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    Trekking Through Muddy Waters [EVENT][OPEN]


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    Trekking Through Muddy Waters [EVENT][OPEN]

    Post by Bermuda on Sun May 22, 2016 8:29 pm

    Sharp, cutting winds tore through the countryside, their howling screams echoing across the lands of the prairie. Trees were blown and clawed at by the sheer force of the wind bearing down at, as if the nature and wind gods had suddenly gone wild like a bunch of cats and dogs, and had teared down on each other like a bunch of wild animals. Luckily, the weather was pretty warm today, and the trees protected the woodland brush form the harsh winds of the prairie. However, that didn't mean the forest was entirely peaceful.

    Oh no, rather quiet the opposite. While it was shielded from the full blast, wind still managed to leak through the cracks and openings of the branches, and blow swiftly into the concealed space, running through the forest like a majestic wolf spirit. The branches would rattle a little bit as each gust blew through, their chime sending a volley of birds to flee into the dangerous winds up above, their flutters sending ripples throughout the entire forest. And while most animals would have slept, or rested in the comfort of their homes, there was one who stayed vigilant.

    A figure was walking down a path concealed by trees, her eyes staring down at the road in front of her. She was dressed today in a fortune teller-style appearance, with a thing over her head, and long wavy arm extensions like sleeves. She also had on two golden bracelets. She had very little food to eat, and thus, was making her way to the next big city. Of course, she'd have to camp for the night in order to reach there, but she was sure she'd be able to hunt. If her presence didn't scare off all the animals, that was.

    Her home had been stolen from her. Taken away by the rulers of this land. Evicted. And now, with the little money she had left, she was forced to take up the life of a refugee and wander. In fact, she barely even knew where she was going, just with the vague directions of a fellow traveler she had gotten about ten miles back. And now the moon was beginning to rise. It was dusk, roughly around six, and the young woman knew she would be having to set up camp soon.

    With a rough sigh, the woman would look around. She decided it would be dangerous to camp on the edge of the gravel road, so she decided to wander a little ways into the forest, parting branches and stepping over shrubbery. Until she came to a nice space to set up camp. The only thing she had in her backpack, though, was a small sleeping bag, some flasks, the remainder of her money, some rope, something to cook food in, and a few other required items, such as a match.

    After setting up camp, Kristina, the woman, looked up at the sky. Now it was roughly seven, or so she believed, as the moon had risen, reflecting its brilliant rays off of her slightly reptilian scaly features. But she turned away, leaving the moon to cast its rays upon blind eyes. Now it was time for some hunting, she thought with a slight frown. She didn't like hunting. But it appeared she'd have to do whatever it took to survive. And she'd hate to go to bed hungry.

    So, with a careful look at her campsite, which's fire was still not lit, and headed into the woods, searching for food. Hopefully she'd find some herbs or berries she recognized, so she didn't have to kill.


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