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    Kurisu's abilities


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    Kurisu's abilities

    Post by Kurisu on Fri May 20, 2016 12:34 pm

    Note: Kurisu (Korosu, but I want to change her name) is the major villain so she's supposed to be more on the OP side for plot reasons. If peeps are up for re-doing this plot now that the old one is void I will have a ball with it.


    Name of ability: Plasma attack? I dun know I"m really bad with names
    Tier: High tier
    Type of ability: Offensive
    Type of ability 2: Melee/ranged (As far as Kurisu can make out.)
    Type of ability 3: toggle
    Description: She can manipulate plasma. This includes both fire and lighting. (Even though it's widely debated in the scientific community whether or not fire is plasma and whether or not plasma actually exists.) She can make as much plasma as she wants and turn it into pretty much anything she desires. (limitations listed below) She can make this plasma move however she wants even if gravity would say otherwise and she does all of this with her mind. She doesn't have to move her body in a fancy position but sometimes she does this just for show. Her default is floating plasma swords, but she can easily move away from this to something else if she wants to. Normally with her plasma swords she'll create a few to attack with and keep a few at her side to defend with. She likes to use lighting slightly differently as she can do the same things but she prefers to use the lighting as a speed boost, forcing her body to move where she wants it to even if her body's reaction time is slow. Fire can be used the same as the normal plasma and is mostly something she uses to burn people when torturing them, so it doesn't have a special purpose in combat.
    Limitation/Weaknesses: She can only make the plasma within 6 feet (give or take) from her body. She can't turn the plasma into things like a gun because she can't force it to act as gunpowder would. In theory she might be able to make a duplicate of a person, animal, etc but this would cost so much of her attention that it would only end up hurting her in a fight. Also, she has to split up her concentration if fighting more than one person so she can't go all out on all of them. She'll have to hold the others off and try to pick them off one at a time. You wanna beat her? Overwhelm her concentration/attention. Another thing. Her plasma can hurt her as well so she can't touch it.
    Energy Cost: Nope.


    Name of ability: Immortaility
    Tier: middle-tear immorality
    Type of ability: supplementary
    Type of ability 2: Just 1 body range
    Type of ability 3: passive
    Description: Kurisu will not age no matter how much time passes. She can still die the same way anyone else could but she will come back after 24 hours.
    Limitation/Weaknesses: She can still die the same way anyone else would so it's not going to help her at all in combat.
    Energy Cost: None


    “The real me is no longer. You humans killed her with your blind hatred.”

    Kurisu's "theme" song:

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