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    Draligon's abilites.


    Status :

    Male Posts : 127
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    Age : 18

    Character sheet
    Character Name: Draligon Kaijin
    Species: Daikaiju
    Alignment : Chaotic Good

    Draligon's abilites.

    Post by Draligon on Mon Apr 18, 2016 8:55 pm

    b]Name of character:[/b] Draligon Kaijin.

    Strengths and Abilities

    Name of ability: Blazing Roar.
    Type of ability: Offensive.
    Type of ability 2: Ranged, the maximum range being 4000 or so feet.
    Type of ability 3: toggle.
    Description: The D. Dominum species has developed a very powerful offensive weapon for survival. Since the island they resided was a evolutionary arms race, why not be on top of the food chain by having the ability of exhaling super hot plasma? Though this is "cold" plasma, it can still reach up to several thousand degrees Celsius.
    -Plasma breath has a shot limit, about 3 shots before he has to recharge via eating.
    -Plasma breath drains his energy very fast the more times he uses it.
    -Can't use it in human form.
    -Generally uses it as a last resort since he fights tooth and claw.
    -Can't use it while underwater.
    -Has a 50/50 accuracy.
    -Needs a couple of seconds to charge it.

    Name of ability: Roar Of The Ancients.
    Type of ability: Supplementary(?)
    Type of ability 2: Area of effect, maximum diameter being at least a half a mile (2640 feet).
    Type of ability 3: Active.
    Description: Another evolutionary adaption, the D. Dominum species can generate a very loud roar that can make ears ring, and even stun opponents momentarily.
    -Doesn't actually do any damage.
    -Leaves Draligon open for a couple of seconds.
    -Can be countered by something equally as loud.
    -Can be stopped by hitting him straight in the throat hard enough.

    Name of ability: Human Disguise.
    Type of ability: Supplementary(?)
    Type of ability 2: Nothing really.
    Type of ability 3: Active.
    Description: Because of the magical person he ate, he now has the ability to switch from a human disguise to his true form.
    -Human form isn't as strong as Daikaiju form.
    -Takes a couple of seconds to transform back to Daikaiju form.

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