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    Character Name: Solace Winterfell
    Species: Shifter
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    Solace Waterfell Empty Solace Waterfell

    Post by Solace on Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:01 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Solace Waterfell
    Nickname: Sol, Solly, Sola (Kitten, Kit-Kat)
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female, (pronouns She/Them)
    Sexuality: Demi-homosexual, as always
    Species: Undine
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Personality Types: Aries, INFP (mediator)
    Guild: None
    Rank: N/A
    Height: 5’2”, or 158cm
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Tanned skin
    Eyes: Boring old Brown
    Hair: Solace’s hair is long, and a deep black colour, darker than night. She refuses to wear it up.
    Looks: Solace doesn’t really care for her appearance, and it shows. Her casual wear consists of t-shirts, hoodies and trousers. Although she does wear a leather jacket and scarf on special occasions like dates. She also has purple glasses.
    Her uniform for school is a light blue button up shirt, navy-blue tie with white and light blue stripes, dark green flannel kilt, tights and black shoes. She also wears a black blazer, with many pockets which is extremely useful to her.

    On her body, she has a few fins. Two on either side of her face, two on each arm by her elbows. The spines of these are the colour of her skin, and the webbed skin is a marine blue, the same colour that she glows.
    Sol's fingers and toes are webbed, which would be helpful if she went swimming often.They get in the way sometimes.

    Solace Waterfell Solace_by_andigmac-d9zbx55
    Hobbies/skills: Solace has an inexplicable ability to make anybody feel better, despite what they’ve gone through or are going through. She is also a great motivator, and can make anybody feel happy if she wants. Her emotions are very powerful, and anybody in the room surrounding her can feel whether she is sad or not. And she is a great manipulator, as she acts very sweet and innocent, and knows how her friends’ minds work, letting her find out secrets and things she’s not supposed to know.
    As for hobbies, she loves to draw, and spends most of her free time drawing. Mostly because it’s the only thing she thinks she’s good at, and people compliment her on her art a lot. Solace also spends lots of time writing stories, mostly turning dark and depressing. She also tries her hardest to play the guitar but she’s just really crap. She likes to sing.
    Combat style: If she doesn’t want to fight, she whimpers and looks really sad, and if the enemy has a heart, they’ll leave her alone. Most of the time she fights, she fights out of pure rage, and will probably draw blood just with her bare hands and teeth. But usually she never gives into violence and talks things out. Or hides/runs away.
    Personality: Solace is, at times, an extremely outgoing, verbal, and loud person. She is bold, determined, confident when she wants to. She's normally a natural leader, and is above average intellect. Solace's personality fluctuates greatly, from brave and confident to suddenly quiet and reserved. It just depends who she's around and how she feels.
    She can be a very turbulent and emotional person. She normally isn’t very talkative, but very observant. As she is so empathetic, she enjoys seeing other people be happy, and making people happy. And when somebody’s sad, she feels sad with them.
    Because of this, she tries to make EVERYBODY happy. It’s an unrealistic goal, but she still strives to do it, no matter what happens.
    Solace’s unrealistically kind, caring and trusting. She’ll forgive you a million times, even if you have hurt her badly. Her kindness is sometimes a weakness, and her friends like Kasey have told her to stop being a pushover, and be meaner to people.
    As well as this, Solace’s incredibly sad inside, even if she doesn’t let it show. She has insane anxiety, and because of this she has perceived senses, so she can hear anything that makes a sound, see anything that moves and feel if anything’s near her when she’s in a state of panic, or heightened awareness.
    And Solace can be incredibly depressed, even if she has no reason to be. This can cause her to feel suicidal at times, especially if she feels as if no one loves her, and no body would miss her if she leaves. Which is most of the time. But she keeps on going, because she’s not a quitter. She’ll just stay alive, to spite fate and life.
    She has constant existential moments, and is incredibly mature for her age. Even if she acts like an over-excitable five-year-old most of the time. And there's never a time Solace hasn't got her headphones plugged in, or isn't listening to music obnoxiously loudly in her room. If she isn't, she's either at school or dead. Or just watching youtube.
    Likes: She likes music – it’s the only thing keeping her going; she loves to doodle and draw; write stories that are secretly about her life; she likes to sing, and people like her singing; she loves trying to play the guitar; she likes every single on of her friends; and she loves being creative and seeing creativity.
    Dislikes: Solace has very strong opinions, and hates if people disagree with her; she hates inequality such as racism, homophobia, transphobia or any discrimination; she hates seeing bullying, and people being mean for no reason; she hates being different, as people treat her as if she’s not human for coming out as a lesbian; she hates liars and people not being honest with her; and she hates seeing people suffering.
    Fears: Solace fears of her feelings controlling her, like causing her to hurt someone she doesn’t want to hurt, or even killing herself or someone else.
    She also fears of never being loved, and is a massive romantic, and really just honestly wants a girlfriend – someone to hold at night and someone who loves her for everything she is.
    Parents: Unknown – she ran away from them long ago
    Mate: N/A, unfortunately
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: Unknown
    Brothers/sisters: Unknown
    History: She got sick of her past life, and ran away from it. She came across some nice people, and then they took her in, feeling sorry for her. Now she’s happier, but still gets ‘off’ days.
    RP paragraph: I'm tired and you guys know how I rp at this point right?

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    Character sheet
    Character Name: Navi
    Species: Human
    Alignment : Chaotic Neutral

    Solace Waterfell Empty Re: Solace Waterfell

    Post by Navi on Sun May 22, 2016 10:55 am

    The character creation template was updated, please adjust.


    Solace Waterfell 14542810
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