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    Charrie abilities

    The Zeemos

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    Charrie abilities

    Post by The Zeemos on Sun Feb 21, 2016 7:59 am

    Name of character: Aran

    Strengths and Abilities

    Name of ability: Shift | Frostfire (Icefire only) | Zap (Stormflight only) | Drill (Razor only).
    Type of ability: Supplementary?
    Type of ability 2:
    Shift: No range, no duration.
    Frostfire: Cone, can be extended up to fifteen feet long and seven feet wide. She can breathe this fire as long as she has breath, and withstand it for about a minutebefore the cold starts to freeze her.
    Zap: twenty foot long lightning bolt (tops), Lasts about five seconds.
    Drill: No range, duration depends on how much Razor/Aran is concentrating, but so far the max is ten minutes.
    Type of ability 3: Toggle
    Shift: Allows Aran to shift between his three forms. Icefire, a large white tiger with piercing blue eyes who is the size of an SUV, Stormflight, a small crow with red eyes and teal streaks in her feathers, and Razor, an eleven foot long lamprey with hard scales made of keratin and six sets of long, razor-sharp teeth that can rotate at high speed.
    Frostfire: Allows Icefire/Aran to let loose a bout of freezing blue flames or coat himself in a freezing b blaze for up to a minute before the cold starts to take effect. The flames are generally -40 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Zap: Allows Aran/Stormflight to shoot a small bolt of lightning containing up to 1,000 volts of electricity.
    Drill: Allows Aran/Razor to rotate his fangs at up to forty miles per hour while also hardening them until they are as strong as steel.
    Shift: Only works for Aran's other three forms, wounds will transition along with objects that are being worn or carried. (Meaning if one is injured or killed, this effect will also be present in all the other forms, INCLUDING Aran himself. Basically, if one dies, they all die, and if one is injured, transforming won't heal said injury, although the damage WILL be scaled to match the creature's size.) He cannot speak while in his other forms.
    Frostfire: Will damage Icefire/Aran if he touches it for too long.
    Zap: Isn't all that strong, only lasts a moment.
    Drill: Requires concentration and energy, will tire him out.

    The Zeemos:
    Name of character: The Zeemos

    Strengths and Abilities

    Name of ability: Natural regeneration
    Type of ability: Healing
    Type of ability 2: Umm... none of these?
    Type of ability 3: Passive?
    Description: TZ can grow ANY of his limbs back. It's slow and can take weeks at a time. It's like how an octopus regrows its own limbs. It is a natural ability that can never be improved.
    Limitation/Weaknesses: This ability cannot be used for regrowing ANYTHING other than limbs. It also takes at least a week to work.

    Name of character: Devoro

    Strengths and Abilities

    Name of ability: Illusion, Shell, and Devour
    Type of ability:
    Illusion: Supplementary
    Shell: Defensive
    Devour: Offensive
    Type of ability 2:
    Illusion: Just a disguise, so... none of these.
    Shell: Used for blocking attacks, so... none?
    Devour: A 15 foot ranged cone from in-front of him. Only part of the target must be in this radius.
    Type of ability 3:
    Illusion: Active
    Shell: Toggle
    Devour: Active
    Illusion: Allows him to take the form of anyone he has seen before, but said form is only an illusion.
    Shell: Summons up a shell to protect him. Not ultra durable though.
    Devour: Allows him to eat almost anything by converting it into a gooey substance as it flies towards his mouth. He cannot eat things such as light, radiation or anything else on the electromagnetic spectrum, however. And poisons still do take effect.
    Illusion: The more complex his form, the harder it is for him to keep it.
    Shell: Can stop most ordinary swords and knives, but only covers his chest, stomach, and back.Bullets and magical items can puncture it, although the blow is softened.
    Devour: Poisons still make him ill, and he can't eat anything on the electromagnetic spectrum, or anything that isn't in front of him.

    Name of character: Alkora

    Strengths and Abilities

    Name of ability:
    Human Form:

    Shadow image
    Shadow streak
    Shadow fist
    Serpent's wrath
    Void Form

    All of the above, plus...
    Shadow breath
    Extra speed
    Shadow wave

    Void Serpent

    All of the above (Shift works differently.) plus...
    Shadow limb
    Dark mist
    Soul rend
    Abyssal Fury

    Type of ability:
    Human Form:

    Shadow image: Supplementary
    Shadow streak: Offensive
    Shadow fist: Offensive
    Shift: Supplementary
    Communicate: Supplementary
    Serpent's wrath: Offensive
    Void Form

    All of the above, plus...
    Shadow breath: Offensive
    Drift: Supplementary
    Extra speed: Supplementary
    Leap: Supplementary
    Claws: Offensive
    Shadow wave: Offensive
    Oblivion: Offensive/Supplementary

    Void Serpent

    All of the above (Shift works differently.) plus...
    Shadow limb: Supplementary
    Dark mist: Supplementary
    Soul rend: Supplementary/offensive
    Abyssal Fury: offensive
    Type of ability 2:
    Human Form:

    Shadow image: Ranged (Withing fifteen feet of the user, can be up to eight feet in diameter.) Will last up to half an hour. (Deals no damage.)
    Shadow streak: Ranged, one hundred feet. (Or until it hits something.)
    Shadow fist: Melee, will last as long as Alk needs it to.
    Shift: Will last as long as needed, neither ranged, area of effect, or melee.
    Communicate: See Shift.
    Serpent's wrath: Will last for ten minutes before the Void Serpent needs to recharge, which can take nine months.
    Void Form

    All of the above, plus...
    Shadow breath: Range is twenty feet, will last about half a minute.
    Drift: See Shift.
    Extra speed: Will last ten minutes, otherwise, see shift.
    Leap: See Shift.
    Claws: Last as long as necessary, melee.
    Shadow wave: About fifteen seconds, also goes fifteen feet in any direction.
    Oblivion: Lasts as long as Alkora can concentrate on it. Targets must be within a twenty foot sphere, centered on Alk.

    Void Serpent

    All of the above (Shift works differently.) plus...
    Shadow limb: Can be up to sixty feet long, lasts as long as needed. (The Void Serpent IS 154 feet long.)
    Dark mist: Lasts ten minutes, up to 300 feet in diameter.
    Soul rend: Any target, as long as they are in a 100 foot radius, lasts as long as the Void serpent can concentrate on it, target MUST be visible.
    Abyssal Fury: Can continue for 300 feet, will start weakening in power at 150 feet and start to shrink.
    Type of ability 3:
    Human Form:

    Shadow image: Active
    Shadow streak: Active
    Shadow fist: Active
    Shift: Active
    Communicate: Active
    Serpent's wrath: Active
    Void Form: Toggle

    All of the above, plus...
    Shadow breath: Active
    Drift: Toggle
    Extra speed: Toggle
    Leap: Toggle
    Claws: Toggle
    Shadow wave: Active
    Oblivion: Toggle

    Void Serpent

    All of the above (Shift works differently.) plus...
    Shadow limb: Toggle
    Dark mist: Active
    Soul rend: Active
    Abyssal Fury: Active
    Human Form:

    Shadow image:She can create a small picture or likeness of something else made out of shadows.
    Shadow streak: A small, thin bolt of shadow. Minimal damage, like a small, hard fist.
    Shadow fist: Hand wreathed in shadow, it allows the user to give attacker a powerful punch, strong, though not as powerful as a punch while wearing steel gauntlets.
    Shift:Allows her to shift to between herself and her void form. Although she sometimes flickers between the two forms, and her void form is a little out of control.
    Communicate:She can speak with the void serpent.
    Serpent's wrath: Summons the void serpent.
    Void Form

    All of the above, plus...
    Shadow breath:Shadowy flames billow out of her mouth. Sometimes. But often, they either shoot out at random when she is speaking or are replaced by an awkward gurgling noise, which is just weird and awkward.
    Drift:Lets her float through wall or floors. It is sometimes activated at random, or doesn't work at all.
    Extra speed: She can run faster than normal, up to 90 mph, for up to 20 minutes, but sometimes she stops and/or tires abruptly, or she starts running, but the extra speed takes a minute to actually kick in.
    Leap:She can leap up to ten feet in the air.
    Claws:She can grow glowing white claws which are very long and freezing to the touch.
    Shadow wave:A wave of dark energy that can knock an enemy off their feet.
    Oblivion:Slowly leaks the target's life force.

    Void Serpent

    All of the above (Shift works differently.) plus...
    Shadow limb:A long limb made completely out of shadow grows from any part of his body.
    Dark mist:He summons a dark fog, almost completely blinding those without a light source or something to help them see in the dark.
    Soul rend:Destroys a person's soul, will to live, and energy.
    Shift:Allows him to use the abilities that Alkora has in her shifted form.
    Abyssal Fury:The fury of the Void Serpent is released in a dark fireball summoned in his jaw, a sphere fifteen feet in diameter, it grows bigger (1 foot every five seconds.) until it hits it's target in an explosion of cold, black fire and dark energy which can knock foes over.
    Human Form:

    Shadow image: Deals no damage.
    Shadow streak: Deals little damage.
    Shadow fist: Not actually very strong like being hit by a metal gauntlet with cushioning.
    Shift: Takes a little energy.
    Communicate: The Void serpent doesn't ALWAYS respond.
    Serpent's wrath: Cannot currently be preformed. Not now, possibly not EVER. He only appears for ten minutes. If ever possible, it will happen when she is close to death, and will drain what little energy she has left, possibly killing her and DEFINITELY leaving her defenseless.
    Void Form

    All of the above, plus...
    Shadow breath: Sometimes doesn't appear at all, just a creepy gurgling hiss.
    Drift: She sometimes accidentally falls through the floor or doesn't actually drift. She cannot harm anyone while drifting.
    Extra speed: Sometimes takes a moment to kick in.
    Leap: See Extra speed.
    Claws: None. (They are like normal claws, but colder.)
    Shadow wave: Can easily be avoided with a few well-placed jumps.
    Oblivion: She cannot preform this ability at this time. She will discover the weaknesses when she discovers the power.

    Void Serpent

    All of the above (Shift works differently.) plus...
    Shadow limb: Sometimes goes through what he is trying to grab, use, attack, or stand on.
    Dark mist: Doesn't really deal any damage.
    Soul rend: Will effect everyone in the area, including Alkora.
    Abyssal Fury: Takes immense concentration, and so if you distract him or stand behind him, it does nothing. (Cause he can't shoot it behind him AND in-front of him.) Shrinks and loses power after 65 feet.


    [10:27:34] Eynkotu : I call upon the power of the plant potter, so that it may give to me the power of the baygel, and I ask that The Great Baygel shall call upon Yuuki so that she may log on to the bow of chatting!
    [10:27:35] Areo Dynamic joined the chat on Thu 3 Sep 2015 - 10:27
    [10:27:52] Eynkotu : Well, it called up Areo

    [12:20:56] Eynkotu : Nexy, why is your symbol a beach ball?
    [12:21:04] @ Areo Dynamic : I was wondering that XD

    [17:30:25] @ Nexus : (Go play Resident Evil, Eyn. Live it, love it.)
    [17:31:21] Eynkotu : (I will not play the beachball mantis game)

    [15:54:30] @ Dawn : Uh
    [15:54:30] Eynkotu : also hi


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