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    Sol's (now not-so-)useless abilities


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    Character Name: Solace Winterfell
    Species: Shifter
    Alignment : Chaotic Good

    Sol's (now not-so-)useless abilities

    Post by Solace on Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:53 pm

    Name of character: Solace
    Link: Clicky

    Strengths and Abilities

    Name of ability: Water Manipulation (Hydrokenisis)
    Type of ability: Offensive, well supposed to anyway
    Type of ability 2: Ranged, up to 30~ft, depending on things
    Type of ability 3: Active?
    Description: Solace is able to manipulate a body of water, usually quite small, to her bidding. Well, not entirely, but that's the main idea of it.
    Abilities she possesses is making cool abstract art and not know how to use it in combat. She can also freeze the water into ice, and melt it again. Solace’s unable to create water, however, but only control existing water.
    When she learns how to harness this power for combat, she could use this as a water canon. The pressure from this is strong enough to cut through fabric, like clothing items.
    She'll also be able to create temporary weapons, by forming it with water and then freezing it. Although the ice melts pretty quickly, so she can only make them when she needs them.  And they melt immeadiately on impact.
    Solace is also able to create wings with this ability. She will be able to fly. However this takes a lot of energy, and a lot of water. Which she has neither under her control.
    Limitation/Weaknesses:She has no idea how to use this ability for combat. She can just cool stuff with it, like make it float and move in pretty ways, and make weird patterns. That, and she'd hate to fight anyway.
    Solace’s also unable to control large amounts of water. So far, she can control 2 or so litres of fluid, which is about as much liquid in a big bottle of coke.
    With the wings, she is unable to fly long distance. As mentioned, this takes up a lot of power to use, and lots of water to create a wingspan stable enough to support her weight. So far, this ability is out of reach for years.

    Name of ability: Water based advantages
    Type of ability: Supplementary
    Type of ability 2: Water stuff i dunno
    Type of ability 3: Active
    Description: Solace is a creature called an Undine - a creature depicted as the elemental spirit of water. Well known examples of Undines are mermaids and water nymphs. Because of this, she has traits that allow her to live underwater. On her neck are gills, which allow her to take in oxygen through water, which is useful if she wants to swim.
    Her appendages become webbed, which allow her to float and swim more efficiently.
    Being underwater allows her to be more perceptive, as sight based senses are useless and are replaced by touch based senses. Like feeling sound vibrations and movements in the water. This ability stays with her above water.
    She also has retractable claws, which would be great for hunting fish, if she didn't just go to the shops to buy food. It is a good weapon she can hide easily though, so in a way, it's useful.
    Limitation/Weaknesses: Literally only useful underwater. Which isn't very often.
    Also, her gills are weak spots, if attackers notice them. They are very sensitive to touch, and can become pretty sore and irritated sometimes. And she doesn't have combat experience, so her claws are more likely to be a hinderance than a help.

    Name of ability: Bioluminescence
    Type of ability: Supplementary most likely
    Type of ability 2: It's not really an attack
    Type of ability 3: Active, I guess
    Description: As she is a water creature, when she is underwater with increased bloodflow, it causes her skin to glow a slight blue-greeny. Depending on how high her adrenaline is, how fast blood is pumping through her, and even her mood, the strength of the glow can change.  This is probably only an advantage to her if she is in dark waters and can't see anything.
    So when she is above ground, instead of blushing, she glows. Although, her glow is very weak out of the water, as the water already increases her bloodflow to help her swim faster and preform better. Even so, it's very awkward to glow blue than to blush red, even if you can't see it well.
    But she's the best person to invite to a rave.
    Limitation/Weaknesses: Pretty much useless in any sense and causes her to be less stealthy and easily seen, and as it replaces her human counterpart of blushing, it is much easier to see when she's embarrased or just how easily out of breath she is.

    Name of ability: Premonition (Precognition)
    Type of ability: I don't even know
    Type of ability 2: Not a weapon. Again. You should improve your ability types to include none combat orientated abilities. Razz
    Type of ability 3: Active, I'm guessing
    Description: In a nutshell, Solace is able to predict the future, somewhat accurately. Although, she is not entirely sure whether this is a proper power, or just heightened deduction skills.
    You know how people get those 'gut feelings'? Solace has these, and 97% of the time, they are correct. The other 3% of the time, it is usually her getting her hopes high, and is wishful thinking, rather than premonition.
    Limitation/Weaknesses: Sol:
    a) does not know whether this is just her ability to infer and deduce things better than most people,
    b) cannot control what she knows and what she learns and
    c) cannot use this power in battle.

    As well as this, she sometimes her precognition as hope for good things, or her want and need to be happy. Which sucks, because she tries desperately to know whether She is the one and she doesn't know whether it's just wishful thinking, or whether it's fate for them to be together.

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