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    Post by Sulley on Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:54 pm

    Sulley was flying around The Beyond, looking at stuff from the air. When she spotted a large country known as Meirie, Sulley thought it was a good idea to go down for a visit, lowering her altitude to notice the buildings, it looks like it was separated into two, like yin and yang, and in the center was a rather large city like some sort of a royal city. she decided to take a look at the Yin side, checking out some buildings until then she noticed a city called 'Technology Capital'. Sulley always love to check out the most advanced technology available when visiting inhabited planets. She flew down to the ground, walking along the street, looking for a place with those kind of stuff...

    (Sorry if I got some things wrong, the countries thread wasn't descriptive enough)

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