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    Post by Seraphim on Fri Jan 22, 2016 7:05 am

    Personal Info:
    Name: Akira Uchiha
    Nickname: Seraphim
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Human
    Alignment: Chaotic Good (He can be good most the time but evil some of the time when entering he is very pissed)
    Clan: Uchiha
    Rank: Unknown
    Height: 6’4”
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: normal human skin, Caucasian, his hair is pure black
    Eyes: His pupils are a very dark blue with a single ring in the pupil
    Looks: Akira Uchiha has a black sleeveless robe that goes down to his ankles of which has the Uchiha symbol on the back of it. Covering the arms is an odd latex cloth that connects to a black latex shirt, black gloves covering the hands, and for the feet a Chinese foot wear of white sox and leather/wooden sandals, a hood for covering the head and a plain black mask, no detail, just a smooth surface, to cover the face to help keep him hidden in public. When he is in public, he wears black shorts, an Avenged Sevenfold sleeveless tank-top, and an Avenged Sevenfold hat with some black band bracelets for the wrists. He thinks that being a real Goth or Emo is wearing makeup and skinny jeans and he is not really going for that at all, he just wants to be himself.
    Hobbies/skills: He is a master chef in any kitchen, even with the bare minimum of a few spices, noodles or rice he always knows how to make what work, he is an excellent cook to anyone that walks in his kitchen. One of the most powerful of his skills would have to be his years through combat and experience of Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu. Through his many years of going through rejuvenation through his body for so long, he had taken the time, alongside his cousin, in order to grow stronger, knowing most techniques out of the book or from copying others. But one of his most unique traits is the well-known Uchiha visual power known as the Sharingan.

    Strengths: Being of immense speed and strength, the giant spoon he uses as a weapon weighs almost 400 lbs. and he can use it as a weapon with ease, even just flipping it in his hands. His speed can usually reach anywhere from 45-55mph without stopping, but he must keep going when using a certain amount of chakra (same as Ki or Life/regular Energy, don’t get it twisted) or else it could damage his body and give him some fatigue. This is due to the immense training he’s had to deal with throughout his entire life, pushing himself over the limits of what a regular human can endure, but this is also due to him being half angel that gives him extra speed and strength, but another feat he has is the amount of chakra he can use and control, having a natural bond with the earth itself he can absorb energy and use it as chakra even while fighting, but if he holds still and waits he will gain more energy/chakra easily. Akira can use chakra and make it flow his arms and legs which in return will make his stronger and faster, however, if this is done he will slowly grow fatigue as the battle goes on.

    Weaknesses: Although he can absorb chakra/energy easily, if he is holding still while using it and he is hit with an attack it can disrupt the amount of chakra he has and will make him loose much of it, this includes while he is fighting. While having the Sharingan as a key weapon in fighting, he can only use it for a limited time in combat, but can reactivate when he needs it. The significance with this is that due to his Earth Bound technique it allows chakra to flow through him during battle, but that same energy pulled form the earth interferes with the Sharingan if this is used too much (Let go with 10 turns with Sharingan, 5 turns to recharge). Granted, he is very strong, Akira cannot lift buildings or anything of that weight, while his spoon is an exception it does not weight as much, and he is well developed with that strength so he can use the giant spoon to his very whim, however, if he is severely weak he will not be able to use it properly, struggling with it.

    Special Abilties:
    Special abilities:

    Earth Bound:
    Earth Bound: The rarest, and abnormal of all earth style Jutsu’s, this was an ability Akira’s mother placed upon him before his family was killed, leaving his uncle to care for the child. Akira, with this ability, can absorb energy/ki/chakra form the earth and make it his own, thus allows him to consume, use, conserve, and absorb so much more chakra even for/from huge attacks he makes. But what is so significant about this is that very few had this type of ability from the start of their lives, and this leads those with it to longer lives by a hundred more years or so, allowing them to connect with the earth. Whole Akira can only absorb energy, once he can get older then what he is now he can learn how to use the earth in various ways, but takes hard skill and training for that to happen.

    Sharingan: The Sharingan grants the wielder two broad abilities: the "Eye of Insight" and the "Eye of Hypnotism.” Although the abilities are not literally restricted to certain eyes, Madara Uchiha noted that the Sharingan can only be used to its full potential when both eyes are together. Even within these two categories, there may exist several distinct though similar abilities:
    The Eye of Insight
    1 The user can see chakra, giving it colour in order to distinguish it by its composition and source. Though not as capable in this regard as the Byakugan, it can see chakra through some (but not all) obstructions and detect irregularities in a person's chakra flow, such as those caused by genjutsu influence.
    2 The user is granted incredible clarity of perception, enabling them to read lips or mimic something like pencil movements. In combat, this allows them to see fast-moving objects and, once fully developed, offers some amount of predictive capabilities: they can anticipate an opponent's next move based on the slightest muscle tension in their body and act accordingly to dodge or intercept. Although a Sharingan user can see these things, they also need the physical ability to actually act on the visual information.
    The user is able to copy almost any jutsu they see, memorising ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu with near-perfect accuracy. They can then either perform that jutsu or modify it to suit their needs, as when Sasuke Uchiha bases his Lion Combo on Rock Lee's Front Lotus. Again, Sharingan users need the prerequisite abilities before they can mimic a jutsu they have seen, and for that reason they cannot, for example, reproduce kekkei genkai abilities they do not have or nature transformations they haven't learned to perform.

    Mangekyou (Kaleidoscope) Form:
    Mangekyou (Kaleidoscope) Form: The Mangekyō Sharingan is an advanced form of the Sharingan that has only been activated by a handful of Uchiha. They are noted to be the "heavenly eyes that see the truth of all of creation without obstruction.”
    A Mangekyō Sharingan is distinguished from a normal Sharingan by its appearance, which changes the form of the tomoe seal. The exact design differs for each user, though all resemble pinwheels. It is initially awakened by the trauma suffered from witnessing the death of someone close to the user. Uchiha have historically misunderstood this criteria as the user needing to be responsible for the person's death, and for that reason they developed the practice of killing their closest friends in order to gain the Mangekyō Sharingan.
    The Mangekyō Sharingan retains all of the Sharingan's generic abilities, such as casting genjutsu and the ability to distinguish chakra. In addition to these, the Mangekyō grants powerful abilities that differ from user to user, though abilities may be similar in nature.
    The Mangekyō Sharingan's abilities drain a considerable amount of chakra when performed. Its usage and activity also place a great strain on the user themselves, wearing at the user's body and causing deterioration to their vision until eventually over-usage leaves them blind. Their vision can be restored by receiving the transplanted Mangekyō of an Uchiha with strong blood ties ― ideally a sibling ― thus awakening so-called Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan.

    Genjutsu: Genjutsu is one of the main jutsu categories. Like ninjutsu, genjutsu requires chakra and hand seals to be performed. Unlike ninjutsu, the effects of genjutsu are not real, being only illusions experienced by those who fall victim to it. According to the Second Mizukage, genjutsu falls under the broad category of Yin Release.

    Ninjutsu: one of the three main jutsu categories. Ninjutsu is the most nebulous of the three and may most simply be described as anything that is not genjutsu or taijutsu. Most ninjutsu require chakra and hand seals, but this is not always the case since the mere usage of weaponry qualifies as ninjutsu.

    Taijutsu: a basic form of techniques and refers to any techniques involving the martial arts or the optimisation of natural human abilities. Taijutsu is executed by directly accessing the user's physical and mental energies, relying on the stamina and strength gained through training. It typically does not require chakra, though chakra may be used to enhance its techniques. Taijutsu generally requires no hand seals to perform, occasionally making use of certain stances or poses, and are far quicker to use than ninjutsu or genjutsu. Taijutsu is simply put: hand-to-hand combat.

    Seal Jutsu:
    Seal Jutsu: Sealing Techniques are a type of jutsu that seal objects, living beings, chakra, along with a wide variety of other things within another object. Fūinjutsu can also be used to restrict movement or unseal objects either from within something or someone.


    Fire Release:
    Fire Release: Great Fireball Jutsu
    A technique where chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into fire and expelled from the mouth either as a massive orb of roaring flame or as a continuous flame-thrower. The scope of the attack is altered by controlling the volume of chakra that is mustered. The released flames will engulf their target, and leave a crater on the ground's surface. This technique apparently requires more than average chakra reserves and most genin should not be able to do this technique.

    Lightening Release:
    Lightening Release:
    Lightning Release is one of the five basic elemental nature transformation techniques that allows the user to generate lightning by increasing the high frequency vibrations of their chakra, allowing for piercing damage and fast movement. The electricity paralyses the target so that they are unable to move and leaves them vulnerable to a finishing strike. While uncommon, lightning can be infused into bladed weapons in a way similar to Wind Release through chakra flow for increased piercing power through vibrations, with the added effect of inducing numbness. When the technique is released from their bodies, and thus not requiring physical contact, it does not move as fast as true lightning. Instead, due to the control the user has to exert over it, it moves far slower, which can give opponents time to still react. (Follows through with Chidori and Lightening Shuriken)

    Lightening Release:
    Lightening Release: Lightening Shuriken
    Lightening Shuriken, much like Lightening Blade, takes time to generate, more time in order to have a proper chakra flow, but the significance in this technique is there is a bladed outer ring and a smooth inner ring, each one moving the opposing direction of each other whilst they are connected. The allows (for when hitting the target) to rip that target apart due to (not only the blade) the rings rotating differently, and when it, those two forces pull and rip the target in the different direction. Usually, these attacks only form to four feet, but when enough chakra is out into it, it can grow to fourteen.

    Fire Release:
    Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique: The user compresses a large amount of chakra built up inside their body and changes it into a dragon head-shaped fireball. The user then skillfully manipulates that great fire, and attacks their opponent. Even outside of the attack range, its power and reliability are stressed. The flames have a high temperature, which can create an upward movement of air currents which in turn can give rise to thunder clouds. A master of this technique can fire off several flames in succession and anyone caught in the technique could potentially be reduced to ashes.

    Fire Release:
    Fire Release: Ash Burning Product: Unlike other fire-based jutsu, this jutsu allows the user to breathe out a cloud of superheated ash capable of causing third-degree burns. Because it is ash and not flame, the ash remains in the air around the target, and therefore remains potent for a longer period.

    Combat style: Akira will start out fighting up front, using chakra in his attacks to stronger hits, he is fast, smart, and strong for someone like himself. During the fight, he may use Sharingan in order to read and opponents movements, just for dodging and countering the opponent themselves, he uses Taijutsu at first, but when things escalate, he brings in Genjutsu for illusionary works to help him gain advantage. He tries his best to use little Ninjutsu as possible because he wants to push his body to the limit, even if its torn up, he will still not concede until the opponent gives up, he collapses, knocked out, or even killed for that matter. Against his opponents, he uses his giant metal indestructible spoon for hitting. The significance of this odd tool of warfare is that with every successful hit he delivers this spoon traps energy from the opponent and gives it to the user, allowing them more use of Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu as well as other techniques.
    Personality: Akira is… Akira, he loves to cook and eat, having a high metabolism, he does eat constantly to also keep up his strength. He is outgoing, weird to other peoples views, he is oddly upbeat and always in a good mood, being himself most of the time. He can be very carefree, friendly, and he can… be a big pervert sometimes, but above all else he’s a cool guy to hang around, although he is upbeat, he is mostly calm and relaxed, having a smile on his face. He is very OCD, everything needs to be matching, like one picture is missing a color rather then its twin, then he fixes it by making it exactly like the other.
    This, however, does not remain. On a mission or task, Akira is serious, he is cruel and cold shows a negative vibe towards others. This is the reason because he does not want to fail, and will even pus others away from himself to keep them safe.
    Likes: Cooking, Cleaning, Reading, training, more cooking, eating, studying, and hanging out with his best buds.
    Dislikes: Personally, he hates people in general, people who brag and boast about themselves. He hates perfection, yet he is very OCD and everything needs to be symmetrical, he considers this a "curse" in a sense, because it bothers him enough to fix whatever is asymmetrical. He hates spiders and will demand that someone kills it due to his arachnophobia, and if no one is around he will lock himself in a safe room.
    Fears: A huge fear of spiders, because his older cousin used to put spiders in his food and when he put it in his mouth he spat it out and from then on
    Parents: Deceased
    Mate: Deceased
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: His older cousin Alysatríona
    Brothers/sisters: Deceased
    All Is Hell Begins Well

    Akira grew up on a farm, raised by his mother and father who were exiled for their misuses in their powers, they built the farm and Akira, having the brother of the father living with them. Akira grew up happily, and had a knack for cooking, cleaning, and reading just like his mother, but also he loved to train with his father. He had a happy life, having a cousin he used to visit named Alysatríona, he enjoyed every bit of what he had. So much fun for a six year old, his sister and younger and older brothers visiting from time to time, greeting and hanging out with the mother and father. Happy times came to a halt, on the night of the Blood Moon, a rogue clan of ninja were hired to kill a family, yet, they had gone to the wrong family... out in the country. Akira awoke to shuffling in the rooms, and all of a sudden, the house would blow up, and being near a window, he was blasted out for he very tick glass, inevitably breaking his back and neck, as he landed on the glass pieces on the ground he was stabbed in the back multiple times by the pieces. His body was dragged out to the front, where he witness his sisters and mother being raped, his brothers laving their limbs pulled off, and his fathers head through a pike. Once all was settled, the bodies were thrown into the fire where they would burn, but, the ninja rogues left Akira out to die slowly, as, he was bleeding out, they too torture him, twisting his arms and legs completely around, breaking his toes and fingers slowly and crushing his head. Once they had their fun, they would leave, laughing, and it all faded in the distance. Akira began to grow an odd sensation, a burning passion of hate and anger boiling, his turning red as a black ring appeared and a mark growing within that ring. But he began to fade away, the last thing he seen was a being above him, a hood covering its face

    All Is Hell Is Raised Well

    Akira woke up, his body in pain, twitching his arms and legs to try and move. He was in a bed, a soft one at that. He had wrapping that covered his arms and legs and also going around the top of his head. Was this a dream? Was he dead? He answered himself those two questions until he heard footsteps behind a door. He laid back still, pulling the covers over his chest and closed him eyes. The door opened and in came a man with jet black hair, a bowl of water he had along with a damp rag.

    RP paragraph: (At least 5 sentences of how you would RP. Can range from a daily activity to a fictional event. Be creative!)

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