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    T'anos, brother of Vao


    T'anos, brother of Vao Empty T'anos, brother of Vao

    Post by Guest on Fri Jan 22, 2016 7:57 am

    T'anos, brother of Vao Orc_by11

    Personal Info:
    Name: T'anos
    Nickname: T'an
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Orc
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Clan: Theta's Outcasts
    Rank: Overseer?
    Height: 6'10"
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Dark green
    Eyes: Orange
    Looks: T'an is of average height of an orc, around six to seven feet tall, with broad muscles, and a masculine build. He has black hair, in a hair style I can't describe, see picture above to get an accurate description of his hair style. His fangs are about an inch and a half long, sticking out of his mouth to give the usual orc appearance. He, unlike his brother, often wears more armor, ready and prepared for any kind of attack that would beseige them. He also carries a war hammer around. His armor will have a more detailed description, along with his weapon, in the armor and weapons section.

    However, despite this appearance, T'an is not, at all, considered handsome, by any standards. In fact, like with most orcs, he is often considered very ugly, with his green skin, pointy ears, and lower fangs popping out of his mouth. Though he doesn't mind, most of the time. He would rather impress women with his intelligence rather than
    Hobbies/skills: He is not the average orc. While yes, he does desire to protect the innocent, T'an is a very rational and smart fellow, enjoying puzzles and cases that would require investigative research. This does not mean that he doesn't like practicing, like his brother. In fact, this is one of the many things he will do in his spare time, along side learning magic. In fact, he is the one who taught his brother ice magic.

    As a member of Theta, he is always taught to be vigilant. Over the years, through reading books an a variety of other things, T'an has recently taken on an attempt at blacksmithing, though it is only a hobby. He finds that it is very soothing work, though he is far from a master. The best he could do would have to be an iron dagger, or maybe a wobbly steel sword.

    Strengths: Due to his orc heritage, T'an is very naturally strong, being 3x stronger than the average human man. This means he could pick up a small boulder, with a circumference of about one meter, with ease, as well as lift up his war hammer. Because of his orc blood, he is also relatively resistant to some attacks, though these mostly include attacks from a nonenchanted sword, or something, and no, this doesn't mean he won't bleed, it just means it't won't cut as deep.. However, the war hammer will start to get heavy if he uses it for too long, especially while swinging out around. But this is only a small percentage of his strengths, as most of his strengths are in the arcane types, and not in the warrior kinds. The kind that would involve intelligence, not brute strength, like his little brother often blows into proportion.

    Most of the orc's strength comes from his arcane magic. He has always been interested in studying magic since he was a young age. He has always been interested in sorcery, enchantments and spells, and knows quite a few himself. He is also quite good with deductive work.

    • Insanity and Illusions- do to the fact that most insane or unpredictable characters are, just that, unpredictable, T'an is not able to accurately judge how they are going to react to situations. While this may not be a true weakness, this is something to keep in mind, as he is often disgusted and scared of the prospect of insanity, as it is what drives lawful people to go mad with rage and power. If anyone used a magic that could copy the effects of insanity, he would surely be weakened in such an illusionary world. This is why he can be weak against illusion magic.

    • Water- Because of their heavy build, and where they live, most orcs don't know how to swim. This means that water is not their element. In fact, T'an will avoid water, since it often weakens him when around it, making him slower, and since it is able to take on so many other forms, he could easily be overpowered with a wave of magical water magic.

    Special abilities: Arcane Enchantment: This ability allows him to cast a small enchantment on any object of any size. Enchantments may vary depending on the ones he has collected in his books. Though most won't range from anything larger than a ring of fire, or a small explosion of fire. Can also include things such as a book transforming into a bear trap when someone touches it, or a box that no one can open. Does not work on living things


    Fire blast- Shoots a blast of fire at the enemy
    Blizzard- Starts a whirlwind of snow, causing freezing damage
    Lightning shock- Shoot a quick jab of lightning in the direction of the enemy
    Fire tornado- Causes a mini tornado of fire in the direction of the enemy
    Ice spike- Shoots a variety of icy goodness at the enemy
    Lightning rod- When lightning shoots one enemy, it will jump to the closest person to it, effecting up to five other weak enemies in a row.
    Encastment- Causes either a blue, red, or purple ring around caster, that will then light up with either fire, lightning, or ice. Causes damage within a three meter radius.

    Conjure wolf- Creates an ethernal wolf to help protect him, lasts one minute before disappearing
    Conjure flame atronarch- Creates a flaming companion to assist him in battle. Lasts one minute.
    Create key- can allow him to create any key that will fit the lock he is trying to break into
    Conjure Wolf pack- Creates a wolf pack of five for thirty seconds

    Combat style: Trying to be calculating and careful, rather than arrogant and all over the place.
    Personality: Like his brother, T'an is a generally very kind fellow, enjoying helping anyone he can come across in any way he can, and having a very formal and definite form of justice and law. He will fight fiercely for what he believes in, which is protecting Eslon from the evil threats of guilds like Draconia and War Akamu. He is also pretty intelligent for an orc, though he doesn't like to brag, and usually says he is a simple man who wants to protect his city. As a Theta soldier, he often has work, so he is often very busy. But he is not the kind of man to become stressed easily, and actually enjoys having a lot of work, as it keeps him active and focused.
    Likes: His science and arcane books, hanging out with his brother, protecting his country and those of his fellow guild members, and practicing his hobbies.
    Dislikes: The dark guilds of Draconia and War Akamu, those who would break the law, arrogant people that aren't his brother, and not having anything to do (Unless this was on purpose).
    Fears: That his state will become corrupt, and everything he has worked for will go to waste, and that he will be trapped by insanity.
    Parents: Same parents as Vao (Too lazy to look at his app .3.)
    Mate: N/A
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: N/A
    Brothers/sisters: Vao(Too lazy to look at actual name)
    History: Same as Vao's, except more studying.
    RP paragraph: Too much of a lazy derp to write one, this is Liana.
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    T'anos, brother of Vao Empty Re: T'anos, brother of Vao

    Post by sLy on Fri Jan 22, 2016 9:29 pm



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