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    Infernal Penitentiary (Open)

    Post by Rain on Sun Apr 17, 2016 8:53 am

    After the event in Cormere's Beyond Military Base, with his not-well-thought-out-plan or Operation: Infiltrate Enemy Base, Rain wound up in what he'd like to call Hell. The operation had gone out smoothly at first, but then a jumble of mishaps were brought upon the shabby bunch and now it was safe to assume every one was dead. Except him. Well, honestly he didnt know what happened to the others that went on the mission with him, but the few soldiers left behind at Theta Base most likely became feed for the wildlife.
    Looking back now, Rain knew he screwed up. It all happened when he and his squadron finally made it to the weapons stache. He picked up an epic-looking winged jet pack, some grenade mods he had never seen, something else, and an odd looking necklace. Or was it a band? Or a weapon modifier? Whatever it was, it was gone now. But since he picked up that object, the operation went downhill from there. They were ambushed, exists concealed, and the weapons stache began to blow up in their faces, really. Everything happened so quickly, it was a blur to him. The only thing he remembered before waking up in Hell, was that smug face of his captor.
    Rain was down on the ground, puking up blood and shards of what seemed like teeth. His body ached all over with burns and bruises and open wounds. This was all a first to him, actually. Never had he felt such great defeat in his life. Especially when he finally came to, glancing up at that monster, or Beyond Militia Officer. He repeatedly kicked Rain in his side, fired pistol bullets into random areas along his body, spit hockers onto his face, cursed words he couldnt make out, and another thing...Something he didnt even want to remember...
    Eventually, Rain passed out at some point. He just assumed while in that time, they took all of his visible gear, chained him up, set a metal band around his neck which he soon found out ceases his ability usage, and then transported him to Hell. Luckily for him, he didnt have to experience any of that. Well, at least not consciously.
    However, now he hadnt a clue as to where the hell he was. All he did know was that he was behind bars in a place no one would care to save him from. No one did know him anyway, outside of Theta and maybe a couple of folks from Dragon Storm. But other than that, it didnt seem possible that he'd be getting out of Hell alive.


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