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    Post by Bermuda on Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:31 am

    (I have decided to make this list to show case powerful and dangerous artifacts, found within and around Eslon. These may be used for regular roleplay, or may be brought up in events. All mods, admins, or event creators are allowed to create these artifacts, just so long as they abide by lore.)


    An ancient, 50,000 year old book, that is said to contain the secrets of the universe. This book was crafted by a sorcerer, who used the souls of the city which they lived, to create this magical artifact> He, himself, died in the process, and the book was left in the empty halls of the castle. No one is quite sure when, but soon after, a young adventurer found the book. It is said that all the knowledge drove him insane, and so he retreated into the safe confines of the abandon kingdom's library. The book has been here ever since. The book contains any knowledge you wish to understand, however, it can not grant you powers. And trying to understand too much knowledge will lead you to go insane, so use the book with caution.

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