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    How the bank works? + Templates

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    How the bank works? + Templates

    Post by sLy on Sat Apr 23, 2016 4:00 am

    Greetings citizens,

    Welcome to the bank. Here, you will collect your earnings from either your rented estates, jobs, businesses or missions. Please note, even after you successfully rented out your estate, applied for a job, start your own business or completed a mission, money will not flow freely into your account. You must come here and post a new topic, following one of the templates below, depending on what you want to gain your earnings for. For rented estates, businesses and jobs, you will only need to create the topic once, and just keep posting on that topic every week to collect your weekly wages. Your earnings will be added to your account once a staff member approves it.

    Copy one of the relevant templates below, paste it in a new topic and fill in the criteria before posting. Then wait for staff approval.

    And that will be all.

    Good luck out there!

    TB Team,

    For earnings from JOBS


    [b]Name of character:[/b]
    [b]Link to character app:[/b]
    [b]Name of job:[/b]
    [b]Job link:[/b]
    [b]Weekly earnings of job:[/b]

    For earnings from BUSINESSES


    [b]Name of character:[/b]
    [b]Link to character app:[/b]
    [b]Name of business:[/b]
    [b]Business link:[/b]
    [b]Weekly earnings of business:[/b]

    For earnings from MISSIONS


    [b]Name of character:[/b]
    [b]Link to character app:[/b]
    [b]Name of mission:[/b]
    [b]Link to mission:[/b]
    [b]Mission reward:[/b]

    For earnings from RENTED ESTATES


    [b]Name of character:[/b]
    [b]Link to character app:[/b]
    [b]Name of estate (if any):[/b]
    [b]Link to estate:[/b]
    [b]Weekly rent of estate:[/b]


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