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    Snakey Snakey Kristine



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    Snakey Snakey Kristine

    Post by Bermuda on Thu May 19, 2016 7:33 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Kristina D. Fowell
    Nickname: Kristy or Kristina
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual aromantic
    Species: Yuan-ti (Snake person) Pureblood.
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Guild: N/A
    Rank: N/A
    Height: 6'0"
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: She has brownish, hispanic skin color, with darkish green scales around her hands, and small claws on her hands and feet. She also has a bit of scales around her chest, and on her cheeks, though her cheek scales aren't as noticeable
    Eyes: Hazel and slit
    Hair: She's a brunette with hair that is usually held up in a variety of curls, usually in dreadlocks.
    Looks: Kristina is rather moderate on looks. On a first glance, she wouldn't appear like much, dirty, and not trust worthy. She is neither skinny nor fat, and is actually rather filled out, being slightly more on the skinny side. She generally wears light weight, tattered clothing, something she can use to run in the hot temperatures, such as a sports bra or something, with jean shorts. Though her outfit varies depending on her location. She will sometimes wear something more gypsy like to cover up her reptilian features.
    Hobbies/skills: Kristina is skilled in painting and jewelry making, and these are things she does as both a living and as a hobby. Because of her reptilian abilities, she is also a master of stealth.
    Personality: Kristina is pretty quiet, and generally spends most of her time alone. This is not because she is shy or anything, but rather because she usually does not have much to say, as she was never raised up to have much of an education, due to poor living conditions. She has quite a lot of insight, thought, and she can possess quite a lot of wisdom in certain areas of her field. To most she is seen as an outcast and a gypsy. She tries to make a living, but finds it difficult due to many fearing her race, and tries to hide her true species. She is generally pretty nice to travelers, but can get nervous around humans who try to get to close to her. She tries to keep a pretty serious air to herself, and enjoys the woods because she does not have to keep up her guise in their. She is also worried about raising enough money to survive. But she is eager to learn new skills, such as weaving. Also, despite being accused of being a gypsy, she actually despises magic, and sees it as a curse from the devil.
    Likes: Weaving, painting, dancing, singing.
    Dislikes: Humans, magic, enclosed spaces, fire.
    Fears: Glossophobia (Fear of public speaking) and Wiccaphobia (Fear of black magic/witchcraft)
    Parents: Aj'mahal Fowell (Father), Jasmine Fowell (Mother)
    Mate: N/A
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: Shej-a (Aunt), Raj Hasma (Cousin)
    Brothers/sisters: Chiron Fowell (Brother), Moswelaquea Fowell (Sister)



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    Re: Snakey Snakey Kristine

    Post by Navi on Thu May 19, 2016 9:11 pm



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