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    Mettaton (Undertale)


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    Mettaton (Undertale) Empty Mettaton (Undertale)

    Post by Mettaton on Sat May 21, 2016 11:17 am

    Mettaton (initial form):
    Mettaton (Undertale) Product_UT_metaton_poster_designview_1024x1024

    Mettaton EX:
    Mettaton (Undertale) Mettaton_by_wwhitewwand-d9e8exm

    Mettaton NEO:
    Mettaton (Undertale) Tumblr_nvypqlOKZF1qhmnwno1_500

    Personal Info:
    Name: Mettaton
    Nickname: None
    Age: Unknown/undetermined
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Species: Anti-human robot/ghost
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Guild: None, but is a TV star
    Height: 7 ft.
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Metal. His 'skin' is pale whitish-grey while his outfit consists of the colors black, pink, and silver. In initial form, he is only silver.
    Eyes: Violet or magenta
    Hair: Midnight-black with a dark violet or pink tinge. In EX, his hair has bangs that seemingly covers his left eye. In NEO, the bangs are lifted to reveal black metal palettes. His eye seems to be covered with an eyepatch thingy, but has a glowing pink design on it.
    Looks: Mettaton is tall and lithe. He has long legs, and his belt has a glowing pink heart on it that could possibly be his SOUL or just a powerhouse painted his favorite color. In NEO, one arm is transformed into a cannon and his shoulder pads are much bigger.
    Personality: Mettaton is really confident and has this 'reach for the stars' attitude. He is nice to other monsters, but when it comes to humans he can be loathing and kind of mean. He is homicidal when it comes to the human race, but when he's not hunting down humans he is a TV star. He is a little narcisstic, but only to a certain extent. When it comes to protecting others, he is determined. He even doesn't hate the human race, although he is programmed to, and wants to be the star of their world as well as the monsters'.
    Hobbies/skills: Dancing; setting up puzzles and traps; singing(?); performing on stage; being persuasive/getting others to do work for him
    Weaknesses/Flaws: He is narcisstic, and his NEO form has low defense. He can be taken out in a single hit.
    Likes: Dancing; fashion; being on stage; humans(he is fascinated by them); his cousin, Napstablook
    Dislikes: Humans.. to an extent (ikr, confusing); when people are nerds/dorky (this doesn't mean he despises them, he just doesn't like it when they do that); spiders
    Fears: Spiders, being incorporeal again
    Parents: Unknown/undetermined
    Mate: No...
    Offspring: No.
    Relative: Napstablook and Mad Dummy are possible cousins
    History: Mettaton is a ghost that lives inside a robot, and... too lazy to add anymore.
    RP paragraph: Nightingale

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    Character sheet
    Character Name: Liana Daemon
    Species: Demon/Angel Hybrid
    Alignment : Lawful Evil

    Mettaton (Undertale) Empty Re: Mettaton (Undertale)

    Post by Bermuda on Sat May 21, 2016 3:15 pm

    I am sorry, but all canon (From a tv show or whatever) characters cannot be approved. Races from shows or games may be, but the actual characters cannot.


    Mettaton (Undertale) She_an11

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