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Buying a Guild [Form inside] OoC81

    Buying a Guild [Form inside]

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    Buying a Guild [Form inside] Empty Buying a Guild [Form inside]

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Sun Feb 14, 2016 8:37 pm

    Guilds are player made groups unifying people under some IC goal or moral. They offer comradery and protection. Guilds may charge a tax on missions completed by their members in order to remain strong and stable. Not just anyone can create a guild though. It takes hard work and to represent this there is a cost to creating one here at TB.

    The cost to start a guild is 25,000
    This starting guild may have up to 12 members.
    You may upgrade this down the road to unlimited members at the cost of 75,000 per member upgrade.
    Every guild will have its own unique color on the site making members of the guild easy to spot.
    The initial cost will start you out with a starting basic base. If you want something more advance you will have to buy it along with any IC upgrades and defenses.

    So then future guild leader, if you'd like to create your guild then fill out this form and make a new topic in this section. A staff member will come by and check it out, either granting you to a guild or telling you what you need to do before you can get a guild. If two or more people want to start a guild ICly, then they can all pitch in for the cost, but there can only be on main leader.

    [b]Guild Name:[/b] (What do you want your guild to be called?)
    [b]Guild Color:[/b] (What color, not already in use, do you want your guild to be? For a more precise color, give us a color code (#000000). Colors may not be too similar to another guild.
    [b]Guild Leader:[/b] (What character is going to be the leader of this guild? They must be approved.)

    Other information about your guild can be written about later in your guild's section.

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    Buying a Guild [Form inside] Empty Re: Buying a Guild [Form inside]

    Post by Navi on Tue May 03, 2016 11:16 am

    Updated 5/3/2016
    Completely rewrote it.


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