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    Aero's skills (WIP)

    Aero Dynamic

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    Character Name: Aero Dynamic
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    Aero's skills (WIP)

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Sat Mar 26, 2016 9:52 am

    Name of character: Aero Dynamic
    Strengths and Abilities

    Strengths: (What is your character's main strength as a person? Is it their physical strength? Speed? Magic? Etc. You may need to classify your additional strengths, aside from physical strength and speed, into a tier. These 'custom' tiers will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Note, do NOT list any abilities here.)
    Physical strength tier: 9
    Speed tier: 9

    Name of ability: Fire
    Tier: 4
    Type of ability: Offensive
    Type of ability 2: Ranged. Closest to the flame has the most heat but it can travel as far as she can push it, which at its furthest would be 55 feet.
    Type of ability 3: Active
    Description: Aero can control the heat of her flame. This flame can be down to 480 degrees F and up to 2,700 degrees F. The flame at 480* is red while at 2,700* it's a dazzling white. Anything in between is either a red or an orange. Higher fires require more oxygen, meaning for a shorter release time. She can also put these out in little bursts, as in a dry climate you wouldn't need as much to set everything on fire than in a wet one.
    Limitation/Weaknesses: Aero can only use it for as long as she has breath for it. This means that she can only breath it for an exhale, and has to inhale again before releasing her fire again.
    The higher the fire, the more energy and oxygen. It is harder for her to produce 2,700* fire than it is for her to make 480* fire. Depending on the opponent and battle, she'll usually stick to middle heat, which is around 2,000-2,200 degrees F.
    With water or ice, her fire can be easy to put out. This is especially if it lights other things on fire. After it's out of her maw, it acts like normal fire.
    She could also get something stuck in her mouth, causing most of the fire to be pushed at it some of it coming out of the sides, which would most likely be weaker. If she was to have a muzzle or something closing her mouth she would be unable to use this, this would include something sitting on her or somehow keeping her maw shut. She also wouldn't be able to use this as well if she was out of breath, only producing small amounts of flame.
    Energy Cost:

    Name of ability: Wing Gust
    Tier: 5
    Type of ability: Offensive
    Type of ability 2: Ranged. 55 feet at its fullest like her fire.
    Type of ability 3: Active
    Description: Like her fire, this is used with her exhaling. Unlike it, this uses much less energy. Using this would be most effective when her opponent is hanging off of something or off balanced. It could also be used to make dust fly and make it harder for them to see. The slowest it can go is 15 mph, while the fastest is 95 mph. She can make short gusts or long ones, and the higher the speed the more air is used, generally meaning a shorter burst time. Her wind is usually cold, but she can use some of her fire to warm it up. Warming it would use up more oxygen.
    Limitation/Weaknesses: Anchoring into the ground enough could stop it from blowing you away, depending on how fast she has it.
    If you get her to be out of breath, she can only do tiny gusts or barely any at all. She could also get something stuck in her mouth, causing most of the air to be pushed at it and weaker at the sides. Also if she was to have a muzzle or something closing her mouth she would be unable to use this.
    Energy Cost:


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