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    These are my demons [history] [event] Empty These are my demons [history] [event]

    Post by Navi on Tue May 24, 2016 11:12 am

    Chapter 1: It does get worse

    What is one suppose to do after their country has turned on them, your parents have been killed, and you're running for your life. Navi was only 10 there wasn't a whole lot she could do. As soon as she was out of Meirie she just curled up in a ball and cried. People came to her asked what was wrong where her parents were, but how was Navi suppose to respond. She just shook her head and eventually they would give up trying to help and continue on with their own busy lives. Navi would run the scene over and over again in her head, but it didn't matter it didn't make sense no matter how many times she re imagined the events that had transpired. She was well liked by everyone in her community and her parents were in good standing as well. She had read about people in traumatic situations blaming the bad things on themselves, but she didn't see how it could be her fault. She did everything right as far as she knew. Could she be wronged for something she didn't know she was suppose to be doing? Even though she couldn't figure out the answer she kept playing it over in her head positive there was an answer to be found. One thing Navi had discovered very quickly is things in life were easier to understand when you knew the true root reason behind it. There were many fake reasons that hid the true reason you had to dig through but as soon as you found that root reason that root motivation everything made sense.

    A day passed and Navi was no closer to making sense of the situation despite thinking on it all through the cold night. Now she was hungry and feeling very weak from her ordeals. It wasn't difficult to find food and bedding to recover her physical strength but nobody had the time or space to keep her around for long so she moved from bed to bed ignoring all questions about where her parents were or where she lived. Her mind was singularly focused on explaining why things have happened. As usual she had little progress. She accepted the fact maybe her parents had done some things she didn't know about but no matter what they did it couldn't justify what had happened to them. Navi wondered and wondered stuck in her own imagination and uncaringly wondering into the deserts of Cormere. She just kept pushing and pushing through the desert and for and answer but neither were taking her anywhere. Eventually her mind and body could take no further and she simply collapsed on the hot desert sand.

    Amazingly Navi did wake up and she didn't wake up in the desert. When she awoke she found herself in a bed with a blanket over her. It wasn't a particularly comfortable bed but it was better than waking up in desert sand. Sitting up Navi tried to gathering her bearings. She appeared to be in an underground room which was dimly lit with candles suspended on the walls by little earthen shelves. The air was incredibly stale and stuffy. The only furniture in the room besides the bed she sat in was a old worn wooden nightstand next to the bed and a large wooden chest up against one of the walls. The nearby nightstand held some bread and a couple glasses of water which upon discovery Navi downed one of the glasses. On the other side of the room was the only entrance a metal door. Navi's first action was to go check what was outside the door but found it to be locked from the outside. She looked for a way out but found nothing. She even tried to dig out but the earth around her was very dense. She decided to munch down on the bread and wait to see what happened. After a few hours a middle aged man with tan skin walked in. He had short dark brown hair a a little goatee. He already gave Navi an unsettling feeling with the black cloak he wore. "Hello little one. What were you doing out in the desert all on your lonesome?" He asked with a gruff voice. It was pretty clear this is the person that rescued her from the desert and seemed pretty pointless to be wary of him. Besides how worse can her situation get. Besides maybe it was about time she opened up. She didn't get a chance to say anything though as her crying started anew. The middle aged man looked sad and stayed for a little bit, but after it went on for about half an hour he left. A few hour later he returned after with some more food and water. He handed it to the little girl and asked "Better?" Navi nodded her head. "So what happened?" he asked. "My family was killed and I don't know why. And I don't have anywhere to go." Navi replied. "Do you know who killed your family if you don't mind my asking?" "My country." Was Navi's answer. "And you said you don't know why right." Navi nodded her head and began to eat some of the food the man brought. The man didn't need to know what county, she was very clearly a celestial. "So what is your name?" The man asked to which Navi replied "Navi." "Well Navi, I'm afraid to inform you there was no reason behind it. It was just unfortunately chance and you seem to be on an unfortunate marathon to have ended up in my hands. Though in your condition perhaps it was fortuitous I stumbled upon you. I'll give you somewhere to live, food to eat, but more importantly I'll give you reason to exist. I'll show you the answers tomorrow. For now I'll let you get acquainted with your room." With that the man left. Upon finishing her meal Navi went to test the door again. Sure enough it was locked and she had the next day or night or....she didn't even know what time it was. Kinda hard to tell when you were stuck underground. Either way she had lots of time to ponder the unsettling stuff he had told her. She couldn't fathom what it meant though.

    Navi didn't get any sleep and it seemed like forever before the goatee guy came in again. "Come follow me." He said gesturing her to follow which she gladly did just to get out of that room. He then gave her a tour of the underground complex. The room she had been in was one of many in what he called the kitten quarters. There was a large kibble room as he called it where the food was prepared and eaten. The play pen or living room. The training area was just called the training area. This whole place was a huge underground establishment but the weird thing was they seemed to be the only two people around. As she was led to the last area though Navi could hear the sounds of many many voices growing louder and louder. What she was shown next was the most surreal thing she had ever seen. She and the middle aged guy stood in an elevated booth that over looked an underground arena. In the arena 2 kids about Navi's own age were going at each other with intent to kill. Each had a dagger and each was had open bleeding wounds. There were two stages of stands that wrapped around and over looked the arena. The lower stage closest to the action contained an assortment of different adults who clearly were being entertained. In the upper stage were a bunch of kids some younger than Navi some older but not by much. Some of this kids were also intently interested in the horrible fight happening while others seemed disinterested talking among themselves and glancing down at the scene every once in awhile. Only a few of the kids in the upper stage watched or looked away in horror or distaste. Only after Navi had soaked this all in did the goatee man speak. "This will be your new life to entertain our guests here. The better you do the more food rations you get. The longer you survive the better weapons you'll be rewarded to help you survive." That was all Navi needed to know to know she needed the heck out of here. She tried to bolt out and escape this crazy place but the goatee man stopped her grabbing her and forcing her to watch the two kids below fight it out. "I wish I could tell you there was reason behind this but there isn't. You were chosen simply because I happen to stumble across you. Just like what ever happened to your parents was probably just happenstance. Wrong place at the wrong time. If it weren't for me though you'd be dead in the desert sun, so you owe me your life and I'm going to have you pay that debt by entertaining our guests. I don't know why but there is an audience for watching the weak try and kill each other and I'm here to facilitate that. And you little kit are going to help with that unless you'd rather perish of starvation. Your choice really." Navi was forced to watch the fights end. Who won made no difference as she didn't know them but it was still a horror to behold.

    After it was over Navi was escorted back to her room and she was left alone to ponder this insane situation she was in. There wasn't much to ponder though. All she could do was soak it all in. It didn't matter how nice she was or well liked she had been back home. Nothing she had done back then made any difference now and nothing had prepared her for where she is now. To state she was terrified would be stating a huge under statement. Sleep took over and with any luck she'd soon wake from this nightmare.


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