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    New Bounty System

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    New Bounty System

    Post by sLy on Sat May 14, 2016 7:23 pm

    Greetings citizens,

    This is a guide that will help explain what you need to know about bounties, how to incur bounties and how to capture those with bounties. As you may have noticed by now, under your profile, you have a set value for your current bounty. For most of you, this value is zero, meaning you have incurred no bounties thanks to your lawfulness. However, if you dare to break the laws of the Beyond, expect the value of your bounty to go up. The bounty system is one of many systems implemented for all members as another way to earn money.

    We will also go through the prison system, how it works and how to free any members within them.

    What is a bounty?

    Bounties are pretty much what a specific region or guild is offering to pay for your capture. All characters with bounties will be listed in the Board of Bounties, along with the region or guild that’s offering for their capture. Any rule breaking can increase your bounty, and the amount of increase is subjected to the decisions of the staff. Generally, criminal activity and destruction of property will incur bounties. Attacking a guild member or trespassing into a guild’s property can incur a bounty from them. The high your bounty, the more the region/guild considers you a threat to the safety of humankind, and therefore the more likely they will go and hunt you down. Do note however, that your character’s previous actions (i.e. character history) may be considered.

    It is impossible to reduce your bounty except to get captured. No matter how many good deeds you have done, nothing is going to repair the damage of lost loved ones or the burden it takes to fix a building. The bounty stays with you unless you racked up more numbers or unless you are either captured or killed.

    When your character is defeated by a bounty hunter and is captured, your character gets sent to prison (more on that below). However, if your character’s bounty crosses a certain threshold, the guild or region’s governing body will mark you as a kill on sight. This means the bounty is rewarded for their death. If they are captured instead, they will be executed within the prison.

    However, if your character is holding a bounty, they can be protected if they are within a guild. This is called Guild Protection, which is one of the benefits in getting your character to join a guild. With Guild Protection, you are protected by members of your own guild, in such a way that you may call for reinforcements if your character is attacked by a bounty hunter.  However, some guilds may require members to pay a tax for their Guild Protection, which will be included in their final weekly upkeep. Note, that if a bounty hunter does attack a member of the guild holding a bounty, he will risk getting hunted down himself by the guild. If the bounty hunter is in a guild himself, this can spark a guild war. NOTE, a bounty hunter can NOT capture a member of their own guild.

    Another way to protect your character is joining PRIVATE topics. That way, only a selected few members are allowed to post in the topics involving your character. If there is a particular bounty hunter you want to avoid, creating private topics is perhaps the only way for you to safely RP without having to risk getting into a fight with a hunter. Do note that there may still be a bounty hunter in the said PRIVATE topic, and your character can still be in danger.

    What’s a Bounty hunter?

    Bounty hunters are basically any lawful characters who hunts any target holding bounties. Unlike those holding bounties, bounty hunters are not listed so it will not be obvious for bounty hunters to know if they are in an RP with a hunter or not.

    If bounty hunters are interested in a character in the Board of Bounties, they can join any OPEN RPs involving the said character or request permission to join any PRIVATE RPs with that character. Once they do so, the hunter just needs to RP his character getting to the bounty hunter and initiate a battle. Please note combat rules may apply here. If the bounty hunter wins, they can take the captured bounty holder to prison and will be paid the offered bounty.

    After you yourself reach a bounty of 25,000 you may no longer collect bounties. After all, who do you think is the one paying for your troubles? Bounties posted by guilds and other players are exempt, though be wary as you must collect your reward from them in person.

    How does the prison system work?

    The prison is designed to house in any criminals, especially those who held bounties previously and were captured. Once a character is listed within the prison, they cannot RP anywhere in the Beyond aside from inside the prison. Convicts are held inside the prison for a set amount of time before they are released. Alternatively, another character can pay the bail money to release them immediately, or they can attempt to break the character out of prison. If you choose to break them out, keep in mind that not only will there be another bounty on the convict, but all those involved will incur bounties.

    However, if your character has reached a certain bounty threshold, they will be contained for a set amount of time before their execution. These characters cannot be bailed out, and the only way to free them is to have another character break them out.

    If you want to attempt a breakout, you will need to start an RP within the prison with the tag [BREAKOUT]. From there, you will RP as both your characters and the prison officers/security forces involved. Once the RP is finished, it will be subjected to review by staff members. Do note that the higher the bounty of the target, the harder it is to get the topic approved, since they would have been contained in a higher level facility. Also note, if the staff spotted any logic loopholes in the RP (e.g. the inmate could have melted the iron bars to break out to begin with), then the RP would be deemed unsatisfactory and the breakout attempt fails.

    Depending on how the failed attempt occurs, the one trying to do the breakout may run the risk of getting a bounty themselves.


    And this should pretty much cover what the Bounty System is like. Please keep in mind that this is not final and may be subjected to changes indefinitely. We will let you know if we implemented any changes to how the bounty system works.

    Good luck!

    TB Team


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    Re: New Bounty System

    Post by Navi on Thu May 19, 2016 11:52 am

    Set a threshold before you can't turn in bounties anymore and made guild and player made bouties exempt. Otherwise looks good.


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