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    Solomon Tiberius Wyrmfyre


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    Character sheet
    Character Name: Solomon Tiberius Wyrmfyre
    Species: Human
    Alignment : Chaotic Neutral

    Solomon Tiberius Wyrmfyre  Empty Solomon Tiberius Wyrmfyre

    Post by Solomon on Wed May 25, 2016 12:22 am

    "It is both my burden and my pleasure to be the custodian of my family's -true- legacy"
    Solomon Tiberius Wyrmfyre  Renega12

    Personal Info:
    Name: Solomon Tiberius Wyrmfyre
    Nickname: Sol (Only called to aggravate him)
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual (Borderline Asexual)
    Species: Human
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Height: 6' 2"
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Skin - White Caucasian
    Eyes: Eerie Sapphire Blue
    Hair: Long straight Silvery-Blonde
    Looks: Solomon is known for his defining features such as his metallic sapphire gaze and his silvery-blonde hair which gives him both an almost unnatural appearance and a domineering sense of authority. Unlike many who claim the blood of Clan Wyrmfyre who are clean-shaven with smart hair, he has shoulder length hair and a small beard as remnants to his expeditions into the more rustic unpopulated areas of Eslon. Other than having a muscular build given his age of Twenty Four his other distinctive aspect is two mutilated crude scars, one which goes diagonally across from his top left brow trailing down his face to his jaw, the second on his left cheek what trails over his mouth and to his chin which causes his smiles even when warm to contort into a sadistic grin. In all Solomon has been described as handsome and attractive yet unnerving and intimidating as a whole.
    Solomon Tiberius Wyrmfyre  Renega11
    Personality: Solomon is a complex character of various underlying traits, a brilliant but savage man. His animality shows when he doesn't hesitate to sadistically assault his enemies nor brutalise those he considers dishonourable cowards within his own ranks. While to be known for his ill-tempered behaviour in inconvenient situation which turn against his favour, Solomon is undoubtedly a keen calculator with his machinations, and has an almost eerie supernatural impeccable charm as he carries himself with an air of ethereal regal grace, which is in no small feat to his also reserved and distant nature. For all his wit and cleverness with words Solomon is often referred to as a silver tongue, whose ability to speak, deceive and manipulate his opponents is legendary. Solomon’s capacity for cleverness and way of words is only matched by his limitless ambitions for greatness.

    Despite being a hardened soldier serving in the Xastristan Military as a Combat Engineer with an appearance of arrogance and violence, Solomon has proven himself to be empathetic to those under him and particularly to those in need who are helpless. Despite the disillusions of his family and his departure from the Xastristan Military Solomon remains a devoted patriot and cares deeply for his country's citizens. He maintains an idealistic belief of respecting fellow warriors even with his background to value all enemies and allies alike as equals. Even with his devotion to honour and his desire to bring what he believes a new world to be born from the ashes of the old due to his philosophical belief that current Governments use of extensive bureaucracy, corruption and infighting is the stagnation of progress and society he never underestimates his enemies and their resolve and is frequently impressed at the tactical abilities of others.
    Hobbies/skills: Marksmanship, Engineering, Debates, philosophy and psychology.
    Weaknesses/Flaws: Solomon has a tendency to refuse to accept defeat which will often lead himself into situations which would normally be tactically unfavourable.
    Topical debates.
    Celestia Clan.
    Mild Paranoia - Solomon suffers from a belief that others are usually plotting against him and that other malicious intents are in play.
    Imposter syndrome - Solomon has a dense fear of people believing he’s a fraud or a facade.
    Atychiphobia - Solomon again suffers from his fear of failure, ever thinking he isn’t good enough or that he may fail in his attempts
    Parents: Oribas Seventus Wyrmfyre (Father), Amelia Wyrmfyre (Deceased-Mother)
    Mate: N/a
    Offspring: N/a
    Relatives: The Wyrmfyre Clan. (Various members)
    Brothers/sisters: Alexander Octavian Wyrmfyre (Younger Brother), Archelaus Wyrmfyre (Older Brother)
    History: Born into the Nation of Xastrista to the minor yet prestigious militaristic Clan Wyrmfyre, Solomon was the Nephew of the Clan Lord. Like many of those he shared blood with Solomon sought out a Military career in his youth, serving at the young age of Sixteen in the Combat Engineers of the Xastristan Military. At the Academy training to be a Sapper, Solomon learnt the basic fundamental skills of Field Fortifications, Water Supply, Demolitions and Mine Warfare as well as the additional basic Soldiering skills which defined him early on as a Marksman.

    Solomon saw service on several expeditions and campaigns in the Xastristan Army abroad before he found himself being a Military specialist on infrastructure support on the country’s more state projects. It was during this time after his expeditions into the Barren wastelands that the young Wyrmfyre developed a sense of disillusion both from the Governments lack of competence and his family's constant pressure of achievement, it was the final straw when his family’s own infighting resulted in his father politically out manoeuvring his own Brother before then seeing to his assassination. Both ashamed and already discontented with his Father’s lack of honour Solomon left the Military at only the rank of Corporal even with his Fathers new position attempting him to gain a commission as an Officer. With the final straw drawn Solomon took the Family’s ceremonial armour, a modern stylized attire in a historic aesthetic look of a Knight of old and sought out to remake the world.

    Solomon Tiberius Wyrmfyre  Future10
    RP paragraph: The gleaming white interior of the huge complex which was the Wyrmfyre's City estate reflected the summer sun into the eyes of the young man as he stood overlooking the Ceremonial Uniform of his family, an inscription was placed below the framed garb "The path of valour and honour if often painted with the blood of heroes", Solomon read allowed as he released a faint sigh to escape from under his breath before then taking a deep inhale as he had come to conclusion within his mind, a stalwart choice which upon thinking about the primal urge now had to be carried out. Despite the cool breeze which entered through the open balcony the bright amber glow illuminated a sense of warmness which could be seen in Solomon's otherwise hard features, his muscles radiating with a blush in his cheeks from the heat.
    Standing with his hands behind his back, interlocking his fingers as if stood on a militaristic parade, the almost supernatural metallic stare of Solomon was fixated upon the High Tech armour in a fascination which one could only compare to a child first seeing the sun, then with silent scrutiny his eyes would narrow before his right hand then extended, as he placed his palm upon the chest piece of the armour. His decision was made and he knew what must be done.

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    Character Name: Navi
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    Solomon Tiberius Wyrmfyre  Empty Re: Solomon Tiberius Wyrmfyre

    Post by Navi on Wed May 25, 2016 2:24 am



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