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    60,000 word story (Minea's old, unedited, unfinshed, and outdated story that she wrote with her friend.)


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    Age : 19

    Character sheet
    Character Name: Minea
    Species: Human
    Alignment : Chaotic Neutral

    60,000 word story (Minea's old, unedited, unfinshed, and outdated story that she wrote with her friend.)

    Post by Minea on Tue Feb 16, 2016 3:02 pm

    The shepherds finally found a place to set up camp, after the battle they went through when arriving in the Valmese continent. Some of the shepherds were helping each other set up the tents, others were training, and the other few were taking a rest from the last battle and were just socializing with each other. That lady, Minea, was training. I, on the other hand, am being bugged by an overly happy, white haired guy who gives me an uneasy feeling. I was trying to isolate myself from everyone else.

    Why? You might ask. Well it’s because I was trying to figure out a way to get out of this world and go back to the world of Black Butler or some other anime. It’s pretty obvious that I’m not supposed to be here, and I arrived at a very bad time. For some reason my magic wouldn't work, and I can’t get out of here. After a few minutes of thinking and being alone, that guy I mentioned earlier came up to me and started talking to me. It was a one sided conversation, because I was trying to zone him out to think.

    “Hey, Where are you from?” He asked for about the tenth time. I didn’t answer him because who would believe me if I said ‘I’m from a different universe that is completely  different from this one.’ I glance over at him with an annoyed expression.

    “I guess you aren’t going to answer that question… How about this one? How old are you?” He asked with that unusual tone in his voice. I decided to humor him and sort of answer his question.

    “I’m thirteen.” I said. That’s the age I got my powers, and it’s the age I turned immortal, so I was sort of telling the truth.

    “Whoa! You’re that young?! Then, why do you have white hair?” He asks me with a surprised tone. I had to restrain myself from saying ‘You should be asking yourself that question, buddy!’ He had the same color hair as me and looked like he was in his mid to late teens.

    “I-I was born with it.” I said in a slightly annoyed voice.

    “Oh, really? I thought you were just really stressed all the time. Were you born with your red eyes too?”

    “Yep.” With the same annoyed tone, I replied to that dumb question.

    “Does that mean you’re a demon or something like that?”


    “Then what are you? You literally popped out of nowhere on the ship.”

    “Yeah. I know and I’m a witch.”

    “You mean a mage?”

    “S-something like that.”

    “I’m a mage too. Specifically a dark mage.”

    I have nothing to say to that, so I’m not going to respond. There was a silence between us for a few seconds.

    “So… How tall are you?” He asked trying to break the silence.

    Did he really just ask that? I’m really self-conscious about my height and I really hate it when people bring it up.

    “W-why do y-you ask?” I quietly ask him.

    “You look so small. That’s why I ask.” He tells me.

    “I-I’m a-about 4’10.” I don’t even know what possessed me to tell him. There was an awkward silence between us for about a minute. Then, Mister dark mage guy doubled over in laughter.

    “NYA HAHAHA! R-really?! That’s smaller than Ricken! NYA HAHAHA!” He said, laughing at me. My face turned a bright crimson in embarrassment and frustration.

    That’s it! I’ve had enough with this guy! I stood up and walked away as fast as I could. The guy didn’t even notice because he was laughing so hard.

    I walked to the area where some of the shepherds were training to see if there was anything I could do. It was relatively quiet here. There wasn’t really a lot of talking. Most of the noise here came from swords clashing from people sparring, weapons hitting trees or the whoosh sound of something going through the air, and the general sounds of nature.

    I saw an arrow hit a target that was pinned to a tree. I turn my head to see where the arrow came from.

    I saw a noble looking man with blue hair. To put his looks into ‘real world terms’ he looks french. It’s pretty obvious that he’s an archer which I found very impressive, because I never learned how to shoot a bow and arrow. When it came to fighting and defense, I spent all my time with my swords. I would like to learn, and right now isn’t a bad time to, but I don’t want to disturb him from his training. I was in deep thought when a voice with a french accent broke me out of my trance.

    “Pardon me, little mademoiselle, but It’s dangerous to space out when you're walking through a place where people are training. I would hate to see that adorable face hurt.”

    I look up to see the ‘french’ man next to me.

    They live in the Fire Emblem world. There is no such thing as french people here, just Ylisse-ians and other people who come from different parts of this world here.  

    “P-please, don’t say l-little.” I tell him, a little embarrassed that I was caught spacing out in the middle of a training area.

    “My apologies.”

    “May I ask for your name?” I ask him. After I asked him he got this weird look in his eye and starts saying. “I am known by all along with being worshiped and respected by many! I am the protector and knight in shining armor to any and all women, but you, my lady-” He takes my hand and kisses it. “-may call me Sir Virion or just Virion if you so desire.”  He finishes saying while winking.

    “Ummmmmmmmm, O-okay…” I say very awkwardly while taking my hand away from him.

    “And what is your name, kitten?”

    “K-Kazumi and please don’t call me kitten.”

    “Why not? You’re so cute and small, just like one. Your name even sounds like kitten.”

    “D-don’t call me s-small.”

    “Oh. A thousand pardons. I forgot you asked me not to earlier.” There was another awkward silence… there are a lot of those today.

    I decided that I should be the one starting the conversation this time.

    “You’re an archer?” I know that was a really stupid question but nothing else was coming to mind.

    “Why yes, I am. Why do you bring that up?” He asked.

    Here goes nothing.

    “C-could you teach me how to shot an arrow? I-I’ve always wanted to learn and right now is as good a time as any.”

    “You want to learn something from me?” He asked very confused. Getting embarrassed, I start blushing a little.

    “Ummm, yeah. Is that a problem.”

    “NO! Absolutely no problem. This is just the first time someone asked me to teach them something. Shall we start?”


    Virion showed me the stance, how to hold the bow, and how to nock an arrow. It seems the only thing he forgot to show me was aiming, but he said that’s because aim is simple and should be easy to figure out by yourself.

    “Now, kitten, do you want to try shooting by yourself?”


    I got into the stance. Virion helped me hold the bow the right way, and nock the arrow. Before I pulled the arrow back, someone called Virion to have him help set up one of the tents.

    “I’ll be right back. You can go ahead and fire this one while I’m gone.” He says as he leaves.

    Here goes nothing… again. I pulled the arrow back, but the arrow kept sliding off the nock. I had to keep fixing it and pulling it back again, but the arrow insisted on sliding off the nock.This went on for about ten to fifteen times.

    I fixed it again and pulled it back when a voice came out of nowhere.

    “What are you doing?” The voice asked.

    The voice scared me and I let go of the arrow not realizing it slipped off the nock again. I heard a cry of pain, and I look to see where the cry came from. I look to see a dark, blue haired man on the ground… with an arrow in his knee. I may still be learning names, but I recognized this man as… Chrome, I think it was, the leader of the shepherds. I run over to him.

    “I-I’m SO sorry, Mister Chrome! It was an accident, I swear!”

    “KAZUMI! WHAT DID YOU DO TO CHROM?!” Minea yells as she comes running to investigate the scene.

    “I-It was an accident, I swear!”  

    “I DON’T CARE IF IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! -” She yells then pulls me over and whispers ”-I warned you about this earlier, so I’m not going to pity you when I dump your body in the ocean.” After saying that she lets me go.

    “S-shouldn’t we help Chrome before you kill me?”

    As if she was going to kill me. She wouldn’t even be able to catch me.

    “I suppose. Also, his name is Chrom, not Chrome. How many times do I have to tell you that?”

    “Um, not to interrupt your conversation or anything, but could you please go and get a healer?” Chrome questioned us.

    “Hold on! I can fix this. We just need to get the arrow out of your knee.”

    “I appreciate that you want to help me, but I think it would be wiser if we got a trained professional for thi-.” Chrome got cut off by Minea.

    “Kazumi, don’t you dare try anything. You’ve already caused a huge mess and I don’t want you to make it worse.”

    “Trust me, I won’t. I just want to apologise correctly for shooting him, and the correct apology would be cleaning up this ‘mess’ myself.”

    “The correct way to clean up this mess is to stand back and watch as people who actually KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING heal him.”

    “Fine then, you go get the healer. We still need to get the arrow out of his knee for a healer to heal it.”

    “Don’t try anything while I’m gone, that includes taking the arrow out of his knee. Just let him do it himself. I trust him more than I trust you.” Minea said as she’s walking away. As soon as she was out of hearing distance I said “Okay then, Chrome, get the arrow out of your knee.”

    Chrome did as I said… for some reason. Why he would listen to me, I don’t know.

    He got the arrow out of his knee, and that’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands and use my magic to heal him.

    The healers use magic to heal, so why can’t I?

    I close my eyes to concentrate, and I snap my fingers. I opened my eyes to see if it worked. My gaze was not met by a healed knee, but by a knee with a leg grown out of it. I healed his wound, but put a leg in place of it by accident.

    Minea is going to kill me two times over now. Maybe even more.


    Everyone who is in the training area heard their leader scream, and they rushed over to see what happened.

    That Fred guy was the first to arrive on scene “Milord! Are you alri- WHAT IN THE GODS NAMES HAPPENED TO YOU!” He yelled as he ran up, and saw the third leg.

    Then, a girl who looked strangely a lot like Chrome came running.“Father! -” Oh. That’s why she looks like Chrome.

    She begins to say, but then she saw the appendage sprouting out of his knee “-What happened!?”

    Next, a blonde girl with elf-like ears shows up. “Hey, what’s happ-oh gods! What happened to you?”

    Now, a serious looking brunette shows up. “Are you alrig- What happened here?”

    And now, oh no, not this guy again. The weirdo from before shows his face among the rest of the people here. “Hey, Who’s dying?”


    “W-WAIT A MINUTE!!! Look! I fixed his wound.”

    “No, you gave him A FRIKKEN THIRD LEG!”

    “Heeeeyyyyyy, I said wait. Do YOU see any blood on that knee or an arrow wound?”

    “Does it MATTER?!”

    “Yes, Yes it does! If he’s not bleeding, that means I fixed the problem!”

    “Giving a human being a third leg does NOT fix the problem. It doesn't fix ANYTHING! EVER!”

    “It actually could fix a problem. What if someone had their leg cut off and only had one leg and needed to run? Giving them another leg is fixing the problem.”

    “But that’s giving someone a SECOND leg, not a THIRD one!”

    “What if someone wanted to win a race and giving them a third leg helped them run faster?”

    “That’s NEVER going to happen. Why would it happen in the first place?”

    “It could happen, you never know.”

    “Ummm.....Could we please focus on detaching this third leg from my body?” Chrome said, interrupting our argument to put our minds back on the elephant in the room or in this case, a third leg on the exalt of Ylisse… I think  that’s what this place is called.

    “Let me make something clear! We are NOT going to cut it off. If we do he might die of blood loss.” I say.

    “AHHHHHH! I CAN MOVE IT!!! WHY???!!!” Chrome yells as the leg on his knee moves.

    “Cool! It’s fully functional. How did you get it?” The white haired weirdo asked.

    “I, don’t know, and I don’t care! Just -” Chrome pauses for a second to suck in a breath “-GET IT OFF OF ME!!!” He yells.

    “I can fix this!” I close my eyes to concentrate again. I snap while hoping this is going to work. I open my eyes to see Chrome’s neck has elongated.


    “Oh, no not again.”

    “Whoa! You did that? You must be a very powerful mage!” The dark mage says to me.

    “Henry, Shut up! You might be encouraging her!” Fred yelled.

    So, Henry is the weirdo’s name. I’ll remember that.

    “Oh gods, Father, are you okay?”

       “Otherwise from the panic attack I’m having right now, yeah, I’d say I’m doing really good.”


    “He said he’s okay. Give me some time and I will be able to fix this entire thing.”

    “NO! You’re not fixing ANYTHING! Just stop doing WHATEVER it is that you're doing to make THIS happen! How are you even doing it anyway?!”

    “I’m actually a lot stronger than you think. It’s called MY own personal magic that I learned and sort of made myself. I just don’t know how to use it correctly.”

    “Yeah, and I’m a cat who can amazingly shapeshift into anything I want.”


    “Totally............... Not.”

    “Wait, you don’t believe what I told you about the magic?”

    “No, I believe you wholeheartedly with that, I just don’t believe that you're as strong as you say you are.”

    “I could beat most of the people standing here if I tried... well...with you as the exception. You may not be as strong as Mizuki, but you still are considered a veteran when it comes to our job of-”

    “SHUT UP WOULD YOU! Let’s just try to fix this problem.”  

    “Oh…. okay.” I didn’t bother closing my eyes or concentrating. I just snapped my fingers. To everyone’s surprise, Chrome’s neck went back to it’s normal length.  

    “Thank the gods. I thought I was going to be stuck like that forever, but uh...I still have three legs.”

    “I can fix that!” I say happily. I snapped my fingers and then there was a puff of smoke.

    Huh… That’s new.

    When the smoke cleared, in Chrome’s place stood a blue flamingo with three legs and Chrome’s hair style. I couldn’t help but start giggling when I saw it.

    “Hey, where did Chrom go? He was just here a minute ago.” The blonde, elf-eared girl asked.

    “I’m still here. Exactly where I was 10 seconds ago.” The flamingo says.

    “NO! DON’T KILL ME! I’M STILL CHROM!” The flamingo yelled in a very panicked tone.


    “I’M A WHAT NOW?!”

    “A FLAMINGO! There was this smoke that came out of nowhere, and as soon as it cleared, you were a FLAMINGO! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!!!!!????” The girl asked.

    This is hilarious! I’m having trouble not laughing at the talking Chrome flamingo.  

    “NYA HAHAHAHA!!! This is priceless! The exalt of Ylisse is a Flamingo!” The weirdo, Henry, said.

    “I’m SO sorry, Chrome, but that is pretty funny.”

    “I don’t care if it’s funny to you guys or not, just somebody, please, CHANGE ME BACK!!!”

    “Okay, just give me a minute.” I start concentrating again while I stare at the flamingo-afied Chrome.

    “Why are you staring at me like that?” Chrome asked nervously.

    “I’m fixing this problem.” I say getting ready to snap.

    “NO, YOU AREN'T!!!” Minea yells as she tries to stop me from snapping, but my fingers were too fast and I snap. There was another puff of smoke. As soon as the smoke cleared, Sebastian from Black Butler was where Chrome was a minute ago.  

    “OH NO!!! NOT YOU!!! Why the hell are you here!?!?!? Earlier I was trying to figure out how to get back to Black Butler, now I’ve brought it here! And… why do you have three legs?”

    “I don’t know! You tell me!” Sebastian yells.

    “Wait, what’s Black Butler? And who is this guy? What did you do to my father this time?!” Chrome’s daughter asked me in a panicked tone.

    “KAZUMI, send him back, NOW!!!!” Minea yells at me.

    “Weeellllllllllll, Miss Chrome’s daughter, this is Sebastian, the man-slave of the guard dog of the queen of England, and Black Butler is the world he is from.” I say completely ignoring Minea.

    “Ummm, what’s an England?” Lucina asked while being very confused.

    “Nevermind.” I say as I remember that they live in the Fire Emblem world. Real world terms such as America or England don’t exist in this world.

    “Who’s Sebastian?” Sebastian asks.

    “Crap, I made him lose his memory to? I thought I couldn’t use my magic on demons.” I said in a surprised tone of voice.

    That’s right, I can’t use magic on demons! What’s going on here, and why is he here if I can’t use my magic on him?

    “I said, SEND HIM BACK!!!!” Minea yells. There’s more anger in her voice then last time she yelled; probably because I ignored her last time.

    “Didn’t you hear what I just said?! I can’t use magic on demons!”

    “Then how did you get him here in the FIRST PLACE?!”

    “I DON’T KNOW!!!”

    “Wait… I’m a demon now?” Sebastian asks in a confused tone.

    “And why did you make him dumber than a doornail?!” Minea asked.

    “HEY! I’m not dumb, and why is everybody calling me Sebastian!?” Sebastian questioned us.

    “That’s because you are Sebastian, Jackass!” I told him.

    Gosh, Why must Sebastian be so infuriating all the time?!

    “No, I’m still Chrom.”

    “...What?” I asked very puzzled.

    “Why would you even think I was this ‘Sebastian’ guy anyway?”

    “That’s because a certain idiot here somehow made you look exactly like him! Someone please tell me she didn’t give you his abilities too. We don’t need a demon Chrom running around.” Minea exclaims.

    “I can fix this...” I say still shocked that it was Chrome instead of Sebastian that I yelled at.  

    “Do you ever learn anything from your mistakes?! You’re not helping!” Minea yells at me.

    “Of course I learn from my mistakes!!! I can’t just leave my mistake for someone else to deal with!!!”

    “Sometimes it’s what you have to do in order to set things right. Sometimes you have to hand things to the people that actually KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING!”

    “FINE!”  I yell fed up with Minea. “Then does anyone know how to turn Chrome back into Chrome other than me?”  I ask everyone who is spectating this.  Nobody answered, there was just silence, and if you listened hard enough you might hear crickets chirping. I turn to Minea and ask, “Does it look like they are going to help?”

    “Maybe not somebody here, but I’m sure that somewhere there’s someone who’ll help.”

    “Do you really want to drag a three legged, Sebastian looking, Chrome all over this place when you have someone who can fix it right in front of you?”

    “We don’t have to bring him to them, we can bring them to him.”

    “Okay then. Have fun doing that.” I say as I sit down.

    “There’s no way that I’m leaving here when you’re still with him, and you know it.”

    “Look, We don’t have time to go looking for someone else to fix this. Hope you guys didn’t forget that we’re in a war and the next fight can be at any moment.” Fred explains to Minea and I. Minea crosses her arms and looks away from this whole scene with an angry grunt.

    “So, do you want me to try and fix this or not?”

    “This is so stupid...this is so stupid! This entire situation is ridiculous! It’s like we’re in some poorly written comedic fan-fiction!”

    “I’m not laughing.” I say to Minea with a straight face.

    “Think about it. Here we are with an exalt that looks like a demon butler and has three legs. Doesn’t that sound like something that some hyperactive teenager would come up with when trying shrooms for the first time?”

    “I guess so, but if it was badly written then I would be sitting here saying stuff like ‘I wonder what ridiculous thing my magic will do next?’ as I snap my fingers.” I say while I unconsciously snapping my fingers. After I did that it got cloudy.

    “Oh no….” I say ignoring what Minea was saying to me.

    “Let’s not get technical with things here, the fact that-” Minea started saying something, but was interrupted and knocked out by a fig that fell from the sky.

    Great… It’s raining figs…

    “KEI! I thought I told you to stop throwing fruit at me!!!”  The serious looking brunette yelled as he was putting his arms over his head to protect it from the incoming figs.

    “Ummmmmm… Nobody is throwing things at you, sir. It’s raining figs.” I explained to him.

    “What?” He asked and looked up to see if I was telling the truth. As he did that a fig came down and hit him in the face. While that happened, the girl next to him got hit on the head, knocking her out just like Minea.

    Wow. These figs have great aim.  

    “M’lord I will protect you from the hazardous figs that rain from the sky!” Frederick jumps on top of the Sebastian-ified Chrome. The air is filled with the sound of figs hitting armor soon afterward.

    “Frederick, I appreciate the help, but could you get off of me? You're awfully heavy and that’s making it hard to breath.”

    “But, M’lord, the figs. Did you see what happened to Minea and Nowi back there? That could be you!”

    “I think I can live with a bruise or two, but I can’t live without air.” With that Fred got off of Chrome. He gasped as soon as the weight was lifted from his body. He wasn’t lying about the suffocating thing.

    Okay. This fig rain has gone on for long enough!

    I snap my fingers to try and get rid of the fig rain. To my, and many people’s surprise, it’s going away. I have a feeling something else happened when I snapped… I just can’t put my finger on it. Oh, look, Minea’s waking up.

    “Huh...what happened? And why does my head hurt so much? I must’ve hit it really hard, cause for some reason Chrom looks like Lavi instead of Sebastian.” Minea says. I look over to Chrome and, sure enough, he looks like the redhead from D.Gray Man.

    “Uhh, Minea, he looks like that to you because he actually looks like that to everyone else….”

    “.......KAZUMI!!! What did you do this time? Oh don’t even bother answering my question, it’s already obvious what you did! Just CHANGE HIM BACK!” I was about to respond to Minea when the other girl who was knocked out by a fig woke up.

    “Goooooood morning world I’m up and at em and ready to-why does my head hurt so much? And why is there a pink fluffy unicorn dancing on a rainbow behind all of you?” She rubs her eyes. “Oooooo who cares. You can answer those questions later, right now I want to solve the mystery of who that cute red haired boy is.”

    “You know the ‘cute red haired boy’ is Chrom, right?” said the white haired weirdo.

    Yes. I do know his name is Henry, but I’m still going to call him ‘white haired weirdo!’

    “Nowi. Why are you suddenly interested in hot boys?” Lucina asks with a puzzled look on her face.

    So, her name’s Nowi. I’ll try and remember that.

    “Why wouldn’t I be interested in hot boys? I’m a girl after all.”

    “Nowi, I don’t know what you’re thinking right now, but I’m not some ‘hot’ stranger. I’m your friend, remember. That’s all we are, friends, and that’s all we’ll ever be.” Chrome said.

    “Am I being turned down already? Awww come on, that’s no fun.”

    “That fig must’ve hit you really hard. Please, come back to reality. Right now were trying to change me back and get rid of this third leg I have. Don’t you remember last time when I was turned into Sebastian? This time I’ve been turned into this red haired guy.”

    “I remember no such thing. In fact, now that I think about it, I can’t remember anything from today at all. That doesn’t matter, though. I’ll make sure that no amount of memory loss stops our love.”

    “Nowi, you're not in love with me. And I’m not in love with you.”

    “If I wasn’t in love with you why would I feel this way….and why would I do this?” After saying that, Nowi kisses Chrome on the lips before he can say or do anything to stop her. Chrome just stood there for a moment, shocked. Then, Nowi pulled away blushing and smiling. “How did you like that?”

    “U-um.” Chrome started blushing. “Y-you're a really good kisser. Wait, did I just say that?”

    “Yes you did, and you can’t deny that we share some sort of connection, huh?” Everyone who was witnessing this was sent into an awkward silence for a few seconds.

    “How dare you kiss my father!” Chrome’s daughter yells, breaking the silence. She unsheathes her sword and hits Nowi with it in the head, knocking her out.

    “Lucina! You can’t go around stabbing people, just because they kissed me!”

    “She’ll be fine, I used the flat of the blade.”

    “That doesn’t change the fact that you hit her!”

    “You’re only defending her, because you’re falling for her.”

    “No, it’s nothing like that. I still-”

    “Then why did you say she’s a good kisser?! It’s written all over your face. You like her! Just admit it!”
    “Did Lucina get hit on the head by a fig too?” Minea asks while watching the family drama take place.
    “No, Minea, I’m fine!”

    “Lucina, look at me! I still love Sumia with all my heart. There’s no way I’d ever trade her for any other woman, ever.” Lucina steps toward Chrome, and slaps him…..then hugs him.

    Hopefully, you haven’t forgot that Chrome looks like Lavi from D.Gray Man, so this kind of touching scene is also very weird…

    “Good. You better never leave her.” She releases her hug to slap him again. “That’s for looking like a three-legged hot guy.”

    “Umm… You just called your dad hot.” I said.

    “Yes, I did and it’s freaking me out.”

    “Should I change him now?”

    “Can you just skip the whole weird magic stuff and turn him back to normal?”

    “I’ll try… I don’t really have control of it anymore…”  I say as I snapped my fingers. The next thing I see in place of Chrome is Alice from Pandora Hearts.

    Why do I keep messing up?!?!?

    “Will we ever be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel that is Kazumi’s failures? Find out next time on idiots that shouldn’t exist in the multiverse.” Minea says while attempting to sound like a narrator.

    “S-shut up, Mean-ea. I know I shouldn’t be here, but I am, so deal with it.”

    My argument with Mean-ea was cut short by a woman's scream. I turn towards the sound, ready to draw my sword if I need too.

    “M-my Gods! What is it with women and appearing out of nowhere?!?!” The serious looking brunette from earlier said.

    “Um, was that your scream?” I ask with a confused look.

    How can a guy like that make a noise that high-pitched?

    “That’s not important right now! What’s important is where that girl came from!” He yelled while pointing to Alice…. I mean Aliceified-Chrome.

    “Why are you pointing at me!? I’m no girl!”

    “Are you delusional? You are obviously a woman.” Mister serious said.

    “Gods,” Chrome slowly looks down at himself to find that what mister serious said was true. “SOMEBODY PLEASE CHANGE ME BACK!”

    “I don’t know if that’s even possible anymore. You may just be stuck like that forever, Chrom.” Minea simultaneously facepalms and shakes her head.

    “NONONONO! I can fix this! I can fix this! I promise!”

    “You're not fixing anything! You just turned my father into a woman!”

    “Hang in there M’lord. I’m sure that this will be fixed in due time.” Lucina turns to Fred and begins yelling at him.

    “Not at this rate he won’t! This seems to be going in an endless cycle! We don’t have all the time in the world! It won’t be long before we have to go back into battle and how is Chrom supposed to fight or do anything if he’s like this!” She gestures at her father.

    “Calm down, Lucina. You're only going to make M’lord even more panicked if you're like that.”

    “NO! I’M NOT GOING TO CALM DOWN! RIGHT NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE CALM! MY FATHER WAS TURN INTO A WOMAN!!!!” Lucina places her right hand on her head as she begins to hyperventilate. She then looks up to the sky and begins laughing.

    “L-Lucina are you okay?” Chrome asks nervously. Lucina continues laughing like a maniac seemingly unaware that Chrome just spoke to her. “Lucina?...Can you hear me?....You're starting to make me worried now.”  

    I start backing away from Lucina, scared that she might end up attacking someone. I back up to the point where I almost trip over someones foot. I turn around to see who it was, realizing that I was uncomfortably close to the white haired weirdo from earlier. Henry, I think his name is. Oh, great, he notices how close I am to him.

    “What’s the matter? Are you scared of Lucina or do you just want to be close to me? Nyahaha.” He asks in a playful tone.

    “Could you do me a favor?” I ask quickly.

    “Sure, what is it? Does it involve blood?”

    What a weird question.

    “No blood, but it does involve violence. You have a tome on you, right?”

    “Yep, do you want me to cast a spell on someone or-”

    “CanyouknockLucinaoutwithit?” I ask quicker than the time before. I’m trying to make sure nobody else hears or understands me.

    “What?” He asks.

    Of course he didn’t understand me. Who would?

    I pull him down to my height and whisper, “Could you knock Lucina out with your tome? I don’t want her to start attacking someone, and that someone is most likely me.”

    “Is that it? Easy enough, Nyahaha.”

    “Quit laughing and do the favor already!” I say while pushing him towards Lucina.

    “Hey Lucina!” Henry yells while walking up to the laughing girl with his tome behind his back. To my surprize she drops her arm and stops laughing, but she continues to look at the sky. In a different tone than she normally speaks she says, “What is it, Henry?” Her arm moves over to her sword which she slowly and eerily draws.

    “What’cha doin?”

    “Solving the problem.” She looks at him with her eyes glazed over with madness.

    Oh crap!

    “Hey, Lucina! Look! Risen!” I yell pointing at the other direction.

    “That’s not going to save you you little…” Lucina mumbles the last bit and begins to run at me full speed.


    I panic and forget that I have two swords attached to me at my hips. I close my eyes and throw my arms above my head like that was going to shield me. I hear the sound of something hitting something else and the sound of something falling to the ground. I waited for a few seconds before I hear someone say something to me.

    “Hey, If you relax and open your eyes you’ll realize that you’re safe. Nyahaha.”  

    “What?” I ask confused. I put my arms down and open my eyes to see no crazy Lucina charging at me, but a knocked out Lucina with Henry standing next to her, tome in hand, smiling at me.

    “What happened?”

    “I did the favor you asked me to do.”

    “I’m not even going to ask how you saved me, also thanks for saving me.” I say. I look around to the rest of the people. I turn towards Chrome. “Now what should we do?” I ask him.

    “You just...Lucina’s…”

    “She’s not dead, just knocked out.”

    “What got into her?”  

    “She saw her father turn into a girl…. and a flamingo…. and a butler…. and grow a third leg…. what a day, right?”                                                                              

    “A large part of me is hoping this is just a terrible nightmare.” Chrome buries his head in his hands.

    “Hey, maybe we should just wait and see if the magic wears off.” Minea says, still obviously ticked off.

    “NO! I mean….please don’t make me stay like this….it feels funny and I don’t want to see how other people would react.”

    “What feels funny?” Mister serious asked, obviously confused.

    “W-well, I sort of turned your Exalt into a girl with my magic so something is going to feel funny…. wait a minute. What do you mean something feels funny? Don’t you feel the same as the other times I’ve changed you? How is this time any different?”

    “Y-you know……”

    “I think that’s something that should go unsaid.” Minea adds before Chrome can finish his sentence.

    “....Do I even want to know? You females are scary enough as it is, do I want to know what goes on with your bodies?”

    “NO!.... I mean, no, you don’t want to know….” I yell a little embarrassed about my outburst. There was a moment of silence when I noticed that a strand of my hair fell out of my ponytail.

    The stress of this situation is getting to me…. screw it, I’m going to let my hair down.

    I pulled my hair out of its bindings as I hear Chrome (ask me or say something) to me.

    “I feel crazy for saying this, but can you use your magic? I don’t care if you turn me into a cactus at this point. I just want to get out of this body.”

    “Um, Okay. Let me concentrate first.” I close my eyes, breathe in, relax and focus on what I’m doing. I snap my fingers and when I open them, I got a burst of happiness. In front of me sat regular Chrome…. but he still has a third leg…. at least I did one thing right.

    “Mister Chrome! You’re you again!” I yell happily.

    “Whoopie! Now we’re finally back at square one again!” Minea says as she raises her hands up in the air sarcastically.

    I’m so happy that I started jumping up and down. I was so happy that I didn’t notice that with each hop, I got closer to Henry, again. This time he didn’t notice either. I jumped and during my landing one of my feet landed too close to one of his feet causing me to fall on the person standing next to him. That person being Mister serious. Me falling on him seemed to be more like me crashing on him because as soon as I touched him we fell to the ground.

    “I-I’m sorry!” I yell as my face turns red from embarrassment. I look up and realize that his face was just as red, if not worse. I try to get off of him, but I feel    

    “I think I may be able to live with three legs now…..just don’t do that to me again okay?”

    “No, I’m going to fix this, I promised!” I raise my hand and prepare to snap once again.

    “WAIT! What about the plan Minea said earlier? I think I can wait now to see if it wears off.”

    “I can already tell you that that’s not how magic works, at least not mine. I have to put in effort to change what came from my magic. Those are one of my unwritten magic rules Luna has laid out for me.”


    "Hold onto your regret; it's the only thing that's keeping you human."

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