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    Eynkotu and Aloria, birth of opposites

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    Eynkotu and Aloria, birth of opposites

    Post by The Zeemos on Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:18 am

    Erane was grown from stem cells in a lab. Modified to be stronger and faster than normal. She was also much smarter than normal, too. However, she soon became plagued with two more personalities. They called themselves Aloria and Eynkotu. Ria was kind, thoughtful, happy, and peaceful. But Eyn was always raging and plotting violent ways to kill those she hated. They constantly fought, giving her enormous headaches. Finally, at age nine, she started researchig ways to get rid of them.

    One day, in the library, she found what she was looking for, a way to split them into two different forms. She started work on a strange machine that was said to be able to extract them from her into something else. She made huge models out of clay that looked like they did in her head. When the machine was ready, she stepped onto it. But she didn't understand it fully, and it also took Erane herself, which was what would bring them o life. Soon they were flesh and bone instead of clay. (because of an enchantment put on the machine.) Their hatred for each other remained with them and they fought.

    Eyn charged Aloria, who dodged and scratched the raging creature. Then Ria charged out the window and flew away, Eyn charging after her. Eyn leaped at Ria and grabbed one of her two tails, pulling Ria down with her weight. Aloria twisted around, stabbing Eyn's arm with her beak, making Eyn let go and allowing herself to fly away. But not for long. Aloria landed on a rooftop in the town, and Eyn tracked her scent. Eyn was relatively smart, as was Ria. And Eyn knew Ria would spot her and fly away. So Eyn went into a nearby restraunt, charged into the kitchen, took a skewer, and used the stove to light it, and before anyone could do anything, set the place ablaze.

    When fire-fighters arrived, she fought and killed them all, before knocking over the fire truck and smashing it. Aloria saw Eyn and the burning buildings and knew what was happening. She dived at Eyn, who didn't notice in time, and Aloria stabbed her in the leg. But Eyn grabbed Aloria's head as she pulled her beak out and flipped her over. Then she slashed Aloria in the stomach., wounding her badly. But then, Aloria teleported away to a nice, sunlit prairie, where she was healed by someone who lived there. There she lived for a long time.

    Furious at the loss of her prey, Eyn ripped up everything for mailboxes to phone booths to lampposts. Finally, she left to go live in a forest, until she was summoned by a wizard. Not wanting to obey hiss petty commands and furious that he had made her vanish from her home she killed him and lived in the forest ever since. Aloria was summoned to stop Eyn, but she instead flew away to a nearby mountain. Soon, tall tales about each creature grew, until you couldn't visit the town without listening to such stories. Some were true, some were false. But neither creature was aware of the other, and that was how it would stay.

    ((Note:When summoned, not all of them made the journey, so they cannot talk and are much less intelligent than they were before.))


    [10:27:34] Eynkotu : I call upon the power of the plant potter, so that it may give to me the power of the baygel, and I ask that The Great Baygel shall call upon Yuuki so that she may log on to the bow of chatting!
    [10:27:35] Areo Dynamic joined the chat on Thu 3 Sep 2015 - 10:27
    [10:27:52] Eynkotu : Well, it called up Areo

    [12:20:56] Eynkotu : Nexy, why is your symbol a beach ball?
    [12:21:04] @ Areo Dynamic : I was wondering that XD

    [17:30:25] @ Nexus : (Go play Resident Evil, Eyn. Live it, love it.)
    [17:31:21] Eynkotu : (I will not play the beachball mantis game)

    [15:54:30] @ Dawn : Uh
    [15:54:30] Eynkotu : also hi


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