sail can shoot venom. He seems to have a throat pouch too, like a Crocodile, which likely would have kept young in there like one as well, but might also been like a Pelican, storing food. The neck is lined with gills, but also has a pair of lungs, meaning he can indefinitely stay under water, or on dry land. He has large muscular wings, with five digits on them, two digits making up vestigial claws, with the other three make up the wing itself, having membranes like a Bat or Pterosaur. His hind limbs are small, but still very muscular, with Puffin like webbed clawed feet that he uses for digging out homes in cliff sides, hills, or even underwater dens.The tail is very long and packed with muscles, like a Eel or Crocodile, which he uses to help turn while in the air, but also is used to swim in the water. His scales are primarily orange, but has a white underbelly, and highlights of black on him.
    Speed and agility.
    Being a Wyvern, he is naturally gifted with speed and agility, which gives him the edge over his six limbed sub species, being able to fly faster and make quick turns, similar to that of a Raptor, like a Eagle or Hawk. In the water however, he is kinda like the undisputed king, being able to go faster than the faster ships, almost like a giant Sail fish.

    His primarily food source comes from the water, feeding on all manner of fish, crustaceans, mollusks, to even cetaceans. He can wade like a crane or duck in shallow water, diving down to get whole schools of fish, but deep sea hunting is a different story. Like a Sperm whale, he can dive down to great depths in search of Giant or Colossal squid, his favorite meals.

    Second pair of jaws.
    If one pair of strong jaws wasn't enough, he has another sitting in his throat, which shoots out of bite into a being another time when not swallowing food.

    Tail strength.
    Like some Lizards and Crocodiles, his tail can be used as a very formidable weapon. With all that muscle in there, a single strike could likely daze a opponent if hit in the face, and can cause some damage as well.


    Like other species that possess them, his gills are vulnerable to attack, either by shooting at them, or clawing or biting into them, which can cause him great harm.

    While his wings are durable, as they do need to survive a life time of wear, they still can be broken, or torn when given the proper way of going at them.

    Throat and Underbelly.
    His throat and underbelly isn't protected with tough scales like the rest of him, so going at those weak points can damage him quite a bit.

    Cumbersome on land.
    While he is a master of the air and water to a extant, actually walking on land is another thing. Waddling is is primarily way of locomotion on land, like a Duck or other water fowl, as well as the occasional hopping, he isn't really gifted of the graceful galloping or running of other dragons. His wings can help him to a certain extant, like a Bat, but they aren't really made for going a high speeds.

    When his gills are wet, he can't use his fire, and has to use steam instead. While steam can be a good weapon, it isn't as effective as fire in the long run, which usually makes him on the running end until he dries.

    Fragile build.
    While he is strong, his bone structure is hollow, but honeycombed. This makes it a lot easier breaking him, but that does not mean he won't just lay there and just die.

    Special Abilities:

    Like most wyverns, he is venomous, but has taken it to a new level. He has a venomous bite, like a Snake or Varanid lizard, but this venom is more similar to that of one of the most toxic animals on the planet, the Blue ringed octopus. While not a threat to smaller species as he wouldn't really bite at those unless eating, it is to larger beings. While unlike the octopus, the venom can go by quickly with just one bite, multiple bites can cause dizziness, intoxication, numbing of muscles, vomiting, abnormal heart rate, decreased blood pressure, to even unconsciousness. Thankfully, only his main jaws posses the bite, as the second pair of jaws lacks this. However, he sail, like a Stone fish, can also shoot out venom, but this is only trigger if a being were to either bite down there, or even stop on him somehow.

    Fire/Steam breath.
    Strangely, his species still possess the ability to breath fire, to a certain extent at least. Coming up to temperatures up to 3,500 degrees F, he can easily melt rock when given enough time. His steam breath, triggered when his gills are still wet, while not as hot, or effective, can still do some damage, at least to smaller beings.

    Human disguise.
    Like most other dragons, he can shapeshift to hide in plain sight among other people.
    Personality: He is a rather reclusive, guy, not really known to make friends outside of people who he is already close with. He is kinda lazy, more in the sense of him sleeping most of the time, sun bathing, but maintains a steady job as a fire dancer in a tropical styled restaurant. However, he is also on the edge sometimes, as it seems bad or unintentional stuff seems to happen to him, which makes him weary of his surroundings. He isn't really aggressive, more like very watchful on his surroundings.

    - Swimming.
    - Fire dancing.
    - Squid.
    - Other dragons.
    - Sun bathing.
    - Anybody who tries to hunt and endanger him.
    - Technology for warfare.
    - Bad smelling stuff.
    - Aggressive beings.
    Getting caught.
    Being one of, if not the most endangered species on the planet, he fears that one day he will be caught and sold, possibly getting experimented on or killed.

    Being flightless.
    He can't even handle the thought of being unable to fly.

    Being along forever.
    Like almost all living creatures, he wants companionship, as he could get actually pretty depressed when he realizes he has nobody to call a friend in his life.
    Parents: Unknown.
    Mate: Hagane.
    Offspring: Nothing yet.
    Relative: N/A.
    Brothers/sisters: N/A.
    History: Not exactly is known about his past, but it can be possibly that he was born in a more secluded area, possibly in a underwater cave to hide away from. He doesn't exactly know his parents, or is he has any siblings, as the only real important things he remember is that he showed up at a lake in the shape of a dragon head as a juvenile, and got confused by tourists as a lake monster. Later in life however, he went from lake to lake, mostly under the cover of darkness, and is in a way more secluded area which he made his home.
    RP paragraph: How about no?

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    Post by Lexia on Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:20 pm

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