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    Navi's Power


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    Character Name: Navi
    Species: Human
    Alignment : Chaotic Neutral

    Navi's Power

    Post by Navi on Mon May 23, 2016 12:31 pm


    Name of ability: Flame of Night's Flame
    Tier: 4
    Type of ability: Offensive
    Type of ability 2: Ranged/Area of Effect
    Type of ability 3: Active
    Description: Navi has complete control over the element of fire. However there are some limits to that control. She can only make and control fire of 1500 °C(not enough to melt iron). The max range she can control fire is 20 meters.
    Limitation/Weaknesses: The further away the fire is from Navi the more energy it takes to control.
    Energy Cost:
    10 per post 10 meters or less away
    20 per post 20 meters or less away
    every 2 meters past 6 meter diameter of fire Navi makes incurs an addition 1 energy cost

    Name of ability: Flame of Night's Wings
    Tier: 5
    Type of ability: Utility
    Type of ability 2: Self
    Type of ability 3: Active
    Description: Navi sprouts 2 large wings made of fire from her back that grant her the ability to fly at her tier of speed.
    Her Wings:

    Limitation/Weaknesses: Dousing the wings with water will cause them to disappear and Unable to reuse them for 2 posts
    Energy Cost:
    2 per post

    Name of ability: Flame of Night's Relocation
    Tier: Legendary
    Type of ability: Utility
    Type of ability 2: Self
    Type of ability 3: Active
    Description: Navi is able to teleport. While in hunter mode(a cosmetic effect) Navi will produce a harmless wispy fire that resembles her shape from her point of exit that will quickly dissipate. Her absolute distance limit is 50 meters.
    Limitation/Weaknesses: The teleportation stops all momentum meaning she can't say swing her sword teleport and instantly cleave someone through with it.
    Energy Cost: 5 for every meter teleported so 10 meters would be 50 energy


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