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    Abilities Tier list

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    Abilities Tier list

    Post by sLy on Thu Mar 31, 2016 6:08 pm

    The following tiers are guidelines as to what to expect for each ability. Some abilities created may be ranked higher than whats listed here. The energy cost of the ability may also raise or lower it in tier. The lower the energy cost the higher tier it will be. The higher the energy cost the lower tier it will be.

    Restricted (These Powers are restricted judged on a case by cases basis by 2 members of qualified staff and may only be used by a limited number of people.)
    -Space and Time Manipulation (includes teleportation and summoning)

    -Speed or Strength Tier temporary increase of 7 or more

    -Magic armor tier 1 and 0

    -Abilities with penetration of 1 and 0

    Absolute ban

    -Unbound time manipulation

    -Unbound space manipulation

    -Unbreakable illusions/Hypnosis

    Tier 0 abilities
    Cost: 60,000
    Training Word Count: 6,000

    -Very Low Energy Costs (relative to strength of ability)

    -Restore lost limbs, organs, nerves

    -Element ‘stealing’ from enemies

    -Anything capable of destroying at least a city sector

    -Complete invisibility

    -Speed or Strength Tier temporary increase of 6

    -Magic Armor Tier 2

    -Abilities with penetration of 2

    Tier 1 abilities
    Cost: 50,000
    Training Word Count: 5,000

    -Can lift a skyscraper

    -Absolute mastery of element

    -Tsukiyomi-type illusions

    -Anything that can level a huge skyscraper like One World Trade Center

    -Intangible and undetectable invisibility

    -Speed or Strength Tier temporary increase of 5

    -Magic Armor Tier 3

    -Abilities with penetration of 3

    Tier 2 abilities
    Cost: 40,000
    Training Word Count: 4,000

    -Experts of the element

    -Illusions requiring 3rd party to break (may extend to limitless illusions)

    -Anything that can level a government facility building

    -Intangible invisibility

    -Speed or Strength Tier temporary increase of 4

    -Magic Armor Tier 4

    -Abilities with penetration of 4

    Tier 3 abilities
    Cost: 30,000
    Training Word Count: 3,000

    -Above average elemental abilities

    -Anything that can destroy an apartment block in one hit

    -Zorin Blitz illusions (limitless illusions destroyed by hitting the illusionist)

    -Speed or Strength Tier temporary increase of 3

    -Magic Armor Tier 5

    -Abilities with penetration of 5

    Tier 4 abilities
    Cost: 20,000
    Training Word Count: 2,000

    -Mediocre level elemental abilities

    -Sensory illusions (illusions that also affects senses, including sight)

    -Anything that can level a brick house in one hit

    -Speed or Strength Tier temporary increase of 2

    -Magic Armor Tier 6

    -Abilities with penetration of 6

    Tier 5 abilities
    Cost: 10,000
    Training Word Count: 1,000

    -Very High Energy Costs (relative to strength of ability)

    -Basic level elemental abilities

    -Basic illusions (e.g. Mirages)

    -Heal minor cuts and burns

    -Chameleon Invisibility

    -Speed or Strength Tier temporary increase of 1

    -Magic Armor Tier 8


    -Abilities with penetration of 8


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    Re: Abilities Tier list

    Post by Navi on Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:44 pm

    Updated 5/14/16
    edited armor and penetration to make more sense with the armor tier list

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