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    Lexia's abilities


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    Lexia's abilities

    Post by Lexia on Mon May 16, 2016 5:04 am

    Strengths and Abilities

    To use her abilities, she removes the stones and crushes them to release their power and manipulate it. Otherwise, it costs 15-25% insanity.

    Lexia's old magic system:
    Lexia doesn’t use the normal system which everyone else uses. Instead, she has her magic stored in a charge of ‘Antara’. Antara is gained by the amount of distance which she (and only she) can cover or travel in meters. If she rides upon Nithya, she will gain no charges. So every meter which Lexia travels allows her to be able to charge 1 antara. In order to be able to use her abilities or spells, Lexa will store these antara charges she gains from movement. She then channels these charges into her next spell, and burns up charges equal to the amount needed for the attack. The more charges she can build up before using an attack, the stronger her next attack has the potential to be.
    However, Lexia starts a fight at 60 antara charges, as she has just been travelling around by foot. Outside of a fight, Lex has no reason to store the antara charges, only really keeping enough for a quick two spells. During a fight, she can have a maximum of 120 antara charges, and needs to travel a great distance to obtain all of these charges. She can never have more than the maximum amount of charges, and anything which she could gain to push her over this limit is harmlessly released.

    The antara charges are limited by the fact that they are based entirely on her speed and stamina. If she doesn’t travel very far, her antara charges will barely be able to build up. However, if she is rather slow, it also limits how many antara charges she will be able to fill. This system is heavily reliant on her ability to stay mobile and continue running, and as soon as she begins to be tired or worn out, her ability to create her magic charges is significantly reduced. So early in a fight when she is fresh and able to run quite quickly at a long distance, she has the ability to be strong early in a fight. However, later on when she’s been running for a long while, her ability to cast spells will falter greatly and she will start to become vulnerable as she can’t keep on moving.
    Name of ability: Void spears/javelins
    Tier: Tier 0
    Type of ability: Offensive
    Type of ability 2: This is a ranged ability which can reach up to a maximum of 300 feet before it releases its magic energy. The energy released  
    Type of ability 3: Active

    This is an ability which requires a small amount of magical energy input. To do this, she calls upon her magic to fuse fire into small semi-solid knives. She can then throw these objects forward in order to try and hit her target. If this hits a solid object before it reaches the max range, it lodges into the object. This can be pulled out within 4 seconds. If it doesn’t get pulled out the spear implodes and leaves a hole in the victim. As stated before, if it reaches max range without being hit, it explodes into a 1/2 foot fireball when the energy and fire is released.

    If she wants to, she can concentrate the magic energy into a single bolt which looks similar to that of a lance. If she does this, it takes her 3 seconds to for her to charge and then be able to throw. The red, flaming energy infused with this shot makes it longer, more powerful, travel slower and it has a higher chance of shredding through skin and scales. This can travel up to 40 feet, explodes out to 1 foot if it reaches out to max range as the energy is released. This can also lodge into victims or objects. However, instead of imploding, this bolt explodes after 5 seconds after it has been lodged into the victim. The explosion is hot enough to cause burns.

    Spear/Lance images:

    The smaller sword like structures to the left of the image represent how large the spears/knives are, and the one extending from the left to the far right of the picture is how large that the lance is able to get to before she has to throw it.

    This is how large the spear actually is in comparison to her size.
    This can only be used once every 10 meters, so it is a spammable ability if she can cover the distance quick enough, and is also in regards to the smaller blades.
    It also drains her of her magic energy, needing a minimum of 10 antara to be able to cast the most basic spell.
    If she uses the charged shot, it uses 25 antara. This also has a charge up time as well, which is 1 post. She cannot spam her stronger ability, which can leave her rather vulnerable for a period of one post as it is charging.
    These spells could also be countered by someone else using a magic, for example a water based magic, which would extinguish the flames.
    Energy Cost:
    The basic one requires 10 antara charges, whereas the empowered one requires 25 antara charges.


    Name of ability: Recovery
    Tier: Tier 5
    Type of ability: Healing
    Type of ability 2: Melee
    Type of ability 3: Active
    By using this ability, the tattoos on her back glow and a faint red coloured energy travels down to her finger tips. The colour transfers to a rainbowish colour. When she has the energy here, Lexia is able to heal anything smaller than a light graze. In order to heal the wounds, she draws up as much power and concentration as she can, before transferring this red energy in order to focus on the wound. By doing this, it encourages the cells to knit with one another, increases the cell replacement rate and therefore increases the healing.

    This can be used on another person, animal or creature. This energy needed for the healing takes 15 seconds to build up, then around 5 seconds to be able to heal the light grazes and cuts. She can’t try to heal anything more than a carpet burn. Seeming these aren’t really bad injuries, a faint red mark will remain after the initial healing. After a few weeks, it will eventually fade back into its normal colours.

    Recovery can only heal light scratches and grazes, similar to that of falling onto concrete, roads, carpet and pavements. It is unable to heal deep wounds. More serious injuries such as these would require more professional care.
    This ability requires complete concentration and focus for Lexia to do. If she is interrupted while trying to do this ability, it will break her focus and the healing will unravel itself. This causes around 25 charges of antara to be wasted.
    Energy Cost:
    This needs 25 antara charges to be used.

    Name of ability: Duel Strike
    Tier: Tier 5
    Type of ability: Offensive
    Type of ability 2: Melee and ranged
    Type of ability 3: Active

    Commanding her pet to attack with her, Lexia and Nithya are able to do a perfectly timed strike against their opponent/s (perfect strike implying they don’t hit each other with this ability). Lexia calls upon her lightning and empowers her pet with thunder bound claw attacks. She also empowers him with a rather powerful lightning bite as well. This faintly shocks the victim with every successful strike made by Nithya (in one post he can try up to 4 attacks within the one post that this ability is active for).

    At the same time, Lexia’s lances take a form extremely similar to that of a trident, calling down lightning to the trident. From there, the lance glows faintly with the electrical power which it contains. She has only a few seconds to be able to aim it and throw the semi physical trident. If she doesn’t manage this, the energy would arc and strike back at her as it is rather unstable. If she can throw it and it hits her target, the trident stays in place for 3 seconds. During this time, it can be ripped out. If it’s not taken out, it shoots electricity around from where the trident impaled them. This can cause slight burns and a slight amount of pain, but not much more than this.

    However, if her pet can land their blow at the same time at the trident is in there, it can cause a rather large shock to go through their body from where the paws touched and across to where the tridents three prongs are. However, it’s not a really powerful attack as the most it can do is just zap their opponents at this stage. It won’t cause any internal organ damage, and if it was over the heart, it would, at the max, feel a bit funny (but this isn’t enough to cause a heart failure, it isn’t even close).


    This is the shape that the trident of Lexia will take, and the three prongs are able to impale a person or creature if they are hit by the fast moving object.
    This ability requires the most amount of antara charges for her to be able to use, around 100 of her charges (40 for Nithya, 60 for her). So in total, this requires her to travel 100 meters without using any spells whatsoever.
    It also empowers both herself and her pet for a brief time. During this time, they have to not only strike within a few moments, but also hit together for the maximum amount of damage to be dealt to their opponent.
    They also run the risk of hurting each other while they are attacking the same target, especially Lexi hurting Nithya with her ranged trident. If that happens, Nithya would sustain heavy injuries and cause the match to be forfeited almost instantly.
    Lexia is also more adept at using fire based magic, so the effects of this are weaker compared to if she decided to use her flames instead for it.
    Lexia cannot use this ability without her pet, it requires both herself and Nithya to be a participant in this ability.
    Energy Cost:
    This uses 100 antara charges.

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