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    Yuuki Hatake, the Speed Demon Empty Yuuki Hatake, the Speed Demon

    Post by Yuuki on Sat Sep 05, 2015 1:32 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Yuuki Hatake
    Nickname: Speed Demon, White Tiger, Yuu
    Age: 19 years
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Human (Jinchuuriki)
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Clan: Team Dragon Storm
    Rank: Leader
    Height: 5' 9"
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Tan skin
    Eyes: Icy dark gray
    Looks: Yuuki is a tall and tanned girl with dark brown hair tied up in a ponytail, with bangs hanging down in her forehead and along the sides of her face, and dark gray eyes. She isn't considered "pretty", and is pretty much average in the looks department, but from years of training and hard work, she has an athletic and lithe. Unlike Seika's, who's muscles are more prominent, Yuuki's muscles are built like a swimmer's, or runner's, with a lean but strong musculature. Her attire usually consists of a (very) dark gray tank top, fingerless black gloves, and black army-like ninja and sandals. She wears a utility belt where many of her gadgets are stored. She wears lightweight armguards. On both sides of her upper thighs, her weapons in their pistol form are strapped in and connected to her utility belt. Her kunai and shuriken are located in one of the many pockets of her utility belt. If she has to, she'll resort to more casual clothes, which consist of a t-shirt, the occasional hoodie, jeans, and tennis shoes; something that'll be comfortable, but also not too difficult to fight in.

    Tailed Beast Mode: There are several different modes for a Tailed Beast. The most basic one is when the user is surrounded by the tailed beast's bubbling red chakra and grows either 1 or 2 bubbling chakra tails. Occasionally, they will take on minimal characteristics of that bijuu. The second is when the skin starts peeling off, and disintegrating, leaving a red, shimmery fleshy... thing inside. It's very very painful, and usually Jinchuuriki lose track of their sanity when they hit this mode. The last mode is the full tailed beast mode. In Yuuki's case, she transforms into Kokuo, who resembles a white horse, but with a dolphin's head. It has two long pointed horns and two shorter horns in front. The ends of its horns, hooves, tails and are tan, with some of the same-colored spots before the tan areas of its horns and hooves. It also has red marking under its dark blue-green eyes.

    Sage Mode: Sage mode is also known as senjutsu, which is the use of nature energy. Everyone has their own sage mode appearance, and most have different teachers. Yuuki's own sage mode doesn't change her overall appearance too much, but it's quite a bit compared to some of the other senjutsu users. Her ears are now pointed, and her fangs are longer. Her normally dark gray eyes become gold and are also slitted like a cat's. She gains red tiger stripes on her face, resembling her own mask. Her nails also turn into claws.
    Extra: Accessories are below. She has a pair of twin sais which can transform into a pair of pistols, twin katanas, a spear, a sniper, and gauntlets with blades attached.
    Hobbies/skills: She likes to listen to music or read a relaxing book. She's also developed a habit of engineering and creating new gadgets, as well as updating old ones.
    Strengths: She has great mastery over her speed. She's also excellent at hacking, able to make her way into just about any system and extract information she needs. She can also make potions, but she can't make some of the more difficult ones. She has a strong will, and as an Anbu, she is trained to mask her emotions and block her mind to prevent other people from invading. Yuuki also possess astoundingly fast reflexes and amazing agility, coupled with quick reaction time and precision. Her marksmanship is considered good, but it's not excellent. She also knows many forms of martial arts, and is one of the best (if not the best) hand-to-hand combatants on the team.
    Weaknesses: Illusions. She stinks at illusions so badly. If she ever tried a genjutsu, she'd most likely show the enemy a picture of something harmless, or trap herself in her own genjutsu. Her physical strength is also not that high (It's actually at the peak of a human, but compared to some others on Dragon Storm, it's pretty weak), but coupled with her speed, she can pack a harder punch. Her hearing is also sharper than most people, which is good sometimes, but it's also very sensitive, so she can't handle very loud noises. Sage Mode is also dangerous to use; if the user isn't careful, they'll be mutated and transformed forever into an animal (cat for her), so she has to take the time to meditate to be able to access it. This leaves her unguarded as she can't do anything else, so she doesn't usually use this. The next thing is Kokuo. Sure, she's good friends with Kokuo and can control his chakra to a degree, but if they try an actual transformation, it'll drain her energy very quickly, so she can't maintain the form for very long; she can only maintain it for about 5 minutes, really.
    Accessories: Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets. Honestly, with all her gadgets, she's like a female version of Batman or Robin. Most, she built herself, but some were presents or awards after completing jobs/missions. Yuuki also has lightweight (yet durable) silver armor that she doesn't use that often, but still keeps, along with a belt (think Deadpool's) where she stores gadgets and her sais. Her favorite accessories are her main weapons.
    Special abilities: Yuuki's greatest strength is her superhuman (superanything, really) speed. She is able to accelerate up to 400 mph in just seconds and move multiple times the speed of sound. Her limit at the moment is mach 7. Shockingly, she can run backwards just as well. Using this speed, she is able to scale just about any vertical surface and ceiling, run over water, plow straight through foes, and even cause the ground to explode in her wake. The Body Flicker Technique is something she uses quite a lot, but it takes up energy depending on the distance. Being implanted with the cells of people from the Yuki clan, she is now capable of using Ice Release, which mixes Water and Wind Release together. She can also use Sage Mode (go search it up), and has the Five Tailed Beast Kokuo planted inside her, so she can control his chakra. They might not be the best of friends, but they're not enemies either; more like acquintances. Kokuo's special ninjutsu is known as Boil Release. It is able to grant the user overwhelming strength and speed and causes the Jinchuuriki to emit steam from their bodies. This is rarely used, as she was not born with the affinity to use Fire Release, and so this is very difficult on her, because it's not her natural element.
    Fun fact: She formed a contract with a bunch of ninneko, so she can summon them using the summoning jutsu. The one who stays with her the most is Sabeji.
    Attacks: She has many jutsus that I really don't want to list.
    Combat style: Yuuki’s fighting style tends to revolve around close-ranged combat, coupled with speed, strength, agility, and quick reaction time. She incorporates different styles of martial arts into her fighting style, which makes her rather unpredictable to fight against.

    Personality: Yuuki is the cool, calm, and collected leader of team Dragon Storm. She herself might not be the main strategist, but she is a quick and rational thinker, and will always have a plan in mind, and with a black up plan following the original one. Her emotions are almost always hidden behind an emotionless mask, something that was strictly taught to her while a part of her village's assassination division. You have no name. You have no feelings. You have no past, or future. There is only the mission. Even without the cold exterior, Yuuki is still pretty much mostly the same, just more susceptible to showing emotion. The only problem is, she has a rather short patience span,  and more often than not, she gets exasperated by her team's constant antics, especially when they destroy things and make their money bill rocket even higher. . But this is just a minimum; it will take a very long time for her temper to truly snap.

    She is observant, and very focused on what she does. She pays a lot of attention to detail, which helps her to quickly notice if something is not as it appears. Yuuki isn't much of a fighter, she will fight if provoked, but if possible, she will avoid it as much as possible, and maybe talk her way out.
    Likes: Listening to music, reading, going on missions, training with friends, engineering and technology.
    Dislikes: stupid people who think they’re stronger than everyone, bandits, laziness (although she can be rather lazy herself), Ariko and Seika eating all of the food causing the bill to go even higher than before.
    Fears: She's afraid to lose her family like before, and will do anything in her power to prevent that from happening.
    Parents: Deceased
    Mate: N/A
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: N/A
    Brothers/sisters: N/A, but her team are like her new family.
    History: Right. I'll make this brief then. Yuuki was born to Sakumo Hatake and an unknown mother, and is the younger sister of Kakashi Hatake. She was told that she was found, cradled against her mother, and that her mother had died almost soon after her birth. She doesn't remember much of her mom, just warm brown eyes and dark brown hair. So, she grew up, and stuff. At the mere age of 2, she was inserted with the cells from the Yuki clan, and could use ice release. Then a year later, she was inserted with the Tailed Beast Kokuo. After that, people treated her cruelly and refused to talk or eat with her, except for her brother and her brother's team. She entered the ninja academy (in Konoha), and then graduated and got put on a team with Seji Hyuuga and Kaoru Inuzuka, with their sensei Makoto Namikaze (he's a cousin) who all accepted her for who she was, not what she was. Together, they were known as team 3. Life went on, they joined the Anbu and stuff, and then an organization was formed. Not in their village, no. They had just made a new secret weapon, and the villages were in the way so they decided to test it on them. This operation was called Operation Frankenstein. Apparently, there was a third group, a group of pirates, who would get treasures and money in return for their help. Their orders were to capture everyone and take them in for testing, and if they didn't follow the instructions, make them or kill them. These pirates (they were pretty strong, actually) invaded Konoha and began attacking everyone. Her friends and family protested, of course, and fought back, but they were killed in battle. Yuuki was restrained and contained, so she couldn't do ANYTHING and could only watch helplessly as they were murdered right in front of her eyes. They took her to their lair, but she managed to break out and escape. She spent a bit of time wandering around and making money on her own. But during that time, she had become darker, more angry, more sadistic. She would kill in cold blood no matter what they did, even if they got into her way. She finally made her way to Fairy Tail, the #1 mage guild in Fiore. There, she started a new life, and formed team Dragon Storm with Firalyn, Seika, and Alyssa. They then left Fairy Tail (ish, but they're still Fairy Tail members in their hearts and stuff) and then brought even more members into Dragon Storm. Of course, now she regrets doing all the murdering innocent people stuff *thumbsup*. But, you know. Duty calls.

    Basic summary. *bows*
    RP paragraph:
    Xylnthian leaped out of the way as a large fireball hurled at him from the demon, almost crashing into a large column. "SHIT!" he yelped as another fireball came close to searing off his Sure, he was a FireWing, and you were probably thinking, But FireWings are immune to fire! That was definitely true, FireWings were immune, but this was a fucking DEMON. They weren't exactly.... you know. How did they even end up in this situation in the first place? That day, he had been chillaxing at home with Enz Zziio nestled comfortably in his arms. How the hell did this situation even arise? Oh yeah.. he thought sourly. Some asshat who claimed to be Enz's childhood friend had suddenly appeared out of nowhere (and ruined his very nice cuddling, thank you very much) and requested for Enz's and some other dragons' help to defeat some kind of demon dragon. Ugh.. He knew he should have just declined...  

    He launched a high-speed fireball at Averon, sadly doing only a minimum of damage. Thankfully, Avian was able to dodge out of the way as well. "We need to burn that thing down!!!" the feathered FireWing shouted at Xylnthian. Yeah, no shit, sherlock. What could he do? He analyzed his surroundings. Rubble. Giant stupid tower with beacon, and a dark temple. Yeah, totally helpful. Riiiight. What could he do with the rubble? Another fireball was headed for his group, and so he immediately leaped behind one of the broken sculptures. As he gazed at the dark temple, he spotted the familiar shape of Enz Zziio inching her way towards the entrance. He wanted to scream out, do something, but that would give away his location. All he could do was just sit there helplessly. Enz! he pleaded silently, as they made eye contact. His metal eye was the only reason he could see her mouth, I'm sorry.. before she disappeared inside. A pillar came crashing down right after and blocked the entrance. NO! Before he could do anything, something from out of nowhere slammed into the side of his head, knocking him from out of his hiding place out into the open. Oh shit. He was exposed, there was no time to get away! "Xylnthian!" Ryuu called out, and sent a slashing wave at the marble pillars above the demon, sending the rubble crashing down and burying the demon, thankfully saving Xylnthian from his pending doom. But he knew it wasn't going to last.

    “We have to go...” Ryuu said as he came up next to Xylnthian, his voice that of sympathy. “We can't get to her now... she is on her own, but we still have an obligation to make... we must make it to the tower and power the beacon ... if we do not then our friends have died for nothing,” said Ryuu, noticing the rubble move slightly. Xylnthian hesitated, his eyes shifting desperately back towards the blocked entrance. “Lets go! There is no time to lose!” shouted Ryuu. Xylnthian nodded, trying to push the thoughts of Enz to the back of his head as he followed Ryuu down the ruined hall. She would be fine. She was a strong and proud dragon.. she'd definitely make it......

    As they pressed on, Xylnthian grew more and more worried. This feeling.. it didn't feel right. It was unfamiliar, and so very dangerous. The beacon was ready and lit, and so Xylnthian's group of ragtag dragons sat there and waited. And waited... She sure was taking her sweet time.

    You've got this Enz. I've got complete faith in you. Wait and see. We'll go back home together.

    He watched as Ryuu took out a scope, before the dragon suddenly dropped the scope in shock. “NO!” he said backing up against the a small pillar supporting the roof of the beacon tower.

    "W-what? What happened!?" Xylnthian immediately raced to the edge to get a closer look. There stood a crimson dragon over Enz's still and unmoving body, which was covered in blood. Xylnthian's heart shattered into pieces, and he staggered, falling down. "N-no....." he whispered, tears now falling freely from his eyes. How could this happen? They were going to succeed, they were going to win! His hopes had just been crushed... what happened to going home together.

    His eyes, now dull and listless, stared blankly at his beloved's body as his spirit broke apart. There were no more tears left to shed. His mate... his love... she was gone. Gone forever from his life. He didn't even register Ryuu's heartbroken voice was apologizing, he was far too gone to even care. The shock... this was just too much. He could dimly hear Avian's familiar voice as it roared in anger. His eyes slid shut and his head dipped forward. Darkness took over, and his body sagged like that of a soul leaving the body.

    The beacon wavered and dimmed as its power failed to sustain it. The crystal turned black, and shattered as it dropped on the ground.

    Time had run out. They had lost.

    Om nom nom

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    I can't wait to see your humorous side...
    Yuuki Hatake, the Speed Demon ApprovedStamp-300x150
    ...and not the violent one.

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    Post by Griffin on Sat Sep 05, 2015 3:33 pm

    Yuuki Hatake, the Speed Demon MultiDoge
    Much detail. Very wow. Doge approved.

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