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    Shardas, the Bagel from Hell...


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    Shardas, the Bagel from Hell... Empty Shardas, the Bagel from Hell...

    Post by Shardas on Sun Feb 14, 2016 8:07 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Shardas
    Nickname: None...for now ;)
    Age: 3 and a half
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight as a ruler
    Species: Bagel
    Alignment: Evil...MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Guild: None yet...
    Rank: None yet...
    Height: 4 and a half inches
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Just a bagel.
    Eyes: Dark brown, with flakes of red.
    Hair: You think bagels have hair???
    Looks: Normal looking plain bagel. Soft-baked with a lightly toasted outside. Shaped like a near-perfect circle. Downside is that there is a hole in the middle...
    Hobbies/skills: Amazing at escaping from life-threatening situations. Has a cunning personality and uses wits to deceive people.
    Combat style: Prefers to dual-wield two deadly silver katanas. However, if he doesn't have access to his weapons, his second choice would be his razor sharp pair of chopsticks, which he dual wields as well. They are also very good utensils to eat noodles with.
    Personality: As a rather evil bagel, Shardas dislikes being around others. However, just like a bomb that has been set, just one slight insult will set him off. When angry, he'll do whatever he can do to harm anything around him. If you're kind to him, he will still be mean to you. Shardas has had a very difficult past, and it really shows in his personality.
    Likes: Weapons (which he has a general interest in), fighting, darkness, blacksmiths and/or weapon makers.
    Dislikes: People, bakeries, hole punchers, other wheat products.
    Fears: Ovens, fire, machines.
    Parents: Unknown
    Mate: N/A
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: N/A
    Brothers/sisters: N/A
    History: Shardas has had a difficult past. Made by machines in a bakery in a bustling city, he has grown to hate many things. He is sure that he has parents, and has made it his ultimate goal to search for them. He is also sure that he is the only child in his family.

    The day after Shardas was created, he was in the assembly line to be packaged and processed to be sold. Using his cunning skills to create a diversion, he managed to hop off the assembly and burst through the door out into the city. What kind of diversion did he make, you might wonder? He had limited resources at the time of his escape. Dashing across the conveyor belt, he grabbed a neighboring bagel and threw it at the employees face. The worker, stunned by what had just happened, saw, just in time, Shardas dashing across the floor of the bakery. The worker quickly alerted his co-workers, telling them to try to capture the runaway bagel. Shardas, being the swift and cunning bagel that he is, managed to outrun the bakery employees and make his way out into the city. To this day, the workers at the bakery still don't know how they had managed to let a bagel escape out their shop.

    During his first few days of living in the city, Shardas had many hardships. Everyone seemed to want to kill him! Crossing the road, the day after he escaped, he had nearly been flattened by a semi-truck. And there were countless times where he had avoided near death from being stepped on. Looking for a place to call home, Shardas went into the depths of the city: the sewer. He quickly befriended other creatures, including one of his best friends: a rat by the name of Shardos. The friendly rat introduced this bagel to his underground gang, which consisted of 3 other rats: Shardis, Shardus, and Shardes. Shardas quickly inherited his current name, given to him by the rest of the gang. Shardas lived with this ragtag group for nearly 3 years, before he gave his decision to move out. The rats were infuriated! After almost 3 years of living with this friendly bagel, Shardas just quit on them?! The night before Shardas was scheduled to leave the sewer, the rats formulated a plan to capture and imprison Shardas. That was the same night Shardas discovered his passion for fighting. The rats quickly surrounded Shardas's room as he was getting ready to leave. Shardas had no idea of their evil plan. He didn't have too much to pack, either. He only had a couple possessions at the time: a weapon, some water, and a bag of trail mix. What kind of weapon did he have, you were wondering? He had a pair of chopsticks that he found while wandering in the allies a few years ago. Shardas turned this pair of ordinary chopsticks into two deadly weapons. During his stay in the sewer, he had a lot of spare time on his hands. He used some of his time to sharpen these two chopsticks into two weapons, if they time ever came where he needed to defend himself. After getting his belongings packed up, chopsticks in hand, Shardas wandered out into the sewer halls. Little did he know that just around that dark corner, the rats were waiting for him, knives ready, poised to strike. But Shardas had a hinting suspicion that the rats were up to something, as they were not outside to greet him. Creeping along the wall, he turned the corner to come face to face with Shardos, the leader of the gang that brought Shardas in 3 years earlier. Not giving too much detail, a bloody battle ensued (not bloody for Shardas, but pretty bloody for Shardos). Shardas, being victorious, was appalled at how his friends would've turned on him so easily. Enraged, he left the sewers, left the city, and ran away to the countryside.

    And where he currently resides.

    To be continued...maybe
    RP paragraph: A day in the life of Shardas:

    Shardas awoke with a start as his alarm went off. "Dammit! I hate that thing!" Grumbling, he slowly slipped out of his bed and went to eat. After looking through the pantries and cabinets for a few minutes, he had come up emptyhanded. "And now you're telling me I have to go hunt again?" he said to himself in disbelief. Slipping into his weapon forge room, he quickly scanned the mold for his soon-to-be katanas to see how they were setting. "At least there's something that's going well," he mumbled, feeling a little better. Dragging himself to the doorway, he donned his handmade leather armor, which was perfectly fitted for his circular body. He also grabbed his pair of chopsticks, and set out into the fields. The predators in the fields were vicious, particularly the rats, whom Shardas did not take a liking to, after a bad experience in the past. Checking his armor once again, he set out into the tall grass. After several minutes of walking and slicing through the grass, he heard a noise. "Must be a rat," he mumbled in an undertone. "Hopefully it's big enough for a nice breakfast." However, it turned out to be a field mouse, who was sniffing the ground for food. Shardas groaned, "Field mice AGAIN? That's the fifth day in a row!" Knowing how to swiftly and effectively kill game, he stayed silent and motionless until the mouse was a mere 2 feet away. He slowly rose from his crouched position and withdrew his two chopsticks from their sheaths. Swiftly, he blinked to the mouse and slit its throat. "At least it's breakfast," he sighed to himself.
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    Shardas, the Bagel from Hell... Empty Re: Shardas, the Bagel from Hell...

    Post by sLy on Mon Feb 15, 2016 2:59 am

    Oh Gourd you are actually going to do this......



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