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    Nithya, the Black Wolf


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    Nithya, the Black Wolf

    Post by Lexia on Mon May 16, 2016 4:38 am

    Character name: Lexia
    Link: Lexia's profle


    Name: Nithya
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: He is a shapeshifter, however, he is always in the state of the feonix and can only change into 2 other forms aside from the normal state.
    In his normal state, has the basic appearance of a large, black wolf with a rather thick hide. For a tail, it has long, beautiful feathers for a tail and at its back legs. At the tip of its feathers there are blue tinges, and it has beautiful blue eyes. It is around 3 foot 8 inches tall, and 6 foot long (excluding its tail). He will be a total of 4 foot 8 inches tall when he is fully grown, and 8 foot 3 inches long due to the feathery tail.
    Nithya appearance:

    In his speed state, he is small, being condensed into around 2 feet high. His muscles are more compact and he is like a small fluffy fox. His colours change to a creamy colour as well, instead of the startling black and blue. He can run at speeds of 65km/hr in this state, but can only do short bursts and after the burst of around 200 meters is done, he would have to revert back to his normal form to rest a little.
    Speedy Nithya:

    In his flight state, he loses his the dark appearance again, but shrinks down to only 3 feet as well. The extra 'missing' height is added so that he is able to seemingly sprout wings. In this state, he is able to fly at an average speed of 30km/hr and that's about it.
    Flying Nithya:

    All in all, Nithya is a rather friendly and loyal creature. He is completely loyal to the other creatures which have looked after him or treat him kindly-but Lexia comes first in all cases. To him, her word is basically law. Nothing will be able to prevent him from keeping an eye on her if she ever needed it or his help or doing what she requested of him (if he understood it). However, he is a rather large sook when it comes to pats and scratches. Nithya would do (almost) anything for a treat and is a rather normal dog. However, he doesn’t contain any of the proper/normal dog genetics.
    If something were to get on his bad side, not even Lexia would be able to calm him and stop him from killing his target.

    Being a partial wolf allows the younger Nithya to run at around 55km/hr without a burden (with a burden, or weight of an average human on him, he would only run at a speed of 40km/hr at the absolute max, but would normally have a steady gait of 20km/hr). His partial avian heritage allows him to have access to a small burst of speed. This enables him to be able to launch himself at a rate which other species may not be able to achieve. The increase is around 5% on top of his original running speed, so he can get up to a total of 60km/hr from his initial launch. He cannot keep this speed up while he runs, but it is purely from when he is already running, then leaps into a wall and ‘bounces’ himself from it. This speed boost is only activate-able in his natural/tankish form and cannot do this if he is carrying someone as he isn't strong enough.


    ~Nithya is a bulky physical hitter, with a powerful jaw, decent speeds and decent claws. This means he isn’t able to do much against ranged shots, being able to be easily abused by them. Bullets or weapons similar to that have the potential to really hurt him, especially if they don’t aim for his thick chest and aim to cripple his legs instead.

    ~Without the ability to run, Nithya is basically a walking target as he has no other real defenses aside from a thicker skin. The thick skin would only prolong his suffering until he died.

    ~If he is cornered without Lexia with him, he would be able to only tank a few shots before he was able to be taken down. He could try to escape this, but Nithya wouldn’t really be able to fend off his attackers easily.

    ~His speed boost only comes to him when he is leaping off from one object in order to change direction. Nithya cannot use his boost from standing still, nor can he use it to leap from while he is travelling in a straight line.

    ~Nithya doesn’t have access to elemental powers or strengths like that.

    ~If Nithya is hit in either one of his other forms, even if he is flying, he has a tiny amount of time before he automatically reverts back to his normal appearance.

    ~Nithya has a powerful jaw and grip, so he is able to tear his victims apart savagely by violently shaking his head back and forth.

    ~He also has extremely sharp claws, able to cut through different materials, but not anything like metals or steel.

    ~Nithya also has a bit of a thick hide, even though it's not considered to be a weapon, it can defend him from other, opposing physical hitters.

    In the woods, stranded and away from his pack. It was cold, colder than he ever thought it was away from his family. It was an accident, the branch broke and he fell into a river. He wasn’t an adult and was around half of his species age to mature. However, he was stronger than most of the others from his pack and his muscles managed to drag him out of the river. He had spent months like this, alone, wandering, hunting and gathering on his own as he tried to find his way back... but alas, when he did, the pack had moved on. He was distraught, not knowing where to go, who to turn to. So he wandered, slowly losing condition as the summers hit, making the food scarce. Nithya was on the verge of death, curling weakly into a ball when a large thing came to him.
    He didn’t have the strength to growl or to try and scare it away, but soon the tastes of water and meat across his tongue caused him to open up. Soon, he was eating right out of their hand; his guarded nature disposed as it ate, being famished from many weeks of starvation. From that day, he was cared by that creature, until one day he was strong enough to leave. Again, he wandered, but barely having the strength to continue, he soon struggled. Again, they came, and helped him to his feet again. They were stubborn, caring... Why though? He had lost the only things which he cared about. Eventually, he regained his strength and left for good.

    But he never forgot the human who did so much for him, with long black hair... He was stalking some large tigers like creatures which had a spiked tail. He noticed that they too, were stalking something which was most likely to be a deer. Nithya continued to stalk them, before he realised they were closing in... Then they bolted! Instantly, one was killed by a glowing red spear, but the other two grabbed onto their target, their claws and teeth lashing. He wasn’t having any of that when he saw the black hair. The wolf-like creature raced forward, his own jaw and claws tearing the two smaller cats from her, snarling. Eventually he managed to kill the two with minor grazes and gashes... But again,.. They seemed to vanish as the bloodied girl healed his wounds over her own injuries.

    Since that day, he has never left her side, finally finding a new pack to take care of.

    He is only half his mature age, so his abilities, claws, strength can still have the potential to increase/improve as time goes on (character/pet development is needed for this).
    Nithya and Lexia also rely on a series of tongue clicks (aside from ‘come’, ‘stay’ and ‘attack’ to which Nithya has already learned the words for) to communicate. Lexia gives the command and Nithya obeys. However, Nithya does what he thinks is best in correlation to what Lexia commands him to do. For example, ‘attacking’ could be either attacking from the left with his bite, or right from his claws. It all depends on the situation and surroundings as to what he will do.

    Come - Saying ‘Come’.
    Stay - Saying ‘Stay’.
    Attack – Saying ‘Go’ or four clicks if he gets confused.
    Stop (attacking) – Three rapid clicks.
    Left (dodge) – One quick click.
    Right (dodge) – Two fast clicks which have almost no breaks in-between them.

    This training was done during the time Lexia has Nithya and before she returned to the cities.

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    Re: Nithya, the Black Wolf

    Post by Lexia on Fri Jun 03, 2016 5:01 pm


    Changed his breed/species and added the other 2 forms which he is able to go into.

    He's done now ^^
    Aero Dynamic

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    Re: Nithya, the Black Wolf

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Tue Aug 23, 2016 4:31 pm



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    Re: Nithya, the Black Wolf

    Post by Sponsored content

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