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    The Enchated Forest (Mission sigh up sheet)


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    The Enchated Forest (Mission sigh up sheet)

    Post by Minea on Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:41 am

    A family of Assassins lost their ancient relic a long time ago. This relic was a mirror that was said to give whoever split their own blood on it the ability to disappear and reappear into existence whenever they wanted. Recently it has been found in a secluded and thick forest, but none of the assassins have been able to get it as they can't pass the tests that the forests puts everyone who enters it though. You're job will be to enter into the forest, pass all the tests, and retrieve the mirror to give to the family of Assassins. You're reward will be an herb that will allow you to turn invisible once you eat it. You may remain invisible as long as it is still in your system, but you can return to visibly before if you wish. Once you eat it, it's gone, so use it wisely.

    In the forest you will be tested to see if you are worthy to take the mirror. These tests will not be traditional slaying monsters, but more psychological. The forest is skilled in the art of illusions and may make you conquer your fears, show your kindness, and show your wit among other things. This mission will be good for anyone hoping to possible develop their character more, show some of their backstory, show who their connected to, show their inner feelings, show their motivation, show their beliefs, etc. I may jump in and cause certain things to happen, but it won't be as my character. It'll be more of a narrator/DM thing.

    Name: The Enchanted Forest
    Participants: Only one
    Rank: Medium
    Details: You must pass a series of tests.
    Enemies: Themselves
    Type: Retrieval
    Location: The Enchanted Forest
    Reward: An herb with the ability to make you invisible.

    Note: This was made for Voltuma. If you wish to do something of the like, then just tell me via. this topic and I'll make one for you.


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    Re: The Enchated Forest (Mission sigh up sheet)

    Post by Voltumna on Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:46 am

    Hella yeah, if this can make me go invisible I'm in!


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