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    Ruby Rose [RWBY] Empty Ruby Rose [RWBY]

    Post by Ruby Rose on Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:47 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Ruby Rose
    Nickname: Red
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Human
    Alignment: Good
    Clan: Team RWBY
    Rank: Leader
    Height: 5’2”
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.:Pale White skin
    Looks: Ruby appears as a young, silver-eyed girl with red and black hair, dressed in a black blouse and a skirt with red trimmings, complete with a red cloak. She is the youngest character in the show so far. Her entire outfit is made up of various shades of red and black, with black as the primary color on the main suit and red on the cloak. Even her shoulder-length hair is black, with a red tint to it.
    As of her second appearance, Ruby has cross-shaped pins holding her cloak to her shirt. Around her waist is a belt which holds large cartridges (comparable to a 0.5 Caliber) in individual loops, as well as a magazine pouch.

    Ruby Rose [RWBY] Latest?cb=20130722233943

    Extra:Rose Symbol, Ammunition clippings, pouch, cloak and hood
    Ruby possessed high levels of Machinery skills, with her Crescent Rose being solid proof. As expected from all those at Signal Academy, Ruby constructed Crescent Rose herself, though she admitted to going overboard. She also had extreme fascination for robots and sophisticated weapons.
    Strengths: (Both physical and mental strengths must be included)
    Weaknesses:Ruby is highly dependent on Crescent Rose, and literally can not fight up to standards without her weapon. Despite her skills in battle, she is weak and absolutely helpless if she somehow loses grip of Crescent Rose.
    Accessories: Unmarked Magazine (Standard), Cross Clips Magazine (High speed and power boost)
    Ruby loves to read books when she was young, and it was through these books that she gained a strong sense of moral justice.
    Special abilities:
    Ruby’s Semblance is her speed. Once she’s fired up and concentrates, she will be able to dash around the arena, leaving rose petals on her trail. Her speed was so incredible, it appeared as if she had teleported over some distance. Ruby can also utilise her speed to create a giant vortex behind her, carrying away any objects as heavy as human beings towards her direction of travel.
    Attacks: N/A
    Combat style:
    See Trailer

    Crescent Rose
    Ruby's main weapon in combat is her scythe, Crescent Rose, which she designed herself, as all students at Signal do. Her weapon is a combination of a scythe and a high-powered rifle, which causes a large amount of recoil when fired. Ruby uses the recoil from Crescent Rose's shots to augment the speed and force of her strikes. However, she is also able to spin Crescent Rose with exemplary skill and power without the recoil, often executing chain attacks with this technique.
    Even without the use of special abilities, Crescent Rose is incredibly sharp, being able to cleanly slice through a large tree with a single, non-recoil-augmented blow, causing the tree to fall. She also uses the weapon itself as a platform from which to attack. Sometimes when she plans to fire the rifle from a stationary position, she twirls Crescent Rose's scythe tip into the ground to give her a monopod for stability and a way to absorb the recoil that would otherwise cause Ruby to be thrown backwards.

    Most of Ruby's personality is shown through her childish nature, as well as her fighting style. She is shown to be impulsive, naïve, and innocent, but when necessary, she can be serious and dependable.
    Ruby is a self-proclaimed dork when it comes to weapons; she is quite intelligent, having designed and built Crescent Rose during her time at Signal Academy, although she admits to going "a little overboard" with its design. She feels that seeing new weapons "is like meeting new people, but better." She seems to be fascinated by any type of weapon, even robots.
    Ruby has a strong sense of moral justice, a trait she obtained from stories about heroes and monsters that her sister used to read for her, as well as the way her parents raised her in childhood. These stories are what gave her the ideals that she wished to live by and uphold throughout her life, and are the reason for her love for books. Because she is shown to be childish even when in class, she tends to study by herself to cover the necessary knowledge.
    Ruby is also naïve, as although she doesn't like to be the center of attention, becoming a Huntress has effectively put her in the spotlight. In addition to her dislike of attention, Ruby prefers to either be alone or with Yang. However, she has become comfortable with Team RWBY. She does not lack social skills, but has problems when meeting new people. This is mostly because of her childish nature and lack of social grace, as she can be bad-mannered (only out of ignorance) and sometimes speaks without thinking. However, because of her enthusiastic personality, she can become very good friends with people who share her enthusiasm.
    Although she is highly skilled in battle, Ruby seems reckless and impulsive, attacking on sight instead of thinking the situation through beforehand. Also, Ruby at times doesn't seem to analyze the battlefield at all or take the time to study an opponent, such as when she attacks a Death Stalker on sight before learning of its high resistance to bullets and blades. She seems to lack experience when it comes to fighting as a team.
    Despite this, Ruby's leadership skills make her a worthy teammate. While she may occasionally act without thinking, sometimes she seems to understand the situation better than others. She can then use this ability to quickly formulate plans. Ozpin most likely assigned Ruby as team leader to ensure that she grows as an individual. This proves to be the case as she becomes a resourceful and dependable leader who studies so hard and so late, she falls asleep in the middle of the task. This is all to impress her teammate Weiss, but also shows how determined she is to be a good leader.
    Ruby is also shown to care for all her teammates equally, despite their race. This is seen in how she expresses sympathy for Weiss' bad childhood after she explains her family's history with the White Fang. She shows the same concern moments later for Blake Belladonna when she runs away, after revealing herself as a Faunus. Ruby's concern is further expressed in her desperate search for her teammate. This sense of care is later shown not to be limited to her teammates.
    - Reading story books, preferably alone
    - Strawberries
    - Weapons
    - Robota
    - Attention
    - Referring to her history
    Fears: Seeing her friends and comrades fall before her and being helpless to do anything about it.
    Taiyang Xiao Long (Father)
    Summer Rose (Mother, Deceased)
    Mate: (N/A
    Offspring: N/A
    Qrow Branwen (Uncle)
    Yang Xiao Long (Paternal Half-Sister)
    Not much is known about Ruby's life. It is known that she is the daughter of Summer Rose and is close friends with her older half-sister Yang Xiao Long, who she was raised alongside on the island of Patch. Every night before bed, Yang would read her sister stories of great heroes in childhood fairy tales, which would inspire Ruby to become a Huntress.
    Summer died when Ruby was very young. Yang has said that, whilst Ruby was "really torn up" by her mother's death, she thinks her younger sister was too young to really understand what was happening.
    Before going to Beacon Academy, she studied at Signal Academy, where she built and learned to use her high-caliber sniper scythe, Crescent Rose, under the tutelage of her uncle Qrow Branwen.

    RP paragraph: Areo, you know how I RP.

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    Ruby Rose [RWBY] Empty Re: Ruby Rose [RWBY]

    Post by Griffin on Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:02 pm


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